5 Tips On How To Use Curves in Photoshop + Giveaway!

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Phillip Glombik : Remember to let me know how you started with photography! I wanna hear the crazy and the strange :D

Food Universe : I shared this video with my photoshoot friend,I started photography bcz i want to see this world in a different way,by Photography i want people to know about my thoughts and ideas and bring out the beauty of Photography into their eyes ,as how i see the beautiful world of photography,I really liked your all tutorial videos of editing sir,it was very helpful,Thank you sir👍😊🌏

Sumadri Das : Hello, First of all thanks for showing us some great tricks of curves. I started photography when I started to shoot some random pics with digital camera. Some of photos were actually beautiful and influenced me to capture natural beauty in frame and then I started photography.

John Hight : Hi Phillip, I shared your video on Facebook. I started in photography after taking a course in college where the editing was in the darkroom and all that kind of stuff. I had it as a hobby through my career as an engineer, and now landscape photography is a full-time second career.

Alexandra M. : hey!! you're back!! thanks for the tips, great video as always. I've started photography when I realised that mobile phone's cam and editing apps are not enough for me any more :)

the fool : Wicked! Thanks a lot, really cool video. Heads up bi-colour is "buy"-colour (not "bee").

TheWikTube : Omg! You're alive! I was beginning to fear the worst. Awesome tutorial as always! :D