Lucky Marine Survives Sniper Headshot By Inches In Afghanistan

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WarLeaks - Military Archive : For all the people crying in the comment section right now, we have the solution for you:

ASHRAFFF SUFFRI : Thanks for the level 2 helmet

Jason Voorhees : *RAMIREZ! STOP USING HACK!*

SNES : [IsiS]M0h4mm3d_$n1p3r_Pr0 has left the game.

Da Chop Up : Fellas I have nothing but the upmost respect for all those who serve THANK YOU AND BE SAFE #GODBLESS

SoeZ-M4 : Helmet: Not today my friend

Aidan S : DICE pls, nerf helmets. He didn't even get a hit marker!!!

Sanford Willis : Go home. Make love to your wife.

OxyElite : I thought headshots deal 200+ Must of been using the semi auto sniper

Macedthur : Thats what happens when a nub is using a kar98k with an 8x scope

BSG Calculate : The sniper had the triple collateral lined up and choked. Couldve pulled an ace smh...

Arthas : hmmm... I guess it was not Kar98k, otherwise oneshot lvl 2 helmet...

Pps : He was lagging

lonzo durey : good thing it was moving so fast that it dint hit the first layer and just expand onto his head much respect man for all of yall

Jay Eff : And then they take the helmet off to inspect the damage! Didn’t they watch starship troopers?

Jenni W : Friend gets shot in head....."Woah you just got I good?!.... my ears are..." Hahaha I'm sorry but I can't get over that. Much respect tho, id be hiding in dirt if I heard gun shots near me😂

FantasticGamer 1 : When FaZe Kids join the server

Chantz Finley : Okay the pinned comment talks about people crying about stuff but the only comments I've seen is people memeing about video games. I don't get it

That Guy : You've been spotted You are being comprised You are being tracked Your position has been comprised

Real football fan : We lost alpha... securing Charlie

Cerius : That scene in Saving Private Ryan ran through my mind when he took his lid off...that helmet would never leave my head after that lol. Thankfully everyone was alright at the end of this video.

Poendasie : I hate campers

Eduardo Ramos : H I T M A R K E R

A Name : He should have built a 1 by 1

Jawad Aksir Anaf : He needed a level 3 helmet

Little Loopy : *"Knocked one!"*

Sirdavitian : 0:58 DON'T TAKE THE HELMET OFF!!

Max Ellison : When fortnite nerfs the one pump

Milind Mehrotra : Too much pubg in comment section..lmao😂😂

Niko Mason : the first guy he was more lucky!!

Ty Brannen : “My shot didn’t register”!

jkid : choked a triple collateral, should've had steady aim enabled

Loudnibbles MDO : This Memorial Day we serve you guys ! God bless our soldiers .

Eddie Azzolino : Goddamn!! Warriors out there. God bless your souls. Stay up stay sharp!

Thefrench Fancy : You lucky S.O.A.B someone up there was looking after you that day.

Death Wish83 : Lady luck was with you there. Thanks you all for your service.

007K : Wow... Very fortunate to be alive

Ned Flanders : Let's hope he doesn't get PTSD from that

James William Steven Parker : What version of Counter-Strike is this?

Gainey Gainey : For those who don’t know when a bullet hits those Kevlars the round enters and travels inside of the Kevlar and exits usually through the top, pretty cool.

Göktürk Özkan : Ump in long range...

LeBouziinn 12 : Shit

Master Chief : He doesnt get shot in the head. He gets shot in very the top of the helmet. If there would have been head behind the place where he got shot at he would have died.

GamingTsunami : Sht Man once i hear a shot i build around me

xxDexter LBxx : All we have to do was dodge the bullet damn cj

Adnan Kikss : اللي عربي يضحك معي على هالانجاس الخوافين ههههه

Janelle Watkins-Danks : Thank you for not being a couple of inches, taller -- brother. Glad that you're still among us. Semper Fi !!!

IplayPCgamez : Lucky S.O.B a couple inches lower and he wouldn’t be here

Little Loopy : *Pulls out Bolt Action Sniper* *Knocked down CoolKidTim99*

Bob Jones : He'll never forget that moment and probably experience PTSD after he returns home. Living with all those thoughts of how a sniper's poor aim is the only reason he is still alive