Gaming industry lobbyists questioned about lootboxes

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Laymen Gaming : That low-key 'Pride and Accomplishment' burn. We bow to your meme skills.

The Act Man : You are a goddamn hero. This video gave me a lot of pride & accomplishment

My name is Byf : I live in the UK. If I was a voter of Hawaii, I would be proud to vote for Lee. This channel and the fact that a representative is actually using it as a way of keeping their constituents up to date and in the loop is a testament to what real democracy should look like. No cherry picking and the full interview provided lots of context on an important issue. Ohhh and yes... I notice the memes... They were glorious.

Wade Dewell : The world needs more politicians like you chris lee.. you are actually in touch with the people and are not a ancient dinosaur! Work for the people and they will always support you... im from canada and if i lived in hawaii i would vote for you... please dont stop fighting against the cancerous parasite known as microtransactions and lootboxes...... i miss when you unlocked things in games and had fun content to play at launch.... instead we have cut content.. locked on the disc dlc... microtransactions and lootboxes... no more unlocking through play ... too much grind

Wade Dewell : Ea contributes to esa..... they dont work for the gamer or for the true benefit of the industry

Ugly Igor : a politican with meme skills a god damn six pack and a surf board?! I want to upvote more than once goddamn!

Ed White : Hey all, it me! Beard guy! Yes, I was trying not to laugh at the “pride and accomplishment” line...was an amazing low key burn that totally went over the ESA guy’s head. I was there to testify in support of Chris Lee’s gaming bills and was asked to come up to provide another point of view to contrast the ESA lobbyist’s during the discussion portion. I’ve read the bills, and I felt they were all pretty common sense solutions, especially since the ESA and ESRB obviously don’t seem interested in self-regulating on Loot Boxes. Sad it’s come to this, but glad it’s at least a gamer writing laws about gaming. The point I was gonna make before I was interrupted there at the end was “and the ESRB is not evaluating predatory practices like these.” Hopefully getting pwned like this makes them see the light.

Edreen Pasang : Fighting for net neutrality and against loot box . Salute this guy.👍

psydragon : please do not stop. Im from the uk. this effects everyone

Dv8_NO : "I don't know, I can't answer that, no they do not rate loot boxes"

No Fun Intended : Waiting for Jim sterling to jump on this, lol.

Meteorcow : “I can not answer that”

Justin Findlay : Sense of pride and accomplishment... lol

Mind Despot : I love Chris Lee's inside jokes. First, "It's a trap" and now "pride and accomplishment" haha! Keep 'em coming Chris! :D

Zachary Taylor : You did not just do that at 4:50......omg. the lobbyist with the beard was trying to not crack up

Eric M : You'd think the ESA would send someone that at least plays video games, that guy was clueless, the last thing he probably played was the original Atari.

PNWresistance : This was the guy they sent to defend loot boxes?? If it weren’t for corruption, this would be an easy fight/win.

psydragon : loot boxes are predatory in every way. please please do not relent on this issue. their dino ways are going extinct and they know it. never give up never surrender.

Akmal Ibrahim : Wait. Did he actually talked about how politicians are bought by companies? Wow, dude. Wow. Now this is a proper politician for the people. You and Ro Khana are the Democrats of the future.

arenkai : 0:02 For a moment I thought it was you in that sexy bikini.

NoSpoonForYou : The point you brought up about China forcing companies to disclose lootbox odds when purchasing them has already been bypassed by Activision Blizzard. Instead of selling the lootboxes directly, they sell a pittance of credits (the currency you can use to buy skins when you get duplicates) that includes a "bonus" of the usual amount of lootboxes. As a result they no longer have to provide the odds of their lootboxes because you aren't buying them, you're buying the credits that include them. These are the kinds of predatory businesses you're up against. Don't let your guard down because they sent this old guy on a free trip to Hawaii to bait out the tough questions and design tricky answers around them when it comes time to actually put a bill before the senate. This is going to be a very hard fight.

TheDevian : 6:13 "They've brought this upon themselves" ...truer words were never spoken! And 'NO', the loot boxes in Battlefront 2 were in the game at launch, NOT just beta, it was only after public outcry that they were removed, and only AFTER *Disney*, the IP owners, "told" them too, otherwise, they would have left them in anyway. EA has not been voted the most evil company for several years in a row for nothing.

Oldschool Gamer : Gotta love the guy trying not to laugh at the "sense of pride and accomplishment" line.

Ian Wear : Chris on the ersb website it says that any form of virtual gambling will be out under the adults only rating but the esrb hasn't enforced that on any games with loot boxes.

guy smiley : Did the ESRB just pull a rando off the street to represent them? How was he not prepared to answer Lee's questions! I am anti loot boxes and I could muster up a stronger defense than this guy lol. I wonder what they pay and if they are hiring.

LOKI Dramatics : net neutrality AND lootboxes?? how do i vote for you for my state. if i this, how do we make this happen?

Kevin Tito : "I COULD NOT ANSWER THAT" i want it on a t-shirt

Albert Amseldrossler : The body language of the ESA guy shows a level of discomfort that is rarely seen. He clearly doesn't like having to speak in public and having cameras pointed at him.

Lillabofinken : Chris Le for president 2020

Fancy Phil : "I think you can get to the endgame the same way without the lootbox." Gee, I'll remember that next time I finish the Overwatch campaign.

