Does Music Make Food Taste Better? ft Linkin Park
Linkin Park on GMM before Chester died They look so happy here

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Asya W : This is how I want to remember him.....Goofing around and happy

Amber Hannah : This was literally a month before he was gone. Rip chester. You were the voice to my high school years

Ianng : Chester's noodle song. Want him back

N8's Lax Life : I...I now can see why Mike misses this guy so much. You see just how close he is to Chester. The way they interact, the way they can play off each other, that’s a bond I the amount of love they had for each other

Kyle McCormack : That's the bad thing about depression. People look like they're fine when they're really aren't. Chester looked happy but in the back of his mind he was constantly thinking about suicide and that's what I hate about depression. R.I.P Chester Bennington. You weren't a crack in the castle of glass... YOU WERE THE WHOLE DEMOLITION CREW!!! 🎸🎸🎸😧😧😭😭

soulassassin0g : Chester sings like an angel But screams like a demon.

John Ramirez : R.I.P Chester, my favorite part was Chester’s Cheeto solo

Soli2de : So someone shared a video of chester on FB today.. and i came back to watch this for nostalgic purposes... and i just realized the 2nd song Chester sang about nuclear winter... it's incredibly dark now, looking back.

StarMintaka : I remember watching the video when it came out, someone commented something about placebo, I replied "it's not Placebo, it's Linkin Park". Went back to find that comment. Now it's all flooded by people talking about Chester. It still hurts

BrandonMoretti : chester’s hair looked like ramen after recording the video for Crawling back in 2001

Stephanie Vazquez : I have deprived myself of watching this episode for a whole year... I was watching this when I heard of the news and I was completely distraught 💔 I could not get my mind around the mere thought of him passing and I could not finish my school project for the life of me. The only thing that would get my mind off of things was listening to Linkin Park so that I would write but every lyric had a whole new meaning to me. Rest in Peace Chester, you and LP are my heroes💖💖💖

Olhiber ProudSnowFlake : Linkin Park was my uncles favourite band. Sadly he left with Chester, way too soon.

lesbian cactus : I genuinely enjoyed the second sour patch song

::: HammerStudiosGaming ::: : Well this episode feels very different now...

Aubryana : I'm crying right now. I wish I couldve done something about it. UGH I WISH HE WASNT GONE !!! WE MISS YOU CHESTER❤❤

Orleanborn Lyngdoh : Oh man!! Chester's voice is so beautiful..

Drummer Dude : I started to tear up reading these comments and I think how it was not to long ago we lost a great world known singer. I love LINKIN PARK and it brings me to tears. R.I.P Chester Bennington, you will be missed <3

Raymond Benoza : I got so moved. This is my first time watching this. Chester singing about cup noodles and having fun. Brings a tear to my eye.

gypsy : when chester sang “i’m one noodle closer to death.” i just straight cried

Rosie Taylor : Petition for sour patch kids corp & cheetos To take the bass song ahout global warming and the slow melody flaming hot cheetos ballad and make it into an actual commercial. It would be a great commercial and a good memorial for Chester🖤🖤

Brandon Breckenridge : I really miss Chester I mean he was so talented and a great dude it really was depressing when he passed

Guff : It's currently been 1 year since Chester's death and I'm going through a bunch of Linkin Park videos and songs silently crying.

Peterick Snot : I've been putting off watching this but I've finally got the courage to. I'm probably gonna cry.

TheGothicLibrarian : This is the last thing I saw including Chester when he was still alive... I'm so sad.

Sassy Beebo : This video has a different meaning now since it happened

SolidGreenDay : Who else keeps coming back to this video because it is actually good and misses chester

Isaiah Ekzavier Serrano : Chester always make things better

Acapella Playlist : Dird (in Scottish) - a powerful blow or stroke . Dird (in memes) - a dog and a bird put together Dird (in German) - dirt, I think.

Quist : This was the most recent thing I saw Chester do and came back to revisit it on this sad day. Such a brilliant man, what a shame. RIP Chester Bennington

Tazzwar Azam : "I'm one noodle closer to death" Noo chester :'(

gill azwer : I miss Chester 😢❤️

Brandon Breckenridge : I'm a huge Linkin Park fan and a huge GMM fan so when I saw this I was instantly happy! I love this so much!

Juan Torruco Sanchez : My first time watching this episode and its one of the best

its_ya_boi _j258 : who came to this video just to see Chester again?

Aidan Drotzur : Cheetos huh? Two Chester's this episode Darnabit they made that joke RIGHT before I hit post

Tom Rath : This kinda weird, seeing Chester literally just 3 month before his death, you would never suspect what would happen to him. R.I.P. Chester Bennington, Linkin Park being a band that always connected me and my older brother.

Aidan Drotzur : One of the best guests you guys have EVER had on the show

Afro-Cuban Agassi : Here in 2019 Listening to Chester's Flamin' Hot Cheetos ❤

Hashir Malik : Everytime I see a video of Chester happy I cry because no-one knew or felt his pain until the day he left us:( R.I.P Chester Be♥

Allison G : Discovering this today made me so happy and so sad at the same time <3

surprised pikachu : 4:16 he wasn’t lying when he said that

Skyler Official : ~Listens to Mike and Chester rap and sing about food while eating Cup o Noodles, Sour Patch Kids, and Flaming Hot Cheetos~ Edit: ~Has to come back later cause she has ‘Cheetos Cheetahs Cheetos Cheetahs Cheetos Cheetahs Chester, that’s his name’~ ~Also dies of Crying and laughing too much~

AM Bafoon : in my opinion they missed out by not having Chester sing the name of the game

Unholy Makeup : R. I. P. Chester. I really mean it. Its terrible a man who brought so many amazing things to this world died in such an unfair way. May he finally find peace

Supernova Strike : Favorite Linkin Park song: Before I saw this video: Numb After I saw this video: "Peel back the lid to the dotted line, fill the cup to the inside line, close the lid, let it stand for three minutes, remove the lid, stir well and ENJOOOOOOOYYY!"

YeppyCorns Vlogging and Music : New song never came out. . . . 😭😭😭 Lol but still. . . No new song from Chester. . . How do you guys feel about getting to meet Chester before he died? R.i.p Chester. My favorite Singer.

DILL PICKLES : I cant even watch this episode with out feeling like theres a million pounds on my chest

Anirudh Verma : And everytime i see this episode i have tears in my eyes.. my childhood hero .. my idol... Rip brother..💙😢

Lilly 14 : I miss Chester❤He looks so happy there💗😕