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MakeShiftReality : Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the positive feedback, love, and support on this video. We didn’t expect this to happen so fast it’s been a lot to take in but we are extremely happy and Justin deserves it he has been killing it on the drums for years and is in fact an SJC sponsored drummer! He’s played in multiple bands (Sabretooth, Valeria @valeriatheband) and has videos from those bands as well. We started this channel officially in August and on Friday we had 500 subscribers, to be over 10k now and to have a million views is mind blowing to say the least. This channel is a music collective, we’re all a group of friends who love making content and music and that is exactly what we plan to do. There is much more to come and Justin White will be posting many more covers, songs, and drum videos!!! Be sure to stay tuned we will release another drum video within the next week plus more content! Check out our other videos as well we have a lot of talented artists apart of this channel who also have more content to come! What should Justin cover next? Let us know down in the comments below! *Also* To address the comments that were coming up on the video: 1. The drums are pre recorded in Justin’s home studio set up and then shot like a music video. If you want to see Justin’s raw live drums check out his Instagram where he posts more drum content! @jwhitee21 the video was filmed and edited by Darren Ferony @beeferony 2. His headphones work fine even though they look backwards lol 3. Justin has been in metal bands as stated above Again... THANK YOU ALL THIS IS AMAZING WE CAN’T WAIT TO BRING YOU MORE!!! -MakeShiftReality

Vidus : *DRUMO MODE*

Athar Tawfique : Im going to go *pErcUsSion MoDe*

TheZJoker7879 : Good to see desiigner playing the drums

ImBadAtFortnite : STICKO MODE

Pondaz : He didnt even ask if I wanted mo bamba tho!

Alex TD : Yo this low key easy to play 😂jk mad respect. Best video of his🔥💯

o.cMoose : Maroon5's drummer has left the chat.

Carlos Martinez : hE DoESn’T eVeN HaVe aIRpOdS

Usongo : Lets face it: This sounds better than the original!

DefCat : like most others are saying you killed the double kick spacing , really well done. i highly suggest adding some choppers to a set like tha for cover my guy

luke stonier : He went sick mode on that broken cymbal

777akhi : When did Desiigner get so fire on the drums?

Osama Bin Laden : So glad this appeared on my recommendations🙃

The Commentor : Dax without his dreads

Quinn Baker : How does this not have more views?! Those double bass skills tho

T E T : i see Kobe Bryant drumming, i press like.

Jordan Seah : Yo this is straight up the best of metal chops and dank ass drumming. The drum mix is fire let alone Justin's chops and smooth playing. Effortless! You're killer Justin. Also s/o to MSR to hosting some of the sickest covers I've seen. Hope to be on this channel one day, surely it's gonna blow up soon. It's already starting just watch.

Martin Marchev : Dude, this is sick!

Raynaldo Arevalo : Why is there wires coming out of his Airpods?

A garbage ball : Basic saturday: Wake up Play sicko mode on drums Go to sleep

Daniel Ugueto : Of course I get a travis scott ad, just before watching this

K3zz21 : 1:49 yaasssssss

ToXunen : Drummer: You wanna hear Mo mamba or Sicko mode? :Friend Sicko mode. Drummer: *Plays this* Friend: 🤯

Lo Gan : Petition for him to cover sweet victory at next years super bowl

NKO10HD : WHat a monster!! You got talent bruhh

Lil Shagster : Nobody gonna talk bout that lit mustache

Męlvin lyfjell * : Mo bamba next!🔥

TTV BTW : From TimTheTatman's stream!!! You're insane man!

Artimo : I didn't know Desiigner played the drums.

Utsav Yogi : This is metal af bro, ur double bass skills are insane

Nyah Cat : Anyone here from TimTheTatman? Also this guy is insane PogU

Marcos Lamoreux : super talented, bit this guys missed too many leg days...

Damian Van der Walt : Honestly, i think he needs more subs ppl plz help him he is talented 🙌🏻 have a great day and a bright future ahead 🔥

Mike : I’m sure this drummer has experience playing metal, those double bass skills were excellent 🤘🏻

rachel nielsen : more more more please!!


fact only : Eminem song please

Adi Da Gamer : Should’ve been in redfest smfh

JAYESH SINGH : Here before it blows up!


Jordan_ _Bikelife18 : Rahhhh this was sick🤣‼️

Luke Schneider : He had multiple camera angles so that must mean he had to play through the song like 4 times filmed each different time from a different angle just to have that nice added effect of switching camera angles. Well done.

Anthony LaMacchia : Petition for him to play the rest of the song so we can see him slay Drake's beat

IamAnder : Glad Desiigner stopped rapping and switched to Drum covers..suits him better

Captain Shrader : *nOt mY TeMpO*

Miller Fishback : *S C A R E D*

Yawata L'indien : Presnel Kipembé? It’s you?

Sangeet Quincy : Designer making drum covers? Man...this is confusing but best af.

Adebiyi Abiola : This is a god of drummimg