World's smallest cat - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One

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vincent marandola : Brilliant

AlittleYorkie : Aw it’s too cute💗

911구일일 : kitty😻

SSJAUTOBOT : It’s a forever kitten!!!!

taeflea : i need a Disney movie of this lil dude

Shamsul Alam Khokon : Why this is so cute!!!??😍😍

Savannah H : He may look like a kitten but as soon as you watch him move you can tell the difference by how languid his movements are. Kittens are little klutzes with tails that stick straight up/out behind them. This little guys is sleek af

CheeryCherryDoggo : This whole video looks so perfect that is 100% looks like CGI

Kyle Towers : I bet that the scientist who discovered this guy was all like "aww, don't worry baby; i'll help you find your momma." Only for its kittens to come in from behind a tree or something and goes "...wait a minute..."

pearlwing2001 : "He may look like a kitten" But his movements are way too graceful for him to be a kitten. I mean look at him? Look at his tail and how he uses it. A kitten would walk with their tail straight up in the air because they wouldn't know how to use it for balance. This little man is very sure on his paws, and the leaps he makes are exceptional!

Butters The Bean : This made me squee way too much!

Matt Murdock : Smol cat

Gabrielle Johnson : I don't even like cats....BUT OMG THIS THING IS CUUUUTE

aliebabe : SO CUTE OMFG

MrVvulf : "Eyes six times more powerful than our own" ... on what metric? You've told me virtually nothing. Does it see 6 times as many colours? Six times more light for night vision? Six times as many cones for enhanced texture? Six times as many rods for better peripheral vision? Six times the distance of a human ... ? I love these kind of videos, but I don't want "hype". If you use hyperbole, back it up with accurate facts.

AluminumDragon : This is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! If only there was a domestic cat that would look like a kitten forever (without any negative health impacts, of course).

jiminie._. pabo : ITS SO CUTE , I’M GONNA DIEEEEE٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و


Scrumptious : I just want a 30 minute show just about this wee little guy and all his cuteness on here YouTube HD

Joy Adair : This needs to be protected!!

Cheerful chibi : I'll take ten!

Fireleaf of Dawnclan : Are you sure you didn't just stick a kitten in a forest and filmed it? It's so cuuutee


Kartul2 : i need this

MrTacues : D'aw! Who's an adorable little hunter? You are! Yes, you are!

Thomas Grindol : How small are these things as kittens?

Ivan Peschkow : Ohhhhh...myyyyy...gooooood it is so fluffy and SMAAAAAALL 😄😄😄😄

Charitard : I gotta punch something now to regain my manliness

Pixie Bubbles : If I could have any exotic pet in my life, it would definitely be this adorable cat.

GalliaDragonmoon : Kudos to BBC for delivering good wholesome content in these trying times

rewer : I try hard not to pet the tiny cat in the screen ... help me.

OPDiamond Gamer : Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww

TopsyTriceratops : This is cute and all, but now people are going to make a business illegally snatching these guys from their habitat to sell as pets to those who don't know better or refuse to understand.

Unicornraptor : smol catto

Bauernkind 85 : Ohhhh. It's sooo cute. 😍 But. What does this cat eat when a mouse is half sized than it self...

Ellie Does Life : Best video on the internet hands down

Thays Vieitas : "OOH, HE'S SO INTIMIDATING!" *Whisper* C'mon guys, we must not let him down.

simran gupta : Why i am so addicted to him?? so adorable 😍

elie robinson : Can I have it pleeeeaaassee?

Love Love : Such a Cutie 😽

Nahli Kourtz : Awwww 😭😍

Lietta Lumière : My first reaction was "is it computer graphics?"

Tofu Kingpin : I WANT THIS CAT


Tristan Torrez : if aliens want to destroy earth we show them this cat and they wont want to kill us. GOD that cat is cute

Dongbin Lee : OMG…so tiny…so adorable…so…amazing…

Kittycorn Sparkles : Aww it is so cute!!!!😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭🤧🤧

PsyCrafter : awwwwwwwwwww

AlphaOmega : I wanna grab its head

Lord NicolasCage : These cats should be every where. I should be able to look outside and just see a swarm of them. I don't care if they mob me and I die, I'll die surrounded by perma-kittens