We Need To Talk About The INSANE Shane Dawson Accusations and Fake News Witch Hunt...

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Philip DeFranco : Seriously... THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Please promise me you'll try to find it before making wild accusations and believing everything you hear or read. <3

Vanessa Blanco : I was waiting for this after seeing Shane’s video last night.

D V : The Shane thing is also even worse considering that he himself was molested as a child. I am still livid that people would do such a thing to him.

justalil2much4me : My interpretation of the story is he apologized and wanted her to keep it a secret because of religion (sexual contact before marriage is a sin). The “he loves me” part made it seems like she liked him and was down for it, but after he reacted poorly her experience soured.

Peyton Smith : Sexual assault? Lmfao

surgeyX : H&M mom proves that you can’t be more outraged and victimized than the ACTUAL VICTIM, and in this case, since there are no real victims, of course, the SJWs are losing their minds, still. I simply dont agree with you saying “the intent didn’t matter” - it should be the deciding factor!

Mukund Gujjar : YouTube is now the Devil's turf.

Im Kathryn : this generation needs tougher skin. we’re not going to be very progressive when all we’re doing is getting offended by the littlest of things, such as jokes. focus on actual important things

AngelofbrokenHalo : "Oh, I'm not saying QUOTAS, but just...just make your board diverse. Because, you know, someone somewhere somehow might be offended." No, Phil. Merit. You get to be on the board of directors solely based on merit, and that is how it should be. I honestly do not care if someone in Uganda or Argentina or Bangladesh or Vietnam gets offended because of a certain set of words that mean literally nothing where they were originally used. If I were to call my company a certain name that in another language means "dick" or "cunt" or "smegma" or whatever, well, I really do not care because in MY language it means something else, something established. You cannot, and SHOULD NOT try and please everybody, because you end up pleasing nobody.

Smither Sink : That doesn't sound like sexual assault to me, it sounds like some mislead kids. Now, I think he was very much in the wrong for both abusing his power being older than her and being an authority figure, but this is a note a rape, where he forced her to have sex with him. In fact, I don't know the laws for specific states, but as far as I know, consensual sex with a 17-year-old is totally legal. If that law wasn't in place at the time, then he didn't legally do anything wrong. No, he shouldn't have a standing ovation, and just apologizing is the very least he could do about this situation, but what do you expect from him? He made a stupid decision he regrets. As for the monkey thing: not surprised at all that so many people got offended over such a dumb thing. One day society will move past the "monkey" connotations. For now it's just on a downwards spiral where everything NEEDS to be racist.

Babyfaced Ambassador : Wait, I’m pretty sure she consented?

My Instant Search : I really like how quickly and directly you jump to the main hot story without stretching and taking any bit extra. I appreciate that.

Frank E. jr : On the Church story. I hate to say that we should forget something that someone did 20 years ago. But I think we could also look at this with the same logic as we did with Shane Dawson. It happened along time ago and I am sure that pastor has grown since then. I certainly don't think we should forget about this sexual assault, but maybe it is time to forgive. Just my thoughts.

Chris R : The sexual assault case seems strange to me. Age of consent in Texas was 17, she states in everything provided that she didn’t object in any way, so hows that sexual assault? I get the clergy law in Texas, but even in her recollection of the event he didn’t say, “suck it.....cause I’m a rep of god.” I don’t know, to me it seems she made bad choices (not illegal choices) and is now using the #metoo movement to gain attention from it. The premise of saying this is sexual assault means a man (or whatever gender the other is in the case) needs to know what the person is thinking as sexual relations are happening. If she had said no in any way I’d get the sexual assault claim. She didn’t. Making bad choices isn’t the same as sexual assault.

The Curious Froggy : " i was scared and embarrassed, but i did it" no sexual assault took place here. At no point did she mention he used force or threatened her. she voluntarily chose to do it after he asked her to. HOW THE FUCK IS HER VOLUNTARILY CHOOSING TO DO IT SEXUAL ASSAULT? Philip, seriously, you're smarter then this.

Erika Lozano : I'm gonna disagree with you on the H&M International Team idea. In general, it's a good idea to have a team specifically created to deal with the international branches of the company, but if the only reason why this team would exist is to soothe SJW feelings then fuck that. We really need to stop catering to their fucking temper tantrums just because their feelings were hurt over some imaginary racist or sexist issue. If I was in charge of a company that created something that some people thought it offensive, I wouldn't give two shits what they thought of it. I would actively troll them because I'm tired of their bitching.

Cole Costie : The situation really confuses me. People like MiniLadd always make jokes about pedophilia (and they're friggin' hilarious!), and nobody seems to argue. I mean... I'm not arguing because, again, they leave me in a coughing fit of laughter.

Hammerhook12 : Such a shame you had a good reporting on the Shane Dawson issue but completely dropped the ball on your H&M coverage. What, you want some African American representation on the Swedish owned company's staff, or what? That's the only viable conclusion I got from you to counter your own toxic American outrage culture. Think about how ignorant and basically American ethnocentric your suggestion is. Are you also going to complain about Samsung's Korean overrepresentation among their staff members?

