World's smallest cat - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One

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vincent marandola : Brilliant

Shamsul Alam Khokon : Why this is so cute!!!??😍😍

palemoonlight96 : Aww it's soo cute, I want 10! 😂😍

Butters The Bean : This made me squee way too much!

Cheerful chibi : I'll take ten!

AluminumDragon : This is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! If only there was a domestic cat that would look like a kitten forever (without any negative health impacts, of course).

Anna Anderson : That little roar of his. lol. He's so adorable!

Himanshu Agarwal : How do they film without the cat knowing? 🐈

xKarma _ : Had to punch the wall to get my manhood back.

Kaz Daz : He moves like a squirrel 😻

Weird Ickle Blonde Thing : called big's the smallest cat in the world XD XD

Liztomaniam : Did i just watch a Pixar movie short ??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

C A : j'adore !

Ellie Does Life : Best video on the internet hands down

mark jenkins : I could watch this cat for hours

dragontoothless 2 aj : That jump

Amber Raijer : Ehhh.... thats just the cutest thing in the world

AppLuxy LRC : I want that cat 😍

Megan Slonksnis : They're so little!

Abidinator 12 : RIP heart

Eileen Mah : He got my heart..

jumpstart55million : Just stop it!! Way too


rewer : I try hard not to pet the tiny cat in the screen ... help me.

Dunkleosteus : Omg too cute! I want one.

ireallylikeburgerchips andanythinedible : Awww when it sneaked out and he looked at the screen with those puppy eyes 😂😂😂😧😧😍😍😍

Bellasara 123 : Awww so CUTE! 🐯😸

Yellow Synth : you expect me to believe this cat is wild lol

shaineel reddy : My Heart omg...

Morgan Elizabeth : Awwww where can I get one😖😖😖!!!! I am joking but I do want one if it was real of course!!!

J.R. Raz : 0:18 listen to that roar.

Aiden Ocelot : "He might look like a kitten" Cat *squeak*

Jussara Nunes : 1:18 .... meow! MUST.... PROTECT....!!!!!

Qay Shiny : Rec: Smallest cat in the world? Me: oooo.. What's this? Cat: meuuuw.. Me: *arrow shots to my heart*

HRNTT : Looks fake to me... good animation or camera manipulation maybe.. but just doesn't look right

Franky R. : um i need like 2..............BILLION AND WANT THEM NOW

NIllY ELS : I want one please


KittyKat Novak : I can't believe this is real.. omg

RUDE BOY : I want it...

sicilian12345 : I wish I could get have that cat and over 4,000 likes on a comment :(

Liam McCarthy : this shit almost looks animated

M4T1C : This is cgi

Nanogrip : 0:17 "He may look like a kitten..." meeuw!

Jimmy : either this is cgi or im high af

Juliann Jakubowski : How can people not like cats?? Like they are adorable!!!

Sionnach99 : *KAWAII*

BarkingDeathSquirrel : OK, now I really want one.

DevilGamers 123 : Ohh that cat is very cute

UshankaBoi the Red Soldier : Wait a sec... *Is that cat a loli?*