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thebluestbelly : ahhhhh the fresh smell of physics

Richard Howell : Peer pressure in action. If you don't have a solid foundation, you'll end up just like the people you hang out with.

Old Tofu : we are the metronomes , you will be assimilated , resistance is futile .

Stillness in the Storm : Entrainment! This simple video demonstrates how communication of information works, and that wave dynamics is the fundamental physics of the universe described by so many hidden teachings (Cymatics). Whether Electronically, Sonically, Gravitationally or even mentally, all informational process are a product of entrainment cascading and unification of two bodies into a unified system of data flow. In humans, this works via open mindedness.. do we choose to allow the information in to IN FORM our minds.

winlip2 : Imagine walking into a room with a guy standing there with this in front of him

trevor taylor : Not to be gross but kinda like a group of women menstrual cycles sync up....Physics.

Alec C. DiamondKraut : illuminati

MC MIXAMILLION : Yeah but itd be impossible to do that with six

Mario Reyes : Like if Mythbusters brought you here

Claud Ka Kei Yeung : I don't want to sound like that guy but although the metronomes themselves are synchronized, they are not synchronized to the steady BPM itself. I have measured from 85 BPM to 88. Basically the mechanical adjustment is varying the BPM of the "unison". 

Michael Drum : True entertainment

Abhirup Lahiri : Injection Locking

Interfear : that was the most stupid answer ever...

Md NazrulIslam : I do not understand the meaning.

Mohammad Badie Zadegan : منارجنبان اصفهان

nuberiffic : i love how the camera starts wobbling in sync too

miguel angel de la fuente : A mí me gustaría sincronizarme con una chica.

R2Mike2 : Looks familiar oh yeah Mythbusters covered it

erew eewq : see.. its like scooby doo episodes when the metal stick goes left it will always go right the exact same way you visually physically inspected it witnessed it going the same way a second ago

le veilleur non silencieux : does it work if you put the metronomes on the table ? i doubt ! it works because of the movment of the support

Dux Nihilo : I'm sorry, I'm going to have to find you and burn you. This is clearly witchcraft.

Asuka Nakamaru : why does it do that?

sreni narayanan : what is synchronisation to do with this

Kaghemusha : Il movimento dello di legno fa si che si sinconizzino. Vorrei vedere un esperimento del genere con i metronomi poggiati su un blocco di marmo.

jas fredz : wow give this man an Oscar , or a gift card thats cool too

jojojorisjhjosef : Wow impressive. How doesn't this violate the laws of thermodynamics?

Ynze van der Spek : Woooooowwww! Wonderful experiment!

hamed abbasizadeh : Hello, I need Injection Locking commercial products, is there any? Please suggest me.

Narayan Dhakal : i couldn't exactly guess the meaning

박수엘 : this is amazing....!

manipulierte hostie : hät sich sicher der chellibidache gefreut


luigi cazzaniga : cool and amazing thanks

Оздоровительный центр Источник здоровья : А без досточки и банок - медленнее синхронизировались бы?

Donny Breskos Welt : WOOO sensation this Guys Knows the rules of Physic ;/ BOOOORRREEEDDD

Ana Gaspar : Muito bom! Obrigado por compartilhar este vídeo, vou usá-lo nas minhas aulas.

Claud Ka Kei Yeung : I recently built an android app to synchronize metronomes using UDP (I also tried with GPS time stamps and NTP server time stamps). This is probably a much more accurate way but requires at least a router. Additionally it is actually dependent on the android machine's processing speed AND what is happening in the background. E.G. If you are playing a video from youtube then it would hog up its wifi and create more lags in the app. Preferably you switch off every other data transmission and just let the app run =D

PDN : No. He is Persian.

Blackberry476 : thats tight!

Eugenio Battaglia : quanutm vacuum like effect

Emma Reeves : Where did you purchase the metronomes? We are trying to conduct this experiment for a physics lab.

Devon Elkins : hahhahaghahaaahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah lololololoololloollolollollololollolololollololollolololollololollolollololollollololollolhhahhahahahahahhahhahhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahhlololoollololololollololololololololollololollololollolololololollolololollololollhahaahahhahahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahlolololo man that is so funny dude

Brian R : difficult is not an adverb

Brian R : when the metronomes were placed on the cans, they started swaying back and forth in unison. That's what caused it.

Devon Elkins : it is about synchronize talking at the same time and understanding it is an example

Devon Elkins : is this guy an magician or teacher or scientist?

Nirvan Sengupta : dog, he's persian

Magnack13 : I think this is a BIG proof about Time and Life where we all living...

Bek2da90s : well yeah fuck ya

Angel Luis Sierra : Indian, didn't you see him? xD