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thebluestbelly : ahhhhh the fresh smell of physics

Richard Howell : Peer pressure in action. If you don't have a solid foundation, you'll end up just like the people you hang out with.

Old Tofu : we are the metronomes , you will be assimilated , resistance is futile .

trevor taylor : Not to be gross but kinda like a group of women menstrual cycles sync up....Physics.

winlip2 : Imagine walking into a room with a guy standing there with this in front of him

Stillness in the Storm : Entrainment! This simple video demonstrates how communication of information works, and that wave dynamics is the fundamental physics of the universe described by so many hidden teachings (Cymatics). Whether Electronically, Sonically, Gravitationally or even mentally, all informational process are a product of entrainment cascading and unification of two bodies into a unified system of data flow. In humans, this works via open mindedness.. do we choose to allow the information in to IN FORM our minds.

Alec C. DiamondKraut : illuminati

MC MIXAMILLION : Yeah but itd be impossible to do that with six

Mario Reyes : Like if Mythbusters brought you here

Claud Ka Kei Yeung : I don't want to sound like that guy but although the metronomes themselves are synchronized, they are not synchronized to the steady BPM itself. I have measured from 85 BPM to 88. Basically the mechanical adjustment is varying the BPM of the "unison". 

Michael Drum : True entertainment

Abhirup Lahiri : Injection Locking

Interfear : that was the most stupid answer ever...

Md NazrulIslam : I do not understand the meaning.

nuberiffic : i love how the camera starts wobbling in sync too

Eric Stevenson : This brings back memories when I used to play the piano.

britoca : witchcraft! witch! burn him! his black cat as well!

onjoFilms : Sort of like the soldiers in a military.

AvengerSeraphimon : @Hackepeter42 thats what i thought at first xD 2-3 horses galloping around xD

PDN : No. He is Persian.

muddyfox4x4 : Superb comment, Gorden Brown will have him in his Cabinate in a jiffy !

muddyfox4x4 : Way too much time on your hands ! hope you can pay off your student loan with this one ! te he.........

anqiyu : uhh... if you call this fake, go open a physics textbook and look up the chapter about momentum...

TtheWriter : The cans are conducting themselves as information passers, wow! :O

le veilleur non silencieux : does it work if you put the metronomes on the table ? i doubt ! it works because of the movment of the support

tavarestattoo : that`s nice too.

jaik willis : that's interesting as a musician, metrenomes are my friends, its good to see them getting along

dananddanfilms : Very cool. It may be easier to see the oscillations of the cans, however, if the camera was fixed on a tripod. But nice one anyhow.

Wario7793 : My car's defroster gets kinda stuck and sounds like this! XD

vachon644 : People are kind of dumb... Anyway, it's fun to do but is kind of useless. Nevermind, +1.

EdiotTV : wOw

Vicious516 : that is so cool

BoydTV : needs diet coke and mentos maybe.

BoydTV : similar thing at watch?v=tlYIyKic3w8 is better.

RunningP123456 : really really cool. but totally pointless

Rhodri Brady : this should be on How2

tinabong : Hey some nonsense thought here. Wouldn't be neat if metronome follows my timing on playing the piano instead of vice-versa? Mmmm... Got to get some cans and wood and place them on top of my piano. :-)

Carlos Troncoso : Great experiment! and in fact, very useful for mankind, well, if you aren't "near brained" (as in near sighted). Synchronization is what makes a lot of now days stuff work, including the Internet, TV, GPS, even you car. So, anyone saying "so what?".. well, there is no need to explain, they wouldn't have what it takes to understand. No wonder why being brain dead is the "standard" today.

Andrew Strugnell : This is amazing!

sapphireblue88 : one can only wonder =P

Gli Innocenti : The one on the left is very naughty

Rayan Khan : i dont think it is cos when i look at the metronomes it looks like it is but when i lookk at the corner it looks still.

pajamagirl123 : ohh i just realized what everyone was saying! i STUMBLED as well!!!

Michael Parker : i was waiting for a huge....BANGGGGGGG

Ember Waves : dude you have to check out the EPIC American Idol contestant Casey Abrams DUBSTEP REMIX, stuff is crazy! American Idol Casey Abrams EPIC DUBSTEP Remix and Synch HD* by Ember Waves the song is synched with the contestants audition tape, trippy stuff....

rafyfukinl : fuckn awesome

DScroggins Production : But did you see the moonwalking bear at 00:45

DScroggins Production : But did you see the moonwalking bear?

DCStudio : how you did it man how it happens what a fuck mn that was frikin asoemeeeeeeee shiyt

tomelliott9 : wow i think u need to find another hobby