Borderlands 3 Fans Angry, Publisher Files 112 False Copyright Strikes Against Youtuber SupMatto!
Youtuber has private investigators sent to his house by 2K Games after leaking information from Borderlands 3 then after making a video discussing the incident his channel was struck down

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Miss Misha : Borderlands is a game franchise about mega corporations screwing over the common people and overall dealing in shady business practices..... Ironic.

Barot8 : This is really abusing the copyright strike system. 2K should be penalized for these by youtube.

Yoder023 : So what you're saying is, 2K games is Hyperion now?

David Hall : SupMatto is incapable of "leaking" anything. He isn't an insider at Gearbox, he's just reporting what he's heard.

Silent Glory : From being incredibly hyped to being somewhat disgusted. That‘s a new one for me, lol.

Kinda Mike : Borderlands developers: let's make an awesome game for people to play. Take 2 / 2K: I'm about to ruin this game's whole launch.

o0ericj0o : false claims should get the claimer themselves banned or at the very least removed from having the ability to strike.

Nicnl : _"Has this affected your decision to purchase Borderlands 3 or not?"_ To be honest, no, it hasn't. My decision was already set in stone when they went Epic exclusive.

f del : 2k games? Writting off. Gearbox writting off...

Mike Davies : "Has this affected your decision to purchase borderlands 3?" No, as I never intended to play it. What it HAS done is made me never want to buy any game with 2K involved. I wont support a company that does this to people and then tries to play the victim. Edit: I'm aware one person not paying for their games isn't going to change much, but I'm not doing it to hurt 2K. I simply dont want to support them, it's not about damaging anything. However.. I hope that I'm one among many that wont tolerate this behaviour, and we as a whole can do a lot of damage. Just ask EA, it was the community itself that got governing bodies to take notice.

MoreImbaThanYou : Gearbox staying silent on this is highly suspicious, considering Randy is usually the first to go on a twitter spree.

Shaamaan : "Leaking information" implies he is the source of said information. I.e. a worker at Gearbox / Take2 with insider access. AFAIK he's just a fan / youtuber, so he doesn't have ANY insider access beyond what's already leaked to the public.

Newk Town : SupMatto didn't damage financially 2K at any time - 2K destroyed the existance of SupMatto...not a cool move. WE WILL NOT BUY BORDERLANDS 3!

Shawn M : Seems to me that the Publisher is making an example of this youtuber, and they are not pulling any punches. This all seems extremely petty to me.

Beowulf Schmidt : Not buying the game. What the supmatto did appears to have crossed the line, but what 2K has done destroys even the fact that a line ever existed. Looking for legit copyright issues that be made against 2K games.

Luis Santiago : 112? Jesus Christ. How morally bankrupt can these corporations get?

MrPitbull117 : Will not buy Borderlands 3. Whatever minor infractions this guy may have done does not justify sending two thugs in ties to this young man’s home. This guy was terrorized. F the game that led to these intimidation tactics and double F the company that did it!!!

Jacob Jorgensen : I work at a best buy and we have been seeeing quite a few people cancel there pre-orders

Øystein Espedal : I really enjoy your content, mate. You're like Upper Echelon, but more balanced and less angry. Thank you for your work.

Croz Raven : why do I get the feeling Borderlands 3 will have BS lootbox post launch "updates" . . .

Cao Quang Anh : Don’t worry 2k I won’t pirate your game i will just “surprise download”them

Radio Free Bavaristan : Doesn't impact my decision to not buy BL3. The EGS deal already took care of that.

pold : I think his videos built up great hype for borderlands 3

M3NG : Goddammit 2K needs to realize just how much SupMatto helped the Borderlands franchise to gain popularity! They’re essentially killing off one of their community divisions!!

Weißbrot Waigmann : This would be perfect for r/entidledgamecompanies if that subreddit would exist

TaoScribble : Because why pay a lawyer to file a cease and desist when copyright flagging is free, right? What even is due process?

Broken Dreamz : careful Legacy... you said Borderlands and showed footage of Borderlands... they can copyright strike you now...

Machette Freddy : I was looking forward to Borderlands 3... so much for that..

FlyinRaijin : well I hope take two and 2k consider all this worth it when they see the resulting losses. hyperion would be proud tho

Excalis Ogre lord : I can tell you that I certainly won't be buying Borderlands 3.

Killnot123 : Man. 2K really dosent want people to buy their game

Alertcriminal : Wasn't gonna buy Borderlands 3 due to the Epic exclusivity, sure as hell ain't gonna buy it now, period.

Leelamon : Sad to see that this channel, among others, already arrived at the acceptance stage of this whole mess.

Christopher Hartford : Yeah, I'm done with Borderlands. So glad I didn't preorder.

frosty jack : The £'s I'll save on not buying this will go towards my cyberpunk 2077 collectors edition

DC The Eyepoke Champ : Reporting on stuff isn't "Leaking". He doesn't work for 2k....

MajesticF0X : T2 / 2K making example out of SupMatto? We should make an example out of those heartless corporations.

SHANYBOY91 : Years ago, I would've told you that there was nothing that would've kept me from being excited about and wanting to buy BL3... That has changed since then.

J K : Legacy and CP2077 are the only channels that get me excited when a new upload notification comes through... The best games journalism

TheMygoran : So, T2 wants you to pirate their game? Fair enough, if you insist on it

Shaen ONeal : I'm not saying SupMatto was right, but the publisher was definitely wrong.

Paul Snelling : As I've already mentioned to people (In other words: as I've expected): Take-Two is bent on ruining his life & to suppress information....

Myron Alexander : I've bought all the Borderlands games, being a huge fan. I will not purchase the next one nor any 2k or gearbox games going forward.

SlyRatchet : I wish I could say I'm not gonna play bl3 but I'm going to play that game as much as possible. Although, I can't believe 2k games would do this.. It's so ridiculous.

GoDTRooP _ : now i have more reasons to pirate the game, not just because of the timed exclusivity deal

Ramdarow : If they want to abuse YouTube's false claims systems then we should do the same to their "own" videos.

Teague Harper : Borderlands 3 is dead to me, just because of the actions of Developer.

Bodhi Kim-Foulk : Does it count as irony, cognitive dissonance, or both that 2k/t2 have become the IRL versions of their own antagonists? Also I definitely wont be buying this game any time soon, unless they do something major and drastic.

Andy : well if SupMatto wasn't popular before, he's certainly has rep now. I hope the best for him, this is crazy.