Shein Spring Try On | Must-Haves!

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Jaret Campisi : Hey we weren't cold this weekend...but now its back to 45 degrees again. lol #pasucks

Costas Stephanopolis : Very nice video. Very sexy and pretty. Thanks for sharing. Happiness, prosperity and lots of sunshine to you.

Yalnız Adam : 4:52 super ❤❤❤

Stan Themanx : These videos are fun! Great job Christina!

D Benoit : You are Beautiful

moresugar tradercc : I'm a patreon member i encourage others to sign up it's worth the money to do so

Dee Aee : Yummy Sundays 💕💕💕

BorderGuards : first

navin babji : Man, christina's got beautiful eyes...

Oliver Quinn : Your hard work is inspirational.

Aaron Barton : I prefer you in thongs! 😍

Yalnız Adam : Hi baby I miss you 😘😘😘

Paul Andriotis : I think you better stick to your lingerie and bikini try on.... the 😎

Christian Marleton : 8:42 = fire

mr d : No porn?

your mom : daily upload please if possible

J : this channel is the new pornhub

Igor Pavlenko : I like very video .Thank very much .

getcha sum : This is #1 fap material

Alessio Turci : 💖💖💖

John Smith : Welcome back ! YouTube has an 18 and up side too. We can handle your sexy over there ✌️hey jerrat 🤜🤛

Sattler : You have a hot back plus you are cute!

Turko Turktech : I love ur body. So sexy and hot

mezycan12 : Can you tell us exactly what we can expect from the $50 patreon?

Dee Luther : Definitely LovE This SexY PrettY lovely TRY ON Haul😗😗😗🔥 They All Fit U Very Well😙😙🔥 ThaT Booty Tho😗😗👀🍑🍑 Ur Body LooK AmazinG😘🔥 HopE u Have a Wonderful Week as Well

Jay : wow nice boobs ❤️ love you. Sexy girl

Kten Xoxo : 👙😎👍🏿

BigBoiBenzo : yess a new video.. perfect for a sunday.. I'm a 2 time cancer survivor who lost half his face due to amputation and decided to start my own channel to inspire others who feel ugly or not good enough for this world..I moved to Barcelona to build a new life. I want to show others that it's all about positivity and energy.. and that with the right mindset, you can overcome any mental or physical hurdle if u just learn to love yourself! I'm like a mix between Christian Guzzman and Frankenstein. go check me out and subscribe if u want to help me reach my goals.. it would mean the world to me.!!

Jessica Jae : Love these videos! Can you do a Shein bathing suit try on please please please!!! <3


Sal D : LOVE the clothing hauls, more skirt and dresses !

Jet City : I love this channel!

jupiter7x7 : Honestly, everything looks so good on you. Very cute with a great figure.

Tha JOKER : You have always cold because yiu always being half naked

Miguel Angel Ramirez : Beautiful

ccgilliatt : "I am freaking hot", more like it.

Amy Lee 123 : We want Lingerie Vids Christina xo

KangoKid Kidd : Love it baby thanks you 2 are AWESOME...wish I was into moto bikes but that was years ago...but I love this girl....thise black SHORTS should have been WHITE with a LITTLE camel toe ...just saying baby a little camel toe never hurt nobody...and a little perky NIPS here and either

Bruno Ferreira : "I'm too sexy for" ------ And we love it!!

Bruno Ferreira : Christina Khalil channel on PornHub when?

prndownload : Damn girl you cute! Have babies with me! lol

Papi4l2 : "U got a going out outfit ladies" Women are into this too?🤔😍

Armando Soto : You look hot.

Andrea Cau : Bellissima

kandis powell : 24th comment lol

Juan Carlos Arce : todo sé le ve muy bien y te queda perfecto hermosa 👍👍

Paul Eastman : Thank you

Jeff reyes : nice hour glass figure Christina

kumar ayush : You should try some Indian Outfit...

reloadone : Dang gurl your back is getting wide!! You look like you're about sprout wing. NICE!!!!!!