World's smallest cat - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One

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Wile E Coyote: Genius : As if it couldn't be any cuter, it has to meow like a kitten too.

I'm just Me : When YouTube recommend good videos..😌

Otaku Girl : ''What he lacks in size...he makes up madness"

DrakeTheBadgerman : I'm betting the whimsical music wasn't even edited in. It just plays whenever he walks around.


Rebelle : I'll take 20

femaletrouble : So tiny, he had to leap over a leaf. I DIE.

Silo21 : I would let this kitt'n murder me with its little paws and still feel honoured it took the time to pay a visit.

Is Bored : *Warning:* More than 80% of the comment section has claimed this cat to be theirs.

Dr. raj deg : Mine mine mine mine Mine mine mine mine Mine mine mine mine Mine mine mine mine Mine mine mine mine Mine mine mine mine

AluminumDragon : This is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! If only there was a domestic cat that would look like a kitten forever (without any negative health impacts, of course).

aoitennyo : My brain: wow look at millions of years of evolution at work allowing this animal to live in perfect balance with its environment as a small but lethal, capable hunter. My silly cat-lover heart: NOOOOO TINY KITTEN ALONE IN THE JUNGLE LET ME TAKE YOU HOME MY PRECIOUS BABY!

Little Miss Evil : I get it that wild animals shouldn't be kept I captivity but............. this........ THIS ADORABLE BALL OF CUTENESS!!!!!! I have no words.

Laman Ganbarova : Take my heart, rusty spotted cat - it’s forever yours.

S.J. GoombaMUSIC : So cute it looks animated...

Maniac Magge : Mine, I dont care what you say, *mine*

Nikasha : A forever kitten? 😍

JᴀyCᴀt : *oh gosh what if i accidentally step on one mistaking it for a leaf*


The Game Hunter AJ : The cat version of a Loli

Shamsul Alam Khokon : Why this is so cute!!!??😍😍

lIIlIllIlIl : smoll

Wholesome Lad : I dont think this fits on the show "Big cats"

vrsca89 : I wonder why nobody tried to crossbreed these with domestic cats like they did with savannahs...

Mladen DaGoodLad : ᵗᶦⁿʸ ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ ᶜᵃᵗᵉ.

Ellie Does Life : Best video on the internet hands down

americanv8ss : _Steal neighbors kitten, repaint it, put it in a jungle..._ "Oh yeah so we found this new tiny wild cat species!"

Ritalie : Only a person without a soul would give this video a thumbs down.

Asmaron : He may look like a kitten Meow Sounds like a kitten too...

Omar Delawer : I think I just hit my cuteness quota for a whole month.

LittleLulubee : So beautiful and precious 💕 Please Lord, protect his habitat from evil humans, so his species won't die out 🙏

Gopled : He may look like a kitten *meeeeew!*

lala la : 0:19 *gAsP* AWWWWWWWHHHHHHH

Echan : That cat... Why does he belong to the wild... 😢

newvillagefilms : Awwww.... it's like having a kitten that never grows up.

Butters The Bean : This made me squee way too much!

** ** : I love how the kitty is only half the size of that leaf! 0:37

Keyser Soze : I still need one! Or Ten.

Respectable AF : I think his name is Rusty and the BBC just spotted him 😻

Jarid Gaming : I died from cuteness

MizzKitka : I want one ! I want one ! I want one ! I want one ! I want one ! I want one ! I WANT TO LOVE YOU ! AND TAKE CARE OF YOU ! YOUR WHOLE LIFE !!!

Snooky Pooky : A cat lovers dream, small enough that they can fit the boi in their pocket UwU

Lil Chicken : *Kskskks B I'm literally awwing so hard my heart has exploded.* Errrrr srry I spelled exploded wrong or not.💁

Demiron : What lacks in size...he makes up cuteness

vincent marandola : Brilliant

Shauntae C : It's so sad this species is near threatened;;; I hope they stay above threatened status!!!

Anonymous Believer Centre Displays Education ABCDE : This video is fake.. Forest is a paid actor 👅

Stephen Mason : I think it looks deceivingly small because those leaves are larger than the average leaf. When I see the picture I imagine a leaf that is about four” (10cm) long when it is probably double that. Still a cute cat thought!

Ali Ayub : Wanna adopt one of this cat 🙃

Cheerful chibi : I'll take ten!