HMan : Upvote this and share this video EVERYWHERE. The thing this needs most is exposure. Make it a viral video, and make the local news everywhere pick this up. Push the momentum. You are doing great work Mr. Lee, and I'm not even American. You should honestly run for President. Godspeed. Oh the tasty memes this video will create, can't wait...

Scott Brown : I find it funny that the ESA representative avoided and or did not answer any of the questions. Thank you again Chris Lee for keeping the fight against loot boxes outside of the gaming community strong. Also congrats on keeping net neutrality alive in Hawaii.

dzh5752 : Another concern is Publishers releasing a game without loot boxes then adding them into the game through a later update

Mr0303 : The ESA shill had no idea what's going on. He relied on simple statements like the ESRB rating games, but then hit a brick wall when he was directly asked about loot boxes. Banning the practice completely is unreasonable, but having a "This game contains loot boxes" indicator on the box and the mandatory disclosure of odds would be a great victory.

Se7eN : Not all heros wear capes

AWOL ODST : Your the man Chris. Saviour of the gaming industry. Keep fighting the good fight. We r with u!

MrShanghide : This man is a real life super hero! When someone tries to defend something but can't give you a single answer to your question you know there's not much to defend!

Talic TDF : the only answers I heard from that ESA guy went something like: blah, blah, uhhhhh, I don't know, I can't answer that he's basically winning the battle for us ^_^

Systemlord30 : I loved seeing man from the ESA squirm in his chair when the tough questions were asked, body language is telling and he doesn't need to say anything because he looks seconds away from certain heart attack!

Ominous Onion : pride and accomplishment

SpirallingOut : That ESA rep is deliberately overlooking the point that the concerning question is not whether you can play through &/or reach the end of a game without buying a single loot box &/or other forms of microtransactions. Among other concerns that need to be addressed... The question is, whether the progression of games &/or the acquisition of in-game obtainable items &/or in-game currency is, instead of a reasonable amount of player effort, purposefully *engineered* to force a "grind" &/or psychologically manipulate jealousy &/or frustration, thereby driving the recurrent sale of microtransactions &/or gambling-like loot boxes. The question is, if some companies in the industry are using the very same &/or similar methods used by the actual gambling industry (i.e. casinos, poker machines, online gambling...etc) to create &/or exacerbate addiction and then keep those addicts coming back for more. The question is, whether the marketing &/or PR &/or social media is pushing to not only normalise gambling-like mechanics &/or other harmful additional monetisation practices in video games, but also market it as "cool" &/or "trendy" to easily impressionable people. Especially young people, who's brains haven't fully grown yet and therefore lack the proper full capacity to exercise critical thinking & assess the potential impact of risky behaviour (like gambling or addiction to frivolous spending). This is what consumers & gaming industry journalists have been warning all of us has been slowly & steadily happening to videos games for years now, with very little (if any) meaningful, significant self-regulatory action by the ESA &/or other global gaming industry bodies. That is how we got back here. That's how we got back to government intervention, investigation & oversight.

0mikr0n : "I can't answer that." "I don't know about that." "I'd have to look into that." The ESA rep is playing so stupid that I have no choice but to believe he actually is stupid.

Ominous Onion : you sir will be the hero in the eyes of true gamers if you pull this off

Secave : I'm not in US but in Europe (well Belgium to be exact) and I'm glad falks like you push against lootboxes. Too many people seems to accept (or don't care) lootboxes nowadays. Especially "cosmetics items only" like in Overwatch. But if we think about it. The only rewards in this game are the skins/cosmetics. The only reward is behind a grind wall or you need to buy the lootboxes. It's really shamefull for a full priced game... That BS excuse "Pride & accomplishement" make me want to punch someone. And I never punched someone :'D. Warframe is a great exemple how to respect consumer. I gave a shit ton of money to the dev' and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed the game for almost 5 years now. I want a skin/anything -> I buy it. No % bs chance. Do you realise the prices of some big games now ? If you want the full content ? ( EA, Activision, Ubi, etc...). 1) Buy the game. -> 40 to 70€ 2) Buy all DLC or buy the season pass (or multiples ones for the worst cases). -> 30-40€ for a season pass. 3) Buy the DLC that are not included in season pass(es) (skins, additional character, etc..). -> 7-12€ 4) Buy microtransactions to accelerate the game because of the big grind. Without any microtransactions you're already to an insane price.

Zant : Would go gay for Chris Lee

ForcePF : Keep up the great work, Chris!! :-)

43prateek : 7:20 boom!! Owned them I really appreciate this effort, i even wrote to my PM(tho i doubt any reply is gonna come)

Hite Tudent : aren't you worried that the "for the children" approach to legislation is going to blanket the fact that its not just children being subject to these practices, but the community the children are a part of? not to mention that lying about your age is as easy as a few button clicks on the internet. hell, my xbox thinks im 7 years older than i actually am. so if there was a law in place that said no loot boxes under 21, it still wouldn't affect me since there's no way to prove otherwise; the only barrier is the credit card. the existence of loot boxes is a liability, if people under 21 want access to the pleasure of gambling in the comfort of their own home they'll have it, regardless of the law

LordHeadHunter : Lol I love how that ESA dude was like goto ESRB, but ESRB doesn't take lootboxes into account when rating games. Fantastic. Go to the entity that completely disregards lootboxes to learn if a game has lootboxes or not....idiots. There is literally no defending lootboxes in this regard.

Adras Adraki : The man, the myth, the memer.