Guster Saw Your Cover Video, And They Covered It

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campbelltron : Brian Ate the Sandwich

Ramona Leigh B : Real band. Real people.

Danielle Ate the Sandwich : Awesome cover of an awesome cover of an awesome song of an awesome AHHHHH!! David Bashford + Guster = Oh, yeah!

Jeremy Dunfee : Danielle ate the sandwich, what are the chances

Channing Langston : This is why I will love you forever #GusterIsInsane

irinky : Links to the other cover videos don't work guys. Love that you guys did this - what an epic move. See ya next time you are in AZ!

Steven Anderson : This could be the greatest thing ever.

Heather P. : I might be hormonal, but I cried watching this. I love you guys so much.

Jen Dvorak : All the more reason Guster is my favorite band

Claire Kooyman : You guys... You're so funny

MattDuffy : This encapsulates in a nutshell why Guster is the greatest band of all time

Jason Byers : Are you still robbing houses at Christmas?

Chloe Elise : hey Guster, just letting you know that you are more than welcome to come to my house and perform for me <3 or to give me tickets to come see you. So, if you ever want to do some giving, remeber im here. thx fam

Goosee9 : Nice cameo, Terra Naomi!

lanfapau : This made my day, thanks guys!

Voravut Ratanakommon : Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!

Summer Waggoner-Fetterman : I'm can't decide if I like the matching shirts or the matching 'faraway looks' better!

jbkwolverine : SERIOUSLY AMAZING. Guster - you guys are absolute gems.

homewithjo : sweet!!

Robin S : i'm frensh and i love your music, good luck for your future projects ^^

Chris C : so much fking meta, i love this!!! and Guster! and david bashford!! omg, I'm crying lol!

Jason Cross : As always, the Guster guys being humble and fun. I'm happy to see you guys still doing things your way. Thank you for all the good times back in Boston.

Chris-tian Mothman : The spaghetti boxes would be a nice meme I'll tell you that.

Zoë Astra : This is amazing!

OnceUponAVideo : this could get very meta very fast

Jessie Albright : Love!! <3

Kevin Carmony : Class move guys.

Blue Maverick : Yet another reason why I dig you guys.

Jan Bjornson : This is one of the many reasons we love Guster! We cracked up...

João Dias : You guys are awesome!

Rebecca Patrias : Love this! Typifies Guster's approachability.

The Dreaming Insomniacs - Official : It’s good to see other artists from Boston still working hard, and doing great! 🤟🏻😎

Jody Collins : You guys are the best!

Victor Blaer : That was pretty cool. Good job guys!

thomas thompson sunshinescopes : Love this hope too see y'all guys live someday and I just moved to colorado

Crockett Dunn : so meta