William Alexander - The Magic of Oil Painting III - Wildflowers

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Brent Kelley : The man who taught the legend that is Bob Ross, who is a legend in his own right.

Ahturos : Bob Ross is in the same room as this guy. It´s funny to see who inspired who and go back in time to see the source of influence and inspiration.

Bango Bang : Lamo @ Then I build chiminey so he make ham and eggs but He was a drunk and died lol lol

The Kraemer : I look at Bob and Bill like Superstar Billy Graham and Hulk Hogan. Teacher and pupil that mimicked the other. Bob appealed to more people because of his charm and quiet demeanor. Bill was a loud kraut like me and I liked him as well as Bob. But as far as technique neither can claim ownership. Wet on wet has been around for centuries and using tools other than brushes wasn't new. Business and money divided them which was too bad. Both had their strengths and will always be remembered for that.

Mark Curtis : Read Bill Alexander’s Biography and you’ll gain insight to him. He shares his technique with Bob, Annette, Andrea and several others (I’m lucky to have been certified by Bill as well). I met Bob at a trade show in D.C. and he was as nice (and talk) and talented as you see in the screen. He and Annette (and their spouses build the Bob Ross company one workshop and demo at a time. I was lucky to join the Ross instructor ranks by invitation. Both of these men brought art into an average household sharing their techniques and knowledge. I hope y’all pick up a brush and make some happy trees with the magic of painting.

Kane Alson : We are discovering where Bob Ross got his mojo from. However Bob Ross's mojo was much more mellow. Alexander is intense and hyper happy. For years I remember the "happy trees" guy, knew it wasn't Ross only and remember him being older, German, excitable and funny. I could not figure out where this guy went or what his name was. Watched the Bob Ross documentary and it's Alexander here!

Daisy Mason : I like Bill's color choices.

Tom H : 2:27 beats the devil out of it

Josiah draper : He grabbed the nasty old bottle and drunk himself to death so any way let's put a happy bush here

Denny Zockt : Still watching in 2k18

myradioon : Everyone goes on and on about Bob Ross. Bill invented this whole school of painting. Alexander taught Bob Ross everything. Bill Alexander is the true Sensei. The true Yoda. Bill made the world which Bob Ross merely lived in. I think he's better to watch. "Fire it in there" Bill.

Steve Burdelak : I tank you for washing me...great accent

Jeff F : Remember though that he had less than 30 minutes to create these paintings plus make the show entertaining. Given those constraints I think his creations from the show are very good.

David P : Thank you for posting this. I learned how to paint from William. Not too many people these days remember him, only Bob Ross.

wolf bialon : Bob Ross even imitated his terminology … happy here happy there ...

Michael Mace : Everyone talks about Bob Ross and he had a really good show, but this is the guy I remember the most. I used to watch this guy on Channel 12 every weekend back before everyone had cable. Watching this gives me the same feelings as when I listen to baseball on the radio or sometimes on TV. Takes me back to my childhood but not the time Uncle Bobby touched my no-no place or as he called it "the yes-yes place"

bulldog81ful : He was FIRING IN!!!! this episode!!

DavidGX : Boneless Bob Ross.

King K Rool Fan : Its nice to see where Bob’s influence came from! Both of them are fantastic painters! Bob was more mellow while Bill was very enthusiastic.

Chris Money : Dam. Ross copied this guy.

goldslinger : Yea, He’s as mellow a German will ever get to Bob Ross. I really do like Bill’s style, though.

stancexpunks : Why is everything almighty? Also Bob talks about and credits bill during the first 2 seasons of his show (that I know of)

stew360 : We know where bob ross took the happy tree happy this and that it came from alexander influence

cottagechskitty : It's the German Bob Ross!

Mark Weeks : ROFL! Bill was in a mood that day!

goldslinger : The intro music reminds me of a 60s roller skating rink.

Joey Bee : hilarious! great guy! love his outburst....so funny :)

Emma Perez : Bob Ross is way calm... but bill Alexander is.. rough? #NOHATE

fdjd28 : "Fire it in!" I love that.

Ash Ash : I'm starting to love this man😍.

snellavision : "I told you he's dead" LOL

DMC Grant : They are both dead now, and have have patched up their differences up in those happy clouds.

wanderer1125 : Why did he got angry with Bob Ross saying he was betrayed? Sure, he taught Bob wet on wet but it wasn't his original invention but from older times called alla prima. Maybe he got mad Bob became more commercially successful and wanted to get royalty pay if true then he's a bitter selfish old man.

Kelleydon Patterson : Admire both men, have been watching them for decades. Their work, brings me happiness.

Ducks & Elephants : this is "Pumping Iron" for arty farty people...

Roger Barraud : "When I painted that, the clouds are already on the other side... on China!" ROFLMAO :-)

daniel ruggiero : “Magic’s” Theme song sounds reminiscent of certain old-school Nintendo games

hellomcflyy : I don't feel like Ross copied him - as he was an instructor for Bill...traveling around (much like the Bob Ross instructors who still do this today) - so he learned the same techniques....though he was painting mountains in Alaska before that...) - it was more like a franchise - but in this case . the franchisee was a bit of a better tv personality - Bill is fun -but people love Bob's voice.....now on the business end - with their competing sales products - I could see a bit of friction there.....Ive seen Bob Ross products in the craft store...not Bill Alexander products....

stew360 : The bobrossausorus the primal ancestor of bob

Dan M : I only watched 2 videos of him and been watching God Ross in the past for a while. But the first difference I observed in the first video I watched of him was that he was focussed on teaching much more then Bob Ross. Bob Ross had an element of surprise to it, Will not so much as he whould tell you what he is making before he was going to make it, unlike Bob Ross, witch was very relaxing to watch indeed, but you won't learn alot if you wanted him. Anyway that's what I think. And I'm not an artist btw. Only judging from outside.

Michelle Richee : Anointed to paint. What a gift he had. His lessons live on! Thanks, Todd.

Jade Zee : The paintings Bill creates during the show are no where as fine as the finished ones used to show what he is painting. Those finished paintings are really a fine quality that show his talent.

Holly Van Hart : 😊 Awesome, thanks for this! 🌟 👍

450/400 Man : THANK YOU! I love bill! The original copies of these were recorded over by the studio, so people's home copies are all that's left. Cherish these!

zofoblues : FIRE IN !!!! Love Him

Willem Walters : Better than Bob Ross :)

pisica vesela : Awesome, we laughed our heads off. 😂

Ash Ash : he is amazing.😆

Eduardo Corrochio : I remember him on PBS in the 1990's. Fun voice, like Professor Ludwig Von Drake on the Wonderful World of Disney.

Rick Montgomery : 7:03 "Argggggghhh!!!.....Tell yourself you're wonderful!!" -- Love it LOL