Starry Night : In regards to the religious story, many kids who have been sexually abused participate in acts because they're either easily coerced or they've been groomed or they're just frightened and don't have the confidence to say 'no'. When they look back they realize that they've been used. The girl was 19, so not a kid but she was probably very naive and immature still. Also, the guy was basically her elder in the church so there was an imbalance of power. The public will pick apart her story, and even though it is painful for a victim to be doubted, there is always be that possibility that someone is being framed so... What I like to concentrate on is what we can do for the next generation, so they don't have to be put in this sucky situation. We need to better educate kids and young people so that they are wary of predatory situations; so that they can predict how a situation is going to turn out; so that they can protect themselves; and so that they have the confidence to assert their intentions clearly. I know some feminists who will get on my ass about this and say that women have the right to wear and do what they want without someone preying on them. And yes, in an ideal world this is right, but you wouldn't jump into a shark tank dressed in a meat suit and expect the shark to respect your rights, would you? Of course, the goal would be that nobody feels entitled to take advantage of somebody else, but we don't live in that kind of utopian society. In the meantime, we do what we have to do to keep ourselves safe.

Noblesse Oblige : Don't think H&M should have PoC in their staff *just* for diversity. They should choose just based on merit. Whether that means only white, only PoC, or mixed, so be it.

1ledluverjlp : Concerning the youth pastor: What he did was weird and morally questionable, as long as he didn't force himself upon her he didn't assault her.

Minty Bliss : I was honestly looking forward to Phil tearing these accusations against Shane apart

lENDl Night : I am the first to get the chance to jump in against a preacher or religious leader. Religion is a cancer. That being said, this sitation sounds a lot like he did the right thing in the end. She said nothing and he kept going. When she said something he stopped at the exact time and said he was sorry. Youth pastor is not that much of a position of power, is it? Come on, There are really crazy cases of religious sexual abuse. Here in brazil we have a LOT of abuse of power like that.

Mikael Heed : Wait... are you arguing that there are too many white people working at H&M in Sweden? That's like saying there's too many asians working at Nintendo in Japan.

Jacob Nilsson : Imagine Having The Last Name Savage!

Sp00mster : Can we go back to feminism being about teaching girls to stand up and fight for themselves instead of trying to fix every stupid guy in this world? I think that was a little more effective...

NcCrullex : Thank you Dr. Phil, I always look forward to your videos!!

Paperclip : Don't see why a company who's marketing department in Sweden, who was advertising in the UK should really care about American racism. I'm pretty sure America has done quite a lot to offend other countries and cultures that would be considered the norm over there. Don't get offended because somewhere else has gone beyond the petty "everything is offensive because is I personally interpret it this way" sort of thing and actually just see the jumper as a cute thing that a kid was wearing. Sort your own shit out, don't ship it abroad.

Megan Sawka : i personally don’t think the h&m hoodie was a huge deal... sure, it might have been insensitive, but i think it was just an oversight

Cosmic_Daisy_Head : Alright so yes the fact that he was 22 when it happened does matter. Also 17 is old enough to know if you want to have sex with someone. If, IF, this is the only incident (which it very well may not be) then there's no reason to drag him for it. The church can lead people, both men and women, to be very repressed and sexually confused especially if they were brought up in a strict Christian household. The fact is that the young woman was complicit, she could've said no. I don't believe in this idea that women can never be held accountable in these kinds of situations. Yes she performed oral sex but HE's the one that stopped it from going further, not her. He's the one who was desperately begging for forgiveness from both her and his God. She might have allowed to let the tryst go further. Then what? Would she have cried rape after, when he was ashamed of what he had done and she had found out that he was just horny and didn't love her. I'm not saying that his power as a youth pastor didn't help sway her decision, but I'm not going to crucify the man without other allegations outside this one that show him to be a true predator and not just a horny possible virgin who was confused about how his sexuality fit in with his religious path.

Dancing Panda : She was 17 he was what 22? It seems to me like based on their stories, she like him and thought he was cute and he thought she was attractive and knew he had an "in". He realized what he had done and apologized and the leadership was like "ok...lets handle this in a way that doesn't mess up their lives. He initiated, but she (by her actions and reluctance) was more than willing. both are not equally wrong but both have some fault". As for the law that came later, if it were the judge, I'd rule in his favor. The law reads as though it's to protect the congregation from a leader who says something to the effect of "God said that in order for you to be absolved of your sins, or to get into heaven, you have to dick my dick twice and week and tell no one. If you tell anyone you'll go to hell and God will punish you family". So unless he used the faith as a means to coax her into a sexual relation when she otherwise would be opposed to it, he should be found innocent.

Zoeannaart -Zilahtov : #istandwithshane

SupaYoda : Things like what happened with Savage are why I have a VERY difficult time setting foot in a church. I'm a Christian, but I haven't been to a church in years. I grew up in churches, and horror stories like this are far more common than we see in the media even today. Usually when word of it gets around the church, it's hushed as gossip at first. If it persists, then the person is removed quietly. It's only really ever brought to the attention of the media if someone goes to them or to the police-- which is rare. People want to believe that their clergy are somehow better than other humans and should be trusted.

