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cable3E : -Hey girl, let's date - 0:09 -Nevermind...

Andrew T : She reminds me of an annoying squirrel in an attic

love : She's so cute lol

ShizzySavage16 : Oml, she is so damn cute, idk why she don't have any type of social media. She could easily become a model. Any dude would be damn lucky to have this cute bunny :o

Chee Tang : Morgan, please don't take any notice of the negative comments below. Just continue to do what you're doing and if possible, please make longer videos. <3


Felipe Corzo : someone is addicted to crack bones, yup me.

Fat Loser : You should always be in a bikini or underwear when you make these videos.

Tristan Groff : I want you to give me a bear hug with your joint cracking skills!

Kalayah Harshaw : How do u that

Mark Richman : What ever happened to this chick?

mattu : so fine

cameron marzette : 666th comment

Chris Houser : Where is Morgan?  Haven't seen her in way too long.  Is she she still around to do more videos?

monkeyscrub : Adorable. Crazy, but adorable.

Ellie Cable : shes crazy

Raul megane : What's the outro song?

Made in England : RAT OUT

Kelsey Wu : Who makes a video on this

LikeMikeSIKE : 0:06 tell me she didn't sound and look just like Drew Barrymore

Breeze Rock : How?!?

Kennedy Ann Muldoon : she was probably just farting

Carlitohos666 : Its fake cause every crack she does in all her vids are the same sound,and there not when done by a physio

Rachel Sam : I can crack my neck even louder and I can do six cracks in each side

verapamil07 : Press 5 for psycho laughter!

Gato Otaku : Fake

Dustin Bodie : how does this have almost 500,000 views? lol I looked up joint pain and the next thing I know I find a bunch of perves watching girls pop their joints. rofl! is this some kind of messed up fetish?! look at this chee tang character "please make longer videos" that's sooo creepy!

Zero_Code_Name_Reaper : sounds like my back when i have been relaxed in a chair for a while and then i stand up

Nefertari Rodriguez : That laugh though.. XD

Amber Brewer : What is rhia girls name? Does she have her own page.

Dayton elrod : god damm u fine let me get ur number

Justine Burgos : That's stupid but cool

Peter Allan : That is 1 wicked

Emily Smith : nice tits omg

HOME SIMP : I know the feeling. I do it everyday and it feels great. Sounds great too

Kelpo Gaming : I wish I had that loud as a neck crack.

zeuperm : You really should consider going into porn.

Peter Rock : I’ll make you pop


David Slatte : Insane boobs 🤗

gustavo gc : mother of cracks

Alem Naro : dont you want to marry me . you so adorable

Hrishi Alda : Artistic but sexy

Liza Terra ASMR : Gained a sub

nuclear ostrich : This is great 😂😂

Jon M : can i have you please

chad kohl : I love u lol. And ur so damn pretty

jungleman68 : fake

HumanReject : Why does she pull her hair.. Doesn't it hurt??

spiritfinder321 : BIMBO!!