Does Music Make Food Taste Better? ft Linkin Park

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Linkin Park : Thank you guys for having us!

Unholy Makeup : R. I. P. Chester. I really mean it. Its terrible a man who brought so many amazing things to this world died in such an unfair way. May he finally find peace

Underground Soldier : "I'm one noodle closer to death” **Heavy breathing**

gypsy : when chester sang “i’m one noodle closer to death.” i just straight cried

Kira Siberian : god, its so hard seeing Chester smiling and jesting in this video, he hid his pain so well since this was released a month before his unexpected and shocking passing. This was pretty much one of the last things Chester did in his life. Rhett, Link, I hope you feel so, so grateful and lucky for getting him on the show before it was too late, and letting us see his beautiful smile on here. Forever loved and missed Chester Bennington :'(

::: HammerStudiosGaming ::: : Well this episode feels very different now...

Canon EOS : Rest In Peace Chester Bennington 20/03/1976 - 20/07/2017


Ianng : Chester's noodle song. Want him back

Forb : Can't believe it's been almost 1 whole year since this episode. I remember watching it on the day it came out then again months later when Chester died. R.I.P. Chester.

Echo Gillette : I'm crying and laughing at the same time.

Dude it's Kendall : Chester: I like tasting food Link: we don’t need you for that Chester: dang it! (I’ve given up!) Rip Chester, love ya!

Kyle McCormack : That's the bad thing about depression. People look like they're fine when they're really aren't. Chester looked happy but in the back of his mind he was constantly thinking about suicide and that's what I hate about depression. R.I.P Chester Bennington. You weren't a crack in the castle of glass... YOU WERE THE WHOLE DEMOLITION CREW!!! 🎸🎸🎸😧😧😭😭

hezmora : Ohh I love Linkin Park. It breaks my heart Chester is gone. I feel bad for his friends, family, his band mates, and so terrible for all his children no longer having their Dad. What a huge loss to the musical world.

Amber Hannah : This was literally a month before he was gone. Rip chester. You were the voice to my high school years

Lilly 14 : I miss Chester❤He looks so happy there💗😕

BamAdam : Well this episode is just sad now...

John Ramirez : R.I.P Chester, my favorite part was Chester’s Cheeto solo

Sorrahel : I was not and I'm not even a Linkin Park's fan, but damn...seeing him...gave me such a BAD feeling...malaise.

Stephanie Vazquez : I have deprived myself of watching this episode for a whole year... I was watching this when I heard of the news and I was completely distraught 💔 I could not get my mind around the mere thought of him passing and I could not finish my school project for the life of me. The only thing that would get my mind off of things was listening to Linkin Park so that I would write but every lyric had a whole new meaning to me. Rest in Peace Chester, you and LP are my heroes💖💖💖

Jam Collins : I'm one noodle closer to death


Travis Scott : Chester happy 42nd birthday may you Rest In Peace

Michael McCoy : Watching this actually saddened me. I miss Chester

Quist : This was the most recent thing I saw Chester do and came back to revisit it on this sad day. Such a brilliant man, what a shame. RIP Chester Bennington

tyler pickens : Anyone else heart in there throats? I....its hard to watch this man....

BoredOnline : You guys need Green day on the show. I would love if you two would come together in a video

PanKoun : Where's that album though? 😂

Nepa lee : In memory of chester. Rest in peace bro

Kyle Li : I have a feeling there's no study and they just got linkin park to sing random stuff while they got to eat for the lols.

Rax the Idiot : 4:16 he wasn’t lying when he said that

Soli2de : So someone shared a video of chester on FB today.. and i came back to watch this for nostalgic purposes... and i just realized the 2nd song Chester sang about nuclear winter... it's incredibly dark now, looking back.

Aqualudia Entertainment : I was kinda shocked when I saw Mike and Chester ^^ Good to see both of them ^^'

Sam Kidd : We miss you Chester

Tahir Akkaya : holy sh't , two months before that he was here ? damn that hurts

Drummer Dude : I started to tear up reading these comments and I think how it was not to long ago we lost a great world known singer. I love LINKIN PARK and it brings me to tears. R.I.P Chester Bennington, you will be missed <3

No Hetero : I genuinely enjoyed the second sour patch song

LynXX GAming : Chester bennington...

xitrus VENOM : just watched this just because of LINKIN PARK

sparklyclarke : *11/10 would listen to these songs again*


Darth Vader : Linkin Park and Jack Black were the best guests on the show imo. I came here for some therapy after the Padma Lakshmi episode

StarMintaka : I remember watching the video when it came out, someone commented something about placebo, I replied "it's not Placebo, it's Linkin Park". Went back to find that comment. Now it's all flooded by people talking about Chester. It still hurts

NARUTO UZUMAKI : Rip chester

Ryan Kowalski : This was honestly one of the funniest episodes I'd ever seen. Chester, you were so talented. RIP.

Darkey Silsand : Why did you go Chester You were so awesome! Also the song one noodle to death was sad funny and the songs are so funny and Chester has a nice voice!😭🤯

ExxO 101 : Who is watching after Chester's death 🙁😢😭

Lemonizer73 : Miss you chester...

Jennifer Smith : I grew up with linkin park being my fav band. its so weird that chester is gone now...RIP

ChYEEseWhizInAPøshBritishAccent : aw im watching this and im sad. i never really listened to Linkin Park but its clear to me that they made a huge impact on a lot of people and so many people are just heartbroken by chester's death. this is devastating. RIP chester bennington :(