So I put the Peter Pan (2003) OST over the Doc Ock hospital scene...

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Friendly Fingers : While we're on a fresh upload I just want to thank everyone for the supportive comments and good vibes. Never thought we would reach 5K but here we are. Again, thank you.

Bystander55 : "Nobel Prize, Otto!"

RavenBoy99 : Wow, Who knew a scene with screaming and metallic hentai can have such a whimsical element to it.

Bryce : This happened by coincidence? Proof God exists.

Coco Loco : This is amazing, simply beautiful <3

joker of the pack : To blow up the city, would be an awfully big adventure.

hank412 : You owe me money for this, fingers...

Jesus God : This, this made my day

TheCosmicFireStar : Placing Whimsical Enchanting Music over an Intense Disturbing Horror movie-ish scene. This is a trend that needs to catch on.

Sheriff Asshat : "Wanna know the secret to a woman's heart Peter?" "Blow up the city."

Javier Santiago Caracuel : Holy shit, how the hell the track fits in 2:00 perfectly in this horrible scene???!!!

Ron Adams : Clicked on this and immediately thought, "Why did I upvote this?" Got my answer at 0:47

tom dada : I'm wheezing now. thank you, my friend

Tetsuo Urashima : So fitting........ I'm in tears Friendly Fingers. I subscribed to you when watching Tears in the Oil.

Landon Hilde : PIZZA TIME

Yves Heinrich : Superb!

Griffin Tremaine : Why do the tentacle arms just decide to murder people? xD

Jean Bean : Please, put the Spiderman PS4 theme in a scene!!

AssoDiDenari YTP : The best video i ever seen

Ivan Bishop : M a g i c a l

Bryce Winton : They’ll be fine laying this on tv for generations to come or better yet on Netflix and YouTube


Luigi Giampietro : 2:00 perfection

The Kraken Experiment : So beautiful and nostalgic. Sam Raimi is the master of whimsy.

aditya sai : Perfection

KillerTacos : Yoo this is so good

Sure Really : U deserve a lot more subscribers than that

Andy Larsen : PIZZA TIME!!!!!

Spongebob Squarepants : There is a God after all.

LaBoo T2609 : It’s like watching a cutscene from Metal Gear Solid V. I love it!

Jovito : Another perfect one

Matthew Tarleton : This is fantastic

James Bell : Fits like a glove

Aadipie : Perfect

Dapzle : Feed me your poetry: *See's this*

Dum Dum : Category: C O M E D Y

Pdrew : Luv it

Xiibo : Peter Pan Pizza Time