Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

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JelloApocalypse : I like how the score was composed by the guy from Imagine Dragons. Actually I just like everything about this.

PowerGlove79 : Comment of offense on how the mentally handicapped are being portrayed while having no self realization that this video is intended to be humourous and thus prompting many responses on how I should Lighten up

Franciszek Rychlewicz : RIP Actor.

Mason Tate : Clever YouTube comment that receives a lot of likes.

Lola Hagen : Quote from the trailer that will get comments about how I am so obvious and did not have to literally quote it because everyone heard it

Wintermute01001 : Comment requesting Likes based on the year in which this video is being viewed.

abopfred : Comment adhering to the running joke of the video.

Rainy Day : Comment on the irony in the fact that while this is clearly a mockery of the types of films that win Academy Awards, I still think I'd like to see it.

dirzted : this is the greatest comment section on youtube

Joe V : Irrationally angry statement with bad grammar whilst awkwardly working in... religious argument

Ani Seiler : Obsessive and creepy fangirl comment about the one actor who has damning flaws I'm blinding myself to because of one redeeming fact. His abs.

Pastor of Muppets : Laugh laugh laugh laugh, positive comment about this video's sense of humor

Vernon Simon : insert self-aware meta comment to play along with the theme/joke of this video here

Franciumflourine : comment drawing attention to number of dislikes in a way that suggests those disliking the video are without a quality expressed in the video and or title

Omair Sheikh : Why the hell isn't this out yet?!! The trailer was released almost 4 YEARS AGO DAMMIT!!!

MisterZebra42 : Accusation of stealing ideas from someone nobody knows about but me.

RandomVideoDude TV : Homophobic comment because the user has an identity crisis.

Tayshil : Repeating the catchphrase, making an obvious mistake

Rina Quartz : Obligatory "this is so accurate" comment

Thorn Wolfy : Comment on how perfect the spoof video is, and statement made by the commenter that he/she/it would willingly go to see a full-length feature film done in the style of said spoof video.

longhorns13192 : Directly copying a popular comment on the video in a desperate attempt to get thumbs up

Dan Q : Comment about how you can see a nipple if you pause a specific number of seconds into the trailer, when actually you really can't.

BiancaLyla : Comment about how good everything going on in the comment section is and suggestion that it is as good as the video itself.

Ondřej Krejčíř : 10 of 10 would watch an entire film composed of sentences describing scenes..

caitlincherise : random comment that gets ignored

tmage23 : Pasting of humorous quote from the video we all watched with the intention of garnering thumbs ups.

DiFroggy : Comment asking for the name of the soundtrack in a specific part of the trailer.

Kaelah M. : absolute gold from start to finish

Weth24 : Comment about watching it during the current year.

Michael Scarn : the video is great, but the comments are even better xD

Serious Draw : Comment conforming to the layout of all the other comments.

The Asexual Jelly Bean : comment about how all the "comment about"-comments are taken. 

Astral Vagabond : Latecomer comment that tries to come up with something original to say while being consistent with the comedic style of the other comments on (and lines in) the video.

McFly : Snooty comment about this being too meta.

Blrp : Comment complaining about comments complaining about the comment section.

Corndog : Comment expressing my lack of ability to even caused by this video.

Marie Lou : Comment about HOW MUCH I LOVE THE COMMENTS

Jerry Garcia : Making a desperate attempt at validation by hoping the reader is watching the video the same year as me and enjoys that fact.

busto 2.0 : Comment about how much youtube user likes video. Continue with sentence saying it is very accurate. Statement about how much youtube user would like to see entire movie that plays out just like video. Finalizing comment by saying youtube user just clicked subscribe button.

Alexandria Greener : Sad depressing statement that ruins the mood/tone of the person read the comment

ReeryRed Love : obvious comment about how this video was funny

The Mothman : Comment about how this movie is a knock off of other movie.

Emma Johnson : Comment about how people should've read the book before watching the movie and it's trailer and that anyone who doesn't won't get the plot

Athanase48067 : Comment citing memes based on Actor Trying Desperately for Academy Award

rudidoodles : Timestamp from the video with no indication as to why this specific moment is noteworthy or amusing.

Athanasios Lazarou : Comment indicating approval of said video, while somehow managing to convey the aforementioned inherently simple message of approval using as many unnecessary articulations, punctuations,  verbalizations, synonyms, and independant clauses, artfully placed inside dependent clauses, as possible before finally ending the comment with a flare. Follow-up sentence pretending to apologize for the length of the previous sentence, though with an obvious hint of pretentiousness, since said YouTube user feels superior to the general populace due to his ability to over-articulate simple thoughts.

Yuon Flemming : Generic comment requesting likes from other views that came from an obscure youtube video thatt in all logical reasoning shouldn't lead to this video

KK Akuoku : Insouciant crack at the public's over-reliance on Justin Bieber/Twilight analogies on YT and celebrity bashing humor as a whole.

claymorejunkie : Appreciative comment about the movie's views on sexuality, and hopeful request for a sequel!

celowein : inevitable "make money by clicking here" url.