REJECTED by DON HERTZFELDT (Blu-ray restoration)
It has been 18 years since this gem was released and thanks to it Ive had so many laughs over the years I wonder if this might reach some new eyes today I give you Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt Blu ray restoration

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2001 Academy Award nominee, Best Animated Short Film This is the 2015 restoration of "Rejected", remastered in 4K resolution from the original 35mm film for this Blu-ray:


Tyler Collins : The first time I saw rejected, YouTube was still the wild west. No ads. No suggested videos based on what you've already viewed. And somehow I found this. My 15 year old brain was immediately transformed for the better. Thanks for that.

Mr.Pat : The only remaster I need in my life.

agoodpersonwithhappyfeelings : this being nominated for an oscar is the greatest thing to ever happen

Pandora Danger : If this isn't in the criterion collection it needs to be added immediately.

wolf397 : This film shaped me into the man i am today. I still say "im feeling fat and sassy" after every meal.

Bystander55 : I remember watching this in 2007 in 240p. Those were much different times.

Rational Ryan : I think being exposed to this short at such a young age and watching it over and over again was a contributing factor to my strange sense of humor. Thank you Don Hertzfeldt.

poptart : Our animation god has returned...

TABBY : *_maaah spoon is too big_*

TheChrononaut1 : I haven't seen this video in probably ten years. I haven't forgotten a bit of it, and I've never felt fatter or sassier.

ZanraiKid : The film that invented the YouTube sense of humor.

russelbutt : Around 2004 I was going to an Art College to become an Animator and one of my teachers showed us this during class. It was revolutionary.

Alexandria Walters : The original ASDF

Max Levinton : DH in HD

davyinatoga : It's weird how seeing this animation in such crisp clarity is really jarring to me, and I can't tell if it's nostalgia playing tricks on me, or if the comparatively grainy nature of early 2000's heavily compressed 240p actually lent itself to the theme and style of the short.


ryan quinn : This cartoon basically made a generation of ppl have really obscure senses of humor. It was kind of like a surreal Far Side where Far Side comics were sort of my childhood intro to weird / dark humor. This just pushed that humor off a surreal cliff.

Avrice Asus : Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected Now with blu-ray restoration! Sweet Jesus!

Wrench Turner : I am the queen of France.

midice : For the love of God and everything that is holy, MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy

Alejo Paredes : The first time I saw this was in film school. Not college: a little film school for kids in Buenos Aires. I don't know why they thought this was suitable for children. I was eleven, maybe twelve. It blew my mind, specially the ending. I've loved Hertzfeldt since then. So glad this masterpiece is now available for all, and in all its demented glory.

LukeDoesMusicThings : 18 years on, and still the head of its oddly specific (but nonetheless highly populated) class. I have the Blu-ray already, but thanks for uploading this, Don!

Miapapia : My fondest memories are from this: laughing on the floor, 10 years old, in a small town on the peninsula of Mexico, with my parents and their friends spilling their wine. Thank you Dan.

Scott Villanueva : What amazes me is that despite how whacky and funny the majority of the movie is, the last part where everything “begins” to fall apart always fills me with a sense of dread. It’s true art, and I love it.

Lieutenant BaconWaffles : I remember seeing this in college back in 2004, on a big projector screen in animation class. It was held in high esteem on campus, like Homestar Runner.

Simon Wheeler : I LOVE YOU DON

Ceili Magnus : I've been referencing "my spoon is too big" since I was a little kid and my brother showed me that short. Thank you for one of the longest running inside jokes I've ever had!

tenkins : East Lansing student film festival, March 24th 2000. It was my 16th birthday and I had just eaten mushrooms for the first time. This began playing as soon as the shrooms kicked in. Thank you, Don, for making my first time tripping balls as well as my birthday into something I will never forget!

Joey Muñoz : So HD my eyes might bleed.

MrDangerousshark : Having only seen this on YouTube the difference fidelity really shows the beauty of the cartoon style.

CaidhMor : At this resolution, my spoon is just the right size.

Shane Zen : Even funnier and more brilliant than I remember. You were so far ahead of your time... to think I first saw this on Kazaa in the early internet days

So Hysterical : Pretty sure this is where my generations humor is derived from

Brandon C Maximum : Thank God I get to watch this in crystal-clear quality, it’s like I’m really there!

missfairuzadotcom : YouTube is not worthy to serve this amount of epicness

J : This was my fucking childhood,. and then getting older and watching 'It's such a beautiful day' years and years ago really made me feel old. Man, you're one of the most creative people on this rock. I remember rating this originally with stars.

Sally Villarreal : These look like real bumpers for Adult Swim. Have they called this guy yet?

Chris Raftis : How sad the lives must be of those 57 people at this time who have disliked this video. This is all that is right with the internet.

LoPhatKao : I laughed so hard I've ruptured something internally... MY ANUS IS BLEEDING

moosemaimer : That metallic groaning noise at 7:16 is one of the most genuinely frightening things I've ever heard. That's the sound of something enormous and probably important, failing. If you ever heard that in real life you might very well be screwed.

Jim Halpert : *I A M T H E Q U E E N O F F R A N C E* [epic solo dance initiated]

Eyal Kalderon : A historic video that absolutely defined the YouTube sense of humor! Great to see it receive a well-overdue fresh coat of paint. Seems to have aged fantastically well.

Hacer : all hail the animation god

Chuck PK : The cartoon that spawned a dozen memes.

Aaron Harris : idk, I think the lower resolution of older uploads just sort of lent itself to a homemade quality that really felt faithful to the contentent. Just me?

Blizzard Blast101 : *WHAT EVEN*

David Chirinos : This guy must be hired at Adult Swim, frankly. His sense of humor is perfect for the job, and his creativity just further reinforces his wicked, sick and mind-numbing humor. The simple animations and the bizarre storylines tie it together, making the whole experience just outright perfect. Good job, Hertzfeldt.

Tweegrrl : I'll always remember the first time I saw Rejected as part of Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. Even bought the DVD with the black cover, still have it. I love how you drew attention to the medium (paper) and even broke the fourth wall (8:09). Don Hertzfeldt, THANK YOU so much for such a wonderful animation.

Dhakadice : That song at 4:50 adds a whole level or surrealism when you recognize it as an old christmas song in your native language. :O