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Joey & Esme Vlogs : Hilarious bro!! Her face was priceless !

Susan : Wouldn't put em on display if she didn't want 'em appreciated.

Dan Dead Or Alive : I get it man. Mermaids have nice racks too.

STICH666 : Your place is in the Microcenter parking lot in Brooklyn?

Caught In a Trap : Love the awkward sand walk

S Vkt : I'm sorry, I can't subscribe to you. I've only known you for a while.

EARTH : oh man this is great, good job man. keep it up. proud of you!

weatherspoon : Should've ended after the long akward pause at :25, would've been a much funnier video but thumbs up brother

P4L14DiUM _ : An appropriate response.

IamSchizo : this is genius level humor. not a word said.

Red Light : Hahaha this is genius : I can't believe how good your videos are for you sub numbers. keep it up.

Animals Being Jerks : I love the rotation of the Earth, ---------- It really makes my day.

Donte and Friends : Ahhhhh... That’s the real reason that guy walked into the ocean in Dunkirk.

civilserpent : funny enough, this is the exact method my best friend used to kill herself though it wasn't from being a creeper at work, she was just depressed.

통장잔고100,000,000,000 : 아니 이게 뭐얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ebulating : If she didn't want people to look at the pictures why put them on the Internet?

ryan868 : Always remember to lock your workstation before ending it all. Information security begins with you.

JOEY : was that the uber headquarters?

Marc Normandin : He should have picked up rocks for his pockets. :)

Cobalterino.index : long and unfunny

original joke : I was at the same spot on coney island on the same day. I just randomly found this video.

TommyFeticini : Can you blame him?

SSShino : lol

shoeib naderi abasi : I started to appreciate the end, on a re-run, when i realized, he was stalking the same girl that caught him.

Kozy : This video proves that men have been shamed for finding women attractive. What kind of society is this?

General Upboat : Anyone from Reddit?

Abraham Nixon : *Not his fault.* Telephone screens are meant to be private, she shouldn't be looking at his private browsing session. Second of all, that woman has no business being at work, she too sexy (in a really romantic way), she gonna be driving all the Men wild, turning em against each other and playing dumb when the whole office turns into tribal warfare. I seen it happen. Trust me B, even if she aint tryin, when a woman is that sexy, yo? Everything that comes out her mouth, gonna be misinterpreted as flirting cuz a playboy, like myself, need to believe. Ciao.

Rune Ipsen : Am I the only one who doesnt get this?

Robert Brunello : She's hot.

CptFoupoudav : Is he going back to japan ?

Prash K : show bobs.

AdHoc : Love this, subscribed and 1000th!! Please do more :)

Tom : Seems about right. You can never look back.

hey that's pretty good : This is great!

HawaiiMclovin69 : Oh he's really trying to die going in that Coney Island water.

Roy Linker : loooool

kernel_s4nd3rs : Yeah, okay, but why is she creeping on him? Why is she looking over his shoulder at what's on his phone?

OthmanT : I don't know why it bothers me that much that he's swiping trough screenshots ... !

water : earned a new subscriber!

StoneSommun : Man, I can't even imagine getting caught doing that lmfao

dale idk : you drove all the way to coney from gowanus?

WulyJmpr : Death Stare

al davis : Understandable

MAT : Shammmmmmm

Stephen Palmer : Finally someone makes a video to explain the goals of feminism...thank you mr. wong.

laxfan727 : Hey cool I work right down the block from that micro center

HeyItsBenAWhile : Wait he didn’t lock his iPhone!

Ricky Ertmann : Reddit brought me here, and I'm glad it did

Eric Canales : "Many were increasingly of the opinion that they'd all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans."