How They Did It - Pet Dogs in Ancient Rome

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Anthony De Castro : I really wasn't expecting to start crying when the epithaths were being read. You can feel the love in our ancestor's words for their companions. Part of their houses, lives, souls...

Thomas Moore : Those epitaphs were mournfully beautiful, drew some fresh tears from me.

Unova's Finest : Bruh. Those dog tombstones hit me in the feels

Southern Gothic : "Never again shall you give me a thousand kisses" *sobbing*

Mountainmoth : "What did you name your dog?" "Bear!" "Deerslayer!" "Whirlwind!" "... Spot."

Goofball Mcsullivan : "I am in tears while carrying you to your last resting place, as much as I rejoiced when bringing you home in my own hands 15 years ago." Oh god my heart hurts.

vee tee : Damn these epitaphs hit hard, reminds me of the epitaph for a cat i saw on Imgur Dewey 1898-1910 "He was only a cat but he was human enough to be a great comfort in hours of loneliness and pain"

Sarf : My favorite ancient Roman dog was one named Delta. She was found when archaeologists were making plaster casts of bodies in the remains of Pompeii. Found with her was her silver engraved collar that named her Delta, as well as named her owner Severinus and mentioned that she had saved his life on 3 occasions. First, Delta pulled him out of the sea and saved him from drowning. Second, she fought off 4 attackers who had tried to rob him. Finally, she defended him from a wolf that tried to attack him near the city of Herculaneum. Here’s the kicker. Delta was discovered in Pompeii positioned lying over the body of a young child, probably a relative of her master, attempting to shield it from the volcano. Even with her dying breath, Delta was a loyal and protective dog.

Sum Arbor : Stop making me feel. My dog is immortal, she promised me.

Henrique Maximo : 4:18 Cave Canem = Beware of the dog

Alex : “I am in tears while carrying you to your last resting place As much as I rejoiced bringing you home in my own hands fifteen years ago.” This some powerful stuff

Stephen Smith : This makes the Romans who wrote those epitaphs so real to me, not just an abstraction of history.

peachy b. : my 15 year old pup, half blind and near deaf, sensed my emotion watching this video. She waddled in the room, sneezed, pooped on the floor, and went back to bed. i love her so

BlaznPhoenix : I miss my Nina. She saved my father's life back in April 2016. She jumped between him and a cotton mouth snake. My best friend and the hero of the family.

Mamamew TheRani : "Never again can you give a thousand kisses" is what got me tearing up. Thats amazing, to think about how personalities of people and dogs have not changed. We often think of those ancient ancestors based on the things we see, like occupation centric busy-lives and strong leaders, ignoring the whole world of in between times where people are still just people.

ZeldaFeb : These are my dogs, Deerslayer and Spot.

The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium : As a historian and archaeologist, I would love to see what you can dig up about fish as pets/food/ponds... supposedly the wealthy romans often had tubs for keeping fish in a marble box under the bed for several days prior to holidays. Also ancient Chinese ....and later Persians used carp as pets . Rome is inland and it's common knowledge that exotic animals, crocodiles, supposedly sharks even for the arena. My question is, if you've ever come across details and dates of aquariums or care takers of exotic fish for spectical. Thanks for all you do, Sincerely. Alexander Williamson. Cheers!

Great Summoner Heronnet : "The roman raider Raidius..." that is the most spot on name i've ever heard.

Vaylon Kenadell : "But now his voice is imprisoned in the silent pathways of the night." Damn.

Bone Lad : I love the one that said don't laugh even though this is a dog's grave. It just really brought home how the death of any being close to us is something difficult and worth remembering, regardless of differences in species.

baberuth1000 : Came expecting cute dog stories, left crying from cute dog stories

sommi : *The more I grow older as a human, the more I realise that we don't actually deserve dogs. forever goodboys*

Nastrael Rowe : I'm still ashamed by it, but I couldn't cry when my childhood dog died. It's not that I didn't love him, I did; more than I can say. I can still remember my moments with him more vividly than with anyone or anything else. The rainy day that we got him as a puppy, only a week old, from our neighbor across the street and my dad hurrying back to the house with him tucked in his leather jacket to keep him dry. How he hated loud noises like sirens and fireworks; so much that he'd consistently tunnel his way out of the yard every 4th of July to escape the sound. The time he peed on our neighbor's leg as he went to the bathroom. Whenever we'd wash him in the tub, which he hated, and how every time he'd immediately rush under the back porch and get dirty again. How when my dad got back from a house-cleaning with a huge bucket filled with old wine that we dumped most of in the backyard and him lapping it up and getting absolutely wasted. Taking him for hikes at our local park/nature reserve and how he would trot off ahead, but always turn back to make sure we were still following. How he loved rocks more than balls and bones so much that we'd bring some home from the beach that we thought he'd like. The time I accidently fell off my bed as I was sleeping, only to wake mid fall and landing right on top of him. And how he would rub up against the bushes in the yard until they were bare to scratch his back. When he began to grow old and had trouble getting up the stairs, and the tell-tale "gallumph" of his paws on the steps as he struggled his way up. The time we painted those steps and he busted through the barricades we'd set up, only for him to slide all the way down leaving black paw prints on the white fronts of the steps. His eyes slowly glazing over with cataracts as his vision faded and the hard feeling of the tumors behind his legs that contrasted so sharply with his soft, cornchip scented ears. And finally when living became too painful for the arthritis and thr cancer. Him sprawled out on the mat just inside the back door, with my Mom petting him, silent tears rolling down her cheeks, even after he had passed. He was such a handsome, clumsy fool. He had the build of a Golden Lab and the coat of a German Shepard. He was my best friend and I loved him to bits, but the one time I should have cried for him, I couldn't and I still can't. Even now the tears build and build whenever I think of him, but they won't come out. And I am ashamed.

Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel : i wonder in how many previous lives, i've had to say goodbye to my furry firend, i wonder if hes the same one again and again?

ProksenosPapias : Some of Xenophon's Recommended Names (Original+Translation) for those interested: Psyche (soul), Thymos (Spirit), Xephon (swordman), Hara (Joy), Via (Force), Aktis (Ray of Light), Phylax (Guard), Ether (ummm ether :p), Eva (Youth). Wherever you see "Y" or "i" pronounce it as "ee" (see, tea, reeeeeeeee etc).

xxWayoftheSunxx : Omg I was like "well this looks like a neat video" all happy and optimistic and then by the end I'm on the couch cuddling my dog and crying...was not prepared! :,(

Unlawful_Falafel : goddamn, i didn't know roman graves were so poetic.

Dotto : Press F for dogs

Guineith Isaacs : Most popular dog name of all history...SPOT! Followed bu Fido (Faithful). I have a dog named Spot and he's my dear friend! He has a fantastic nature and a spot over one eye. He passes these traits along to his puppies and they are beautiful! He's a good boy and I love him!

Pixel Fox : *Things I was expecting to feel when I clicked on this video:* amusement, camaraderie, maybe anger (history hasn't always been kind to dogs) *Things I was not expecting to feel when I clicked on this video:* deep depression and the desire to weep Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hug my dog and pull gently on her ears while speaking her name along with a hearty "good girl".

Frying Pancakes : *Dog dies Roman: This is so sad. Alexa, import slaves from Thessalia.

Belal DarkneSS : if you think about it, all of history was a war between cat people and dog people, east Romans liked dogs while Persians liked cats, and before that Persians liked cat while the Pharaohs of Egypt almost worshiped cats, the many wars between Christian west who love dogs and the Eastern Muslims who love cats etc....

Broth : Dog were, still are, and hopefully will remain to be, the best things to have existed ever.

Sardonicus : Am I the only one who thought this video was about how people pet dogs in ancient Rome, and not about owning a pet? I remember seeing the title and wondering how many ways there even are to pet your dog.

Freelance opportunist : Do cats next

Me and my BobbyGee : The dogs named Shaggy were the most powerful

moxie : Those epitaphs were incredible!! Very tear-jerking. Thank you so much for sharing them. I've always been on the look out since I was a child to historical references to dogs and cats. I love that no matter how much humanity has changed one thing has been constant: our special bond with our dogs and cats.

stacey rain : I cried my eyes out my dog is 17 yrs old ive had since he was 5wks old hes my best friend i love him lots i know my heart will break when his time comes to leave this earth

No More PC : In Islam dogs are hated. Mohammed wanted to have sex with Aisha. She had a puppy. She kept him under her bed. She would rather play with the puppy as a child then have sex with Mohammed. He came to her tent one day and her puppy was there and he became angry. He told everyone he was supposed to meet the Angel Gabrial but the Angel missed the appointment because a dog was in the tent and Angels can't be near dogs. This is why they destroyed dogs and also when invading Iran killed the Zoroastrian's dogs. Today Islam is extremely cruel to dogs. Only the wealthy have dogs and then those people are criticized for it.

lauren malcomson : I lost my own childhood pup about a week ago, and this video actually made me feel a little better. Also, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Leona : I clicked in with the excitement of learning and ended early with a heavy heart.

Edward Du : *_D E E R S L A Y E R_*

Hanny Hawkins : Rudyard Kipling:’When the body that lived at your single will, With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!), When the spirit that answered your every mood Is gone - wherever it goes - for good, You will discover how much you care, And will give your heart to a dog to tear!

Indrick Boreale : Humans: Have evolved as a society through the century Dogs: Were perfect good boys from the beginning and forevermore

Deception Ception : Men best friend since 30k BC.

loszhor : 3:19 YOU FORGOT STRONGBOY!

Mikey Brokie : oh man that last passage tho 😭

Needles Iblis : What if i named my dog *DOOMSLAYER* ?

Jesus Christ Denton : "let me just get my dog, *DEERSLAYER*

Dotto : 5:47 excuse me while i go die over here.