Lucky Marine Survives Sniper Headshot By Inches In Afghanistan

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Ralph alcudia : " Lucky son of a bitch " I couldn't agree with you more 😂

Henry Lewis : Not lucky, The bullet was scared to kill a marine

Ethan Fenton : fuck, these aim hacks suck

iHausalarm : Hitmmaaaaaarkerrrrr!!!!

Ethan Fenton : how it feels to chew 5 gum. "stimulate your senses"

MT Tyquan : When u try to snipe in Battlefield

zmiko : why you should always spend the extra $350 for kevlar and helmet. Fuck the AWP

GodWaves- : *misses shot* FaZe_Beast156 *left the chat*

Andreww : He got csgo'ed...

Supernaut : he was lagging on EU servers, explains why the headshot didn't reg, duh

Fuk u say Nigga? : Lol. His aimbot failed

A Lawn Chair : God was with them!

Xavier Jones : Sniper was prolly raging when he got a hit marker on a headshot

BrolyTheLengendary Super Saiyan : The guy confront is the "lucky son of a bitch"

Xyprrr : He missed the triple

Yilmaz Bee : i repeat there is a sniper on the west side

Hi Kaden how are you ? : The sniper missed an opportunity, the 3 were in line for a triple collateral

Mr_ Eduard : He have a god gamer chair

walrus2190 : Fix ur fucking game infinity ward

Ram Charan : My question is what a marine soldier is doing on land ?

GnarlySkiMask : He turned on God mode.

Viktor Da Boi : The sniper was using dragunov


Kxrma Gaming : Fucking lvl 2 Helmed 😂 PABG

LodgingOrc Vlogs : When you ask your crush out and she says maybe

Demarcus Keith : When playing fortnite and a sniper shoots at you.

HâçkMød23 : Faze_Dud19292828828 has left the game.

Jesus Trujillo : Fucking Hitmarker

Tonio Potonio : Why did they bring a camera?

Leafyisqueer : What a fucking hacker I'm reporting you to Microsoft

TheCrimson Trooper : Dammit Ahmed! I said use the level 31 barret50cal, not the level 2!


xM44 : A normal day in Afghanistan..

Yast Noday : potato aim

Lil Grass : /Gamemode Creative

Liuon : A sniper trying to hit ordinary soldiers and exposing his position for no reason instead of finding the high value target first. This is how you know he was an idiot and this is a part of the reason he missed.

gabriel rodriguez : Almost got oofed

Saber Legend : Hacker

FantasticGamer 1 : When FaZe Kids join the server

NavNav : Is this cod WWII

Yung Slump : Imagine that motherfucker going for a trickshot

Hardcore12101 : de_Dust2

SyncedDacity : XxX_AfGhAnSnIpEr_XxX Has left the game.

Just A Fan : If u slow down the footage u can see where the bullet bounced off the soldiers helmet

Frazzlez : What the fuck

Ruchamdziwki123 : That is why you should buy kevlar+helmet

Sachin Ramesh : Bad Hit Registry tbh :(

Rick : mad respect to these troops

Ezra Sky : Maybe it's not a good idea to fund terrorism. After so many decades of it.. I think it's time we stopped doing that. Just a wild suggestion.

Joshy : My man nearly hit a triple headshot wtf that would of been play of the game