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Sailor Mercury : Hahaha this was hilarious.

HagbardCeline : 10/10

sea bass : Make an audio book of Jordan Peterson but read in chibi voice.

antimunki : got 'em

Bunny rune : WTF IS THIS!!! This is so freaking amazing 😂

Eevee of the Sea : You’re doing God’s work, N.C.!

Arphemius : I'd have shot him at: "So..."

Shiirow : yes I do, all praise the master of all, the god amongst men... Morgan Freeman

Viviana Lara : Genius

shazam :

Thagomizer : I don't like this question, because it's the wrong question to ask in most debates. I'd rather you focus on my arguments instead.

fruitypeebils : this is glorious

Caleb Deville : "YES OR NO!"

ExtraMana : mysides

Albireo : I saw your tweet, thanks for uploading this. This made me and my gf laugh A LOT, it came out of nothing too and I'm a big fan of JP (not a mindless one though)

Clay Ross : So your going to call him a hipster fake Christian but ignore the 10 plus hours of genesis and new and old testament that he's done. I love your work NC but your just being a contrarian. Sure he's not a avid church goer but that's a unfair comparison.

Corvo@AZ : God done did it. Checkmate.

DR01D FARMER : Gotem

PuddHoney : LOL that's marvelous

Someblindgirlwhocancontrolrocks : Xavier=Jordon

Aaron Pierce : Beautiful

Kenspiracy : Such a weird show...

Glen Cychosz : Jordan Peterson.

Malickite : Columbine?

Thinking Mouse : THe funny thing is that they are comparable.

guldmatt BB : I know I was moving my hotdog in and out of Peterson’s wife’s buns last night

Troll With A Purpose : Hail Ember's Ghost Squad.

allen crown : Where did you find that? Can you link me the original?