Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr

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PH4NTOM TV : I’d like to audition for the rage monster

Sarah Duncan : 6:02 "lincolns not even on the penny" "what america did u grow up in??" im dying 😆

Mar_ina011 : "what america did you grow up in?" lol

Pewdiepi e : I am selling replays they cost 1 like 3:03

Rachit Patel : Do school stereotypes

Max Meidl : 2:55 Cody breaks the fourth wall.

Dominic Rudd : 1:41 the grenade is in his left hand 😂

Ed’s World : R.I.P Old Guy❤️🙏🙏

o_O _22 : Did you guys saw when Cory pull the object to make it fall LOL 0:31

That One Guy : What about the "are we there yet" guy?

Dog lover 2,000 : NIGHTS OF COLOMBOUS DALE!!!!! Me: 😂😂😂 (Sorry for the misspelling don’t judge me plz)

WildGraphic - : Technically you should apologize if you spill like four drinks on a person’s car

mR. BAgelS : 5:49 my man just did that exorcism

Gerald McPatterson : Like-Ty with long beard- 2:15 Comment-Ty with short cut.....

HouseFire Gaming : Where is the "are we there yet" guy

Ryan R : Does ty know how to where a seatbelt like it goes over you shoulder

the bros dude : The rage monster seems like something from a how to basic video

magna wolf pack : 3:21 "Oh wow.. That's harder than I tought" That's what she said And also, "not anymore"

ADarkBrightStar : What truck is better Like = Ford Comment = Chevy

Solar Wing : School Stereotypes The Cool Kid The Nerd The Sports Guys The Little Kids The Lame Crew Homework Harry Sprinter Sam The Person Who Does Work Before Everyone Else The Water Guy Bathroom Boys Competition Carl The Rage Monster The Test Fail Guy Straight A Steven The Bullies The Try To Act Cool Guy The Sports People The Cafeteria Recess Guy The Hungry One The Kid Who Has Amazing Food For Lunch The Losing Stuff Guy The Losers Club The Pro Club Running Club Tech Guy The Sneaks His Phone In Class Guy The Cheater The Annoying Friend The Guesser Not Paying Attention Nate The Book King Math Wizards The Experiment The Band Geeks The Take Out Lunch Kid The Disgusting Eater The Lunchbox Club The Milk Hogger The Person Who Asks “You want that?” In Lunch The Bad Teachers The Strict Teachers The Kid Who’s Mom Comes In Class The Pencil Breaker The Cheerleaders The Three Snakateers The Joker The Kid Who Only Talks About Marvel Anime Alison Sweaty Sam The Sprinter Of Math The “I NEED HELP” Guy The Gamer The Person who talks to they’re teacher just to talk to them The Odd One Out The School Shooter The Art Girl The Person From The Philippines The Guy that was from Connecticut The Fall Festival The People who are not Caucasian The Overprotective Friend The Person Who Always Do Fun Raisers PJ Day Pre K The Roaster The Pen Chewer The Eraser Eater The Depressed Corner The Teachers Pet Running Club Advanced Classes Recess The School Store The Book Fair The “Tardy” Kid Freeze Tag The Teacher Who Has Candy For Kids Mr. Excuses The Stacks Of Homework The Bubble Gum Blowers The Unexpected Phone Call The Bad Expo Marker The Romantic Couple The Hard Math Problem The Daredevils Monday Fridays Show and Tell The Smuggler Candy For Breakfast A Dollar For Ice Cream The Quitter The British Kid The Annoying Bunch Mr. Apologies The Locker Switch Up The Stalker Locker That Girl The School Shooter The Lunch Stealer The Smoocher The Bored Day The Sleeper The Kid Who’s In 4th Grade But Still Wines And Think Everything Is His. The Nintendo Switch Bringer The Kid Who Reminds Their Teacher About Homework The Girl Magnet The Boy Magnet The Fast Eater The Kid Who Always Does Fun Raisers The Kid With The Cool Backpack The Substitute The Thanksgiving Break (or any kind of break) The Kid Who Likes Paw Patrol and he’s like 13 The Pokémon Collectors The Begger The Kid Who Thinks He Owns The World Put your suggestions as you reply!

Adictive Gamer : Legit Cory doesn't pull the luggage out of the car. JK/Sarcasm.

Yogendra Joshi : The 2 most dangerous things in world are (1) terrorist (2) Girl driving car

Clashing wi Nemesis. : 3:30 did more damage then mr. Beast for tbh

Litgirl2232 3 : Car runs away, jumps on the back of it 😂

Rachel Otremba : 0:06 "Knights of Columbus Dale!!" Not even 10 seconds in the video and I'm already laughing 😂😂

Jeriel Alvarez : 1:18 i see the camera

Mattstone884203 : Knights of Columbus Dale!

Hunter Sherritt : it is like I loose something to the ¨black hole"but find it 30 seconds later. MAKE A SECOND ONE LIKE THIS CALLED ROAD TRIP STEREOTYPES

Jana Benedetti : Anyone else notice that Tyler keeps the seatbelt under his armpit 😂😂 I did that as a kid 😂😂

Malachi Curtis : When it was girl jams Ty didn't have his seatbelt on

german lopez : 2:55 cody:ARE SOME KIND OF RAGE MONSTER?! 2:59 Ty: I AM THE RAGE MONSTER!!!!!!! (edited) im dying🤣🤣

Amber Sweet : Cody: Lincoln's not even in the penny. His dad: What America did you grow up in? I laughed way to hard at that. Also 2019 anyone...or am I crazy??

Bob Bobinski : You forgot about "the teenagers who put the music on max volume" and "the person who gets car sick". who's watching this in 2018?

Megan Esp : Lincoln is not even on the penny! What America did you go to? Haha lololol

James Smith : May I note Cory/Coby's face when they did the freeze frame for the Mom Arm. It looks soooooo seductive, it's kinda creepy!

Gaming Legend : School stereotypes would be really funny

SupernaturalFan1999 : “Lincoln’s head is-“ “Lincoln’s not even on the penny.” “What America did you grow up in?”

Eric Brown : Cody: "Lincoln's not even on the penny." Dad: "What America did you grow up in?"

Veronica Zin : “Knights of Columbus Dale!"

BABYbearkenny : 3:02 Tyler you should join Mr beast when he smashes up cars

I don’t get any Subscribers : 5:02 *Me jumping towards not failing at everything* 😂 Your welcome.

ShabbarRahatYT : Airplane Stereotypes?   1. Mr. Vomit    2. The Guy Who Reclines His Seat All The Way Back    3. Rage Monster   4. The Dirty Toilet Seat    5. Mean Airplane Assistant  .   Please do this!!

Soup Can : 1:51 for this stereotype zone said "HOW DID YOU GET YOUR FULL LICENSE?"

Dalton Davis : I definitely though Dale was Garret. 😂. Great video!

Laughing Jack : I'm the *backseat driver* even tho I do it on purpose 😂

Danny Sun : This make no sense Garrett has an Apple Watch yet drives a very beat up pickup?!?


Fat yamil : 2:42 Wtf brother?

nathaniel clay : Knights of Columbus Dale!!