Lucky Marine Survives Sniper Headshot By Inches In Afghanistan

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WarLeaks - Daily Military Defense Videos & Combat Footage : For all the people crying in the comment section right now, we have the solution for you:

LeBouziinn 12 : Shit

Ken Gold : Damn hit markers

Gavin Corlette : As funny as the comments on this vid are, he's very lucky to be alive

Walrus : Nigga had ashes hitbox smh

Chuwi Q : I think the sniper is using x4 scope from 500m away plus wind gust that's why he missed.

007K : Wow... Very fortunate to be alive

Pik Mon : xXsniperkillaXx has left the game

CapiBlu : A few inches to the left and the other guy would've been shot in the head, so really they both were lucky

HarrisonFur : Damn god mode hacker

Shane Taylor : Thank you all that serve. 🍻🇺🇸

Tasty Tyrone : Damn hopefully he gets to keep the helmet as a sick ass souvenir.

PandaN : Nice god mode -.-

Fr0st : He almost got knocked because of Level 2 Helmet, his teammates would revive him. ehhhh

Jack L : It must’ve been an 80% damage pistol

Little Timmy : I'm so thankful he's okay. Those two other soldiers would've Witnessed a brother die instantaneously.

FantasticGamer 1 : When FaZe Kids join the server

Tootafloot : Your good at fortnite

300 Jaq #TOOHITTA : That marine took a shield potion...

Inventor N : God bless you sir! Thank you. Please take care.

Samantha Perez : PUBG level helmet 3

Mike Tyson : hit marker

Taith : Mission failed, We’ll get ‘em next time


Visionz : getting a Hitmarker in Cod Be Like

Henry Grzeda : FUCK BRO what I ALMOST HAD THE TRIPLE COLLAT *rage quits*

JW Danks : Thank you for not being a couple of inches, taller -- brother. Glad that you're still among us. Semper Fi !!!

Buckeyes202 : Now I wanna see the footage of an A-10 Warthog tearing the sniper to shreds.

Dodo Flexy : If he did not have the helmet he would of been dead meat

og magestic : Told you jimmy to use the chug jug. God damn it jimmy

Misfits miami : Definitely need some new underwear

Sawgy Ace : *your opponent has left the game*

William Dozier : 0:19 when u playin fortnite with the squad and almost get niped

Yung Driller : thank god god is good

BuXe : Reported

Flint And Friends : Victim”holy shit, I almost got shot!” Sniper”GOD DAMN IT🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

MrTristan : An inch to the side and it would've been a triple headshot line-up.

Mondo Burger : “Do you guys have an extra shield potion”

ahelpnut12 : HOOOLLYYY SHIT!!!!!

G'inoVevo : Aimbotting ass bitches

Ace Falcon : Vote kick for Player: _U$_MaRInE_ Reason: Cheating

Dezz9820 : He should go buy a lotto ticket right now

Miami dolphins Snag : Give him a med kit and some shield he’ll be alright

Nick desjarlais : almost a triple

Andreas Remmel : Taliban disliked

LogicTime : Should of dropped the blue sniper and picked up a legendary

Richard Budíček : That's why you should always wear a helmet.

Shaquan Davis : Staged you can see the camera in the back at 3:48

Akky YT : Fucking Fortnite nerf

Kenette Flores : hit marker.