Groom singing to his bride at wedding ceremony

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Bella Brown : Its just something about the sensitive size of a grown man that makes me smile!!!!!

Karen Powell : He's so handsome and such an amazing voice!

Tiger Cat : Awesome !!! God Bless You Both !!! The the anointing is upon both of your life !!!

muchacha25 : Dang, the pastor didn't even let them get a small lil' peck in after the groom's sweet song! LOL "Hold that mule right there. . ."! He knew it was coming! HA!

Just me Victories : Awww..I LOVE IT!!! HIS VOICE IS PERFECT!!

Hebrew Israelite Sister : Beautiful..😂

Wanda Michel : So sweet

marciasgirl25 : Sing it!!! How beautiful!!

Sandi Braymer : OMG, how touching!!!!! that was AWESOME!!!!

Nasha B : better siiinnnnggggg...👏👏👏👏👏....

Hebrew Israelite Sister : Beautiful..😂

Shirley Owens : well done!!!!

Kenneth O'kelly : I’m crying because that’s the song I’m going to sing 🎶 when I propose to my future wife Ashley. That was beautiful

Phethile Maseko : beautiful

Charnissa James : Awwwww!! my hometown PATERSON, NJ CONGRATS!!

Mary Grace : The moment when no one else is in the room but you your love and God.... beautiful


Tina Williams : Amazing😘😘😍❤️