Seth : Philip, I am in no way standing up for the pastor, but haven't you always said not to judge a person by their past? He's obviously sorry, and HOPEFULLY a changed man. You're the last person who should be condemning him today for actions that he committed 20 years ago. He was wrong, but he admitted that and asked for forgiveness. Allow him to change, just as others have allowed you to change.

ChaosoneX : Are we SERIOUSLY going to treat seduction as rape now? We may as well start locking up 75% of all celebrities and entertainers and virtually every pickup artist now in that case. At best, Andy Savage seduced Jules Woodson with his power and popularity when they were still dumbheaded young adults, but by her own words, there was nothing to suggest he forced her or forced himself upon her, intimidated her, nothing of that nature. In fact, reading her whole statement, I'm hard-pressed to find anything that would indicate any form of non-consent between the two, and that Woodson's actions now aren't being driven by anger for the last 20 years of Savage not getting punished by the Church and by God for making her think he had real feelings for her. At the very worst, Savage was a hypocrite back when, but Woodson is purposely making a bigger deal out of this than it should be, thanks to the current social climate. And you're a right bit more biased with this story compared to others, Phil. Savage is no Weinstein.

Eter Puralis : By saying they don't care what the mother thinks about it, citing H&Ms ignorance... they're kind of calling the mother ignorant as well. They're literally saying a black mother doesn't have the wherewithal to know what to be "offended" by. You don't need an international staff for a product that is only being sold in ONE COUNTRY. Just because the issue keeps being inflamed in America doesn't mean we want any part of your bs infection.

Jess Bunty : This is such an *insane* story. Watching it all unfold on Twitter was madness! I'm glad YouTube took Pop Blast down.

ZeeNasty : As for the coolest monkey thing, isn't it pretty common to call kids little monkeys? I understand why people would be bothered but sometimes it works against equality between people when you treat others different because of their appearance.

Okhaj : Wowowow, stop right there. Going from story description. She didn't say no, she consented by literally going forward with it. Yeah it was probably a weird, awkward situation, it often is with young people, but how is that sexual assault? I can see how he felt like shit because of it cause he's religious and to him, he's not supposed to have sexual contact before marriage. All this idiotic witch-hunt shit needs to stop. Just a bunch of people with issues taking it out on others by shaming them. Cut it out, deal with your own issues.

Ancestral Spirit : As much as i would like to see victims receive justice for crimes commited against them, i can't really see a 'crime' here as such. Before i'm metaphorically beaten by the comments section please let me explain. In her own words she states he 'unzipped his fly, took out his penis and told me to suck it'. He didn't lay hands on her or touch her, so she wasn't 'physically forced' to do anything. She may have felt as if she had no power, and from how she phrased her statement, she even thought that he loved her. So in this sense it seems as though she did it because she thought he'd love her more if she did. Sadly the only crime i see here is that he abused his position of power, horribly so yes, but sadly not illegal at the time. It doesn't matter to me if this happened 20 years ago or yesterday, the point still stands that from her statement, he never touched her or physically forced her to do anything. That doesn't mean a crime wasn't commited, i just don't think it should be a grave sexual assault charge. Though i found the standing ovation to be pretty distasteful :/

Q-Hack! : Phil your hypocrisy is starting to show. In your last video, you tell Youtube to just own up to it's mistake and take ownership. Then when you have a pastor who does just that, you crap all over him. It was a reluctant BJ 20 years ago that both parties felt guilty about. (yay, christian dogma). It's a non news story.

Spider-Zero : I hate Shane Dawson but this is complete bs what they are doing to him.

Alex Van Sant : Wow humor is going to need a disclaimer in the future.... SMH

Ella Escobar : Pewdiepie 2.0 😔

Adrian Andrade : So we’re all going to forget what Logan Paul posted????????

Wren McNally : The Shane Dawson story is weird. I dont think he made a conspiracy about himself to gain interest, that does not sound like him, Maybe Onision....yeah....

einfach nur Leo : Welcome back to the Philip Defranco Show ... Here grab some popcorn ;)

Ann Harris : #standwithShane

Emily_Catherine : I had a very similar situation to the girl that was assaulted in a super church. There so much mercy shown to the person who did it, but there’s only condemnation for the victim.

Lynda Jaeger : I don't think whether it happened yesterday or 20 years ago. It wasn't a crime. She never said no, or said that she was uncomfortable. He asked before each action and she never in her own words said no or this made her uncomfortable. I'm a victim of sexual assault by two men in a position of power. My then stepfather and a male babysitter. I said no. I screamed no. I cried. This seems like a couple of young people who are religiously sexually repressed making out in a car. Then trying to jump on a band wagon to tear someone of power down. 17 is the age of consent in Texas so he wasn't committing a crime. Also, in her own words thought she was doing it out of love. Sounds like she was upset that he didn't call her the next day more than she was assaulted. But I am sure people would think my opinion is negated because it doesn't fall in line with their own.