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mighty retarded flying mango : I actually watched the full commercial, it was great.

Kim : Wow. A commercial that is genuinely good. No clue of what you're selling but the narrative was great and the cinematography was even greater

Albin Grahn : is giant corp supposed to be amazon?

09erre : Well this is kind of ironic, isn't it? Considering you just sold out to PayPal...

nice meme : when i first saw this i genuinely thought this was a movie trailer with a great concept

Mr. Snoken : Now this is a good commercial who ever made this have a good future ahead of them.

alessandro Donadi : I love the blade runner vibe this commercial has

Fantomen : this is one of the best commercials i've watched

Hans Lee : Now that is an ad!

Lou Woot : I'm so attached to Billie's character I need a full film thanks

つっき : This could become a movie.

Peanutcat : Damnit. I thought this was a movie and got genuinely hyped over it.

KuBsy72 : Fair enough, iZettle. I know you sell credit/debit card payment processing machines, but as a small business owner, I can't see why banks don't cap their card processing fees (apart from greed). Sometimes I might make £200 on a £2000 sale and iZettle want 1.75% (£35) of that just for processing the card payment (i.e. requesting the money from the card holder's account and transferring it to my bank account). I guess it's because the banks set the fees, but that's £35 of my profit gone to the bank for doing what probably costs them 10p. It would be better for the likes of iZettle, if they really want to support small businesses, to petition the banks to lower their card processing fees. Afterall the amount of work involved for a machine to process a £10 transaction is the same as a £100 transaction, so why charge me a fixed percentage? Instead the fee should be a fixed fee e.g. 20p or something per transaction. On top of that Government legislation introduced earlier this year means I have to swallow the card processing fee and can't pass it on to the customer who wants to pay by card. Either that, or raise prices for everyone (including cash paying customers) to cover the greedy bank fees. It's extortion I tell you.

Lou Woot : The music, the cinematography, the concept; make a full featured film and it break the box office

Battlefool 000 : lol why does this remind me of deus ex

Henrik : Well, you sold yourself out to PayPal, great job leading by example...

Jessica Vaux : How dare this not be a movie trailer...

Ada Productions : Giant Corp reminds me of Evil Corp :D

Euan James : This is an amazing ad! I run my own advertising agency and I have a feeling I'll be using this video as a case study to break it down and see exactly how it works so well.

Mortem August : Kinda want to see a longer version of this

MotherChucker : Giant Corp is Amazon, isn't it?

Jarod Smith : all of those people protesting giant corp should have been purchasing her locally produced baked goods tho. I guess they weren't motivated enough to give business to literally the only competition around 🤔

Elliot Petrosellini Lancaster : Absolutely amazing advert, however it would have been much better if at 1:45 the dad tapped his card on the iZettle reader so we could actually see the product in action because this advert is more of a futuristic story than a classic commercial.

MrGeeSinc : Wonderful message, great video! Never watched an advert all the way through before on youtube, that was delightful :)

Matthew Pearce : Slightly ironic that iZettle has recently sold out to giant corp (purchased by PayPall for $2.2 billion). Hope us little businesses can still flourish as you go global

appulsprite : this ad was bomb!!! so pretty, so cinematic, so neat and thought out. and well designed. i liked it more than the video i was gonna watch that had this ad on it

Catter Man : Is this Black Mirror?

Rittoo Singh : One great advert... How did they think of this... Technical the world is going in the way of robotics and automated work force... Scary times as Boston dynamics are making more humanoid robots that can eliminate human errors but is this the way we really want our future for our children... A world of technology is great BUT at what cost...

Prod.absolut : Black mirror

ShopAppy Collection Point : Love this - we agree - and we are part of the resistance ;-)

jane smith : loved the advert, haven't the foggiest what you're actually selling

Odianosen Ejale : Its kind of funny, after hearing "We deliver to your door within 5 minutes. Don't worry, we will let ourselves in". Then "Giant Corp has successfully launched another fully automated warehouse", after a while heard "its all going according to plan says its CEO", my brain was expecting "Jeff Bezos" next.

Andrea Serpico : *clap clap clap clap*

emma harrington : Sickening hypocrisy by iZettle who are championing small businesses whilst actually being owned by PAYPAL after iZettle founder Jacob de Geer sold his soul to the devil for $2.2BN. The reason that this video is good is that PAYPAL paid for it and in fact the exact opposite of what it is portraying is actually happening in real life. Wake up people!

Tobias Reynaers : I came across this commercial. Found it more interesting than the video that came after it. Searched ‘billy bakery’ to rewatch. Liked it even more.

Helen ter Borgh : For a second I thought it was a movie trailer, a really good one. I think it could be a movie that warns us for such companies, amazing work. My audio and visual teacher is going to love this

Maarten Peters : absolute amazing, shared on Fb!! fckn important

Auberon Hall : Getting a definite Black Mirror vibe

Grant Muir : Have you not sold out to PayPal??? ;-) The lure of big bucks gets to everyone, even iZettle!

James Heming : Loving the visuals. As others have said, no idea what you're selling, but love it! Voice artist bits were a bit on the cheap side compared with the rest of it's epic'ness. Hey, could I have done better? Not a chance!

Kenji Elzerman : The second time I fully watched an ad and actually the first time I clicked on the link! An ad that actually worked! Perfect story, perfect view on the future and a very good warning to us all

Rebecca Sakulku : Didnt expect this to be so good

Sweyn Forkbeard : Thanks for support Handmade. Well done iZettle!

Massoud Q : As a small retail business owner: Well done, it was at the right time for me to see this commercial, lets fight giant online companies, I never give up. Thanks

Anthony Clark : Well, that was very subtle. As iZettle was bought by PayPal for $2.2 billion, I'm not really buying the concept.

Stephen Duller : Me too I watched it all as it was like a good film, and a worthwhile message 10/10

OGRAP : Now thats something

Gamer J : what kind of an ad doesn't show the product AT ALL. its more of a short movie. I mean for crying out lound its an ad for a cardreader

rex_ noctis_ : Best add I've seen ever

Amdecreations : One of the few un skippable ads, well done.