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groinbag : Excuse me officer, that's not how you park a car.

Lucas Carr : how can you watch this and not feel kiwi pride!

minds0ulfist : That's my daughter on the thumbnail. #prouddad #LoveMyCountry

gblan : What a great country.

Owen Mitchell : By god I remember singing this at primary school 32yrs ago!! (And still remember the words to sing along to!!)

RepleteBore : Even hogwarts are celebrating 1:10

meliisaido : I suddenly feel homesick.

JakeRaven1970 : But why do the ending like that? Every kid learns it as "Tahi rua toru wha, KSSSS, Hei Aue Hei!!! It's the best part!!!

sandy fay : I mis home soooo much!!!!! my first Maori song I learned aww

black capped Chickadee : All Black Rugby  "the best"  "Tutira Mai"  Ka pai

Daniel Wulf : chur bro! man i miss home

iScaryLion : WooHoo Go New Zealand Good Luck With All Your Games ::YOU::GOT::THIS::

John Bristowe : 5 Lions supporters disliked this video.

chesy ash 123456789 : go All Blacks your the best team!!!!

Liam Joseph : New Zealand all the way. Even for the Americas Louis batton cup

DasPotato : I am in about 5 frames of the clip GO CHRIST'S COLLEGE

The 4 : this is beautiful!

R McS : This is so great! I miss Aotearoa ❤️

John Jackson : I feel Mad pride for my country... Man our country is the best 😁😁😁😁

Super VaLour : #LoveMyCountry #CHURR

EDDiECRoW : choice bro all the way

Deano : Ten Guitars!!

SuperEdge67 : I live in Aus......this makes me want to come home.

Elle Wright : I did this at my class

Nichlas Stevens : I made my class sing this together today, love this song man #LoveMyCountry #CleanSweep #CHURR

•アラン• Alan : This sounds so cool. I just came searching from one of the ads on YouTube. (Searched #tutiramai) I finally found it. I love it!

Wattie : go the ab's!

Tristan King : up the allblacks✊✊

S O : awesome!!

Anna The Unicorn : #NewZealand #LoveMyCountry

Calai Viggers : that was cool

Jonny Booth : Have you thought of putting the words on the match day book


LLB Vlogs : I'm your man enough

Toyota hilux : BUEDEN is boss

Luni hi play Roblox/gacha OOF : Who in nz? In 2019?

MsEAM17 : Beautifully done! Miss being home so much but will be singing loud from Aussie! ❤️

Eliseo Rosales : what happened to the other video where the demon mask starts the video?

Mattie Hooper : this song is from kahungungu

Jonny Depp : absolutely loved it saw some of my friends

Federation Berau of Investigation Rip 21322 : 1:26 Military

eleni fesili : i loveeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

oldd : Ramona 😂

Benni Styles : I sang this song a few years ago in my school choir in Germany! Still is a lot of gun to sing!!!

Leeza Tikeri sefo : Lobed that song my class sang that song and he honors for the hangi

Mikey Martinelli : Rally cry? What is this, baseball?

Apple Gaming : Teacher#

Keira4eva : This song We had to perform at our school

Federation Berau of Investigation Rip 21322 : Tutira Mai Nga iwi OEWEA