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Drummer, Justin White shreds this drum cover of Travis Scott's new song Sicko Mode. Justin is one of the many artist you'll be seeing on this channel, so stay tuned for more dank music and videos. Insta: jwhitee21 https://www.instagram.com/jwhitee21/ Filmed by Beef (Darren Ferony) @beeferony https://www.instagram.com/beeferony/ @MakeShiftReality Instagram https://www.instagram.com/makeshiftreality/


Vidus : *DRUMO MODE*

Balita Rabezanahary : Is it just me, or is youtube recommended section is actually worth watching?

Armida : Travis Scott should hire this guy for his live show!

weenermeat : Are we just going to ignore the fact that he did all of this before coffee?

YdaPhuck __ YouLyin? : If I was his neighbor I would be at home pretending I’m Travis scott performing live on my kitchen table 😂💀

MarcAnthem : Aye bro you need a cam for your kick drum because you makin magic down there

Ibnu Vierianto : yo your double pedal skill is very AMAZING!

Karma : Now we just need a band, and we'll upgrade from drumo mode to *ROCKO MODE*

Nathanael Aldred : 2:18 - ngl that was sick. Flexing on us mortals

Quinn Baker : How does this not have more views?! Those double bass skills tho

thefourshowflip : That’s a beautiful kit if I ever saw one. =) Also.... I can’t be the only one who wants to see some metal covers...the double bass rolls were clean =)

Sarah George-Ashiru : Maaaannnnnn, those stick flips and allat... MURDERED IT!!!!

Salt Kingz : Brother you have an unorthodox style of playing that is SICK💪 I've seen a bunch of bad ass drummers but your by far one of the baddest in the game right now and your different in a style of your on... Wish you the best go kick ass the industry been needing someone like you.. God Bless.. #HtownTexas

SoporificAlloy 1 : How come I didn’t see you at Super Bowl 53

Rizing Godfist : 😱😱👏...that was fire🔥my brutha!...volcanic!...diggin that foot pedal/ghost pedal bass drum game you got there👏...your style & fill-ins were top shelf too👍...as a fellow drummer, indeed much respect💯

pro mast : All this guy do is just sleep and drum and have a mustash!

Ghosted : Now your just showing off jk dude your a beast

Ben Frank : DAMN! Hit me with that double bass right at the start. That is tasty sauce!

Artimo : I didn't know Desiigner played the drums.

Cory Williams : *wakes up, throws on HUF t- shirt

Unrequited Love : Well alright now... You betta do it!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Liam Bonnell Bonnell : If only YOU were at the Super Bowl

Daniel Singerline : I don’t know this type of music cause I’m an old drummer now but wow this was awsom im a drummer played back in the 70s 80s

ImBadAtFortnite : STICKO MODE

Dhiraj Raj : Is it broken or just shattered by this awesome beat?

Dontae Belcher : This is FIRE I liked and subscribed broski !!!!

Halen Prince : Those base rolls are clean AF!!! Sounds great

Gabriella Playz : Can you put this on Spotify because this is actually fire🔥🔥🔥

A garbage ball : Basic saturday: Wake up Play sicko mode on drums Go to sleep

Isaac Ramirez : Nice vid bro. Crazy skills. 🔥🔥

Nathan Maynard : You're one of the best drummers on YouTube literally, I could never do anything like that, that's just unbelievable, you're at a professional and probably even beyond that, man if I ever get famous, then I'm having you be my drummer I swear, keep doing what you're doing you will 100% go far!

josh sanders : This seriously gave me goose bumps...great job!!

Oli Watkins : Holy smokes, did not expect that...fire! 🔥

Anthony LaMacchia : Petition for him to play the rest of the song so we can see him slay Drake's beat

Erick Springer : You just blew my mind! Phenomenal high hat stick work and the double bass... wow.

lovemyslowee : Can I get this on spotify??? 🤔

Michael Spurlock : Niiice. Double bass on point.

Wie n Luke : Does anyone know where that drum kit is from? If so please let meine know ... Please.

Mike : I’m sure this drummer has experience playing metal, those double bass skills were excellent 🤘🏻

Guillermo Narvaez : Dddddddddaaaaaaammmmmmm bro that's some crazy shit.. lots of blessings what u doing keep it up

Melissa Lang : This is so sick. I can't stop watching.

Walkable Virus : Me: Dang I think I’m getting pretty good at drumming, Sees this video Me: Aight looks like I’m gonna have to quit

Chris Allen : Dude that was so sick🤦🏻‍♂️

Lo Gan : Petition for him to cover sweet victory at next years super bowl

B W : This guy lives in a beautiful house

AbsurdEdward Games : this is great, it's too bad hip hop settles for having simplistic drums

axfxr : Damn really sick footwork dude, killing it!

ksev : Thanks YouTube for recommended this video 🔥

Jesus Espino : I say this with respect to the genre that's playing, I'm not a fan of it, but MAN your killer drumming just gave me A WHOLE NEW perspective to the song!! AWESOME!