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27 years 3 months and 28 days ago we were graced with the single greatest scene in film history

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ninja turtles 2 movie


lizard0manson : The chemistry between the turtles in the old movies feel better than in the new one.

waspennator5 : Leaked footage from Injustice 2.

Certain : Man.....every time I'm at the club dancin with the homies, some ignant muhfucka with a metal costume gotta come in trippin. Damn son, he giving everybody that wears metal costumes a bad reputation.

Deshawn Edwards : what a great childhood

Detective Inspector : Still better than anything Michael Bay has ever done.

New World Order : Elemental part of my youth.

coolsteve1985 : I doubt the Michael Bay's reboot would be anywhere near as good as the originals were. The First 3 Ninja Turtles movies were freaking awesome! TMNT was ok too though.

IrishAndroid : The illusion that Vanilla Ice made up those rhymes on the spot is harder is harder to believe than giant, bipedal turtles.

SharpiiFX : My right ear is lonely

Not Guilty : This is the only scene I remember from the movie, lol. Still got that VHS tape. God, I feel old.

brianmichaelh23 : Someone needs to make a gif of the scientist in the white coat dancing

Candi Naylor : Memories. Was pregnant when went to see TMNT2 and when ninja rap started our son actually kicked to the beat and I went into preterm later in the night. They stopped it later but had to play the song for the drs and nurse to believe it later that it was the song.


Uchiha Gaming Studios : Anybody else agree that that new nickelodeon turtles are never gonna be a good as the originals? 

Parris Price : Does anyone else find it funny that vanilla ice is rapping about turtles then these guys conveniently show up? Lol

menslady125 : Ahhhhh, childhood! I LOVE it!

Andrew Stalnaker : Michaelangelo was the original Mr. steal yo girl

Vork88 : the 2014 movie will have nothing on these turtles 

Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 : Miss the old days when the Ninja Turtles actually fought in their movies. The modern stuff may beat this movie when it comes to visuals and CGI and stuff but these movies actually had martial arts choreography. Not just one or two punches here and there.

MaskedMan66 : 2:39   I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

groovdafied : Monsters and mutants appears; sings a custom written song in a matter of seconds.

Wolfen443 : Nothing done now beats the original movies and cartoons of back in the day for them. I am HORRIFIED at the new CGI Turtles for the upcoming movie.  

ALAN ZARATE : I love this scene😂😂😂

Lyr Blackwell : GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

luisa sasso : I'm disappointed in the new tmnt, haven't watched it yet, but always will love these movies. I don't care how 80s or 90s it is. Best TMNT! Cowabunga!

Kenshiro : Mac and Cheese homie and I am from England

Hector Jose Rosado Ochoa : Para mi, unos de mis mejores tiempos Vanilla Ice en los 90 que tiempos Grande..  

A Chaidez : Leo throwing up that illuminati at 3:16

Bryan Zero : Leo: " Hey you! Table for one!''

Video Hunter : 2:26 now thats a shell shock he wont remember in da morning

gemini _flower : this was the best scene , go ,g o ,go ..go ninja go ninja go!! lol and that pea soup looking shit the villian got lol

takerdust : TATSU!!! "HHHRMMMM!"

coolcatr : Great memories with this song. Got to see him perform this live; awesome time

DrenobiumOrchid : ahh the guilty pleasures of the 90s

MaritimeViper : I remember jumping between the couch and the coffee table to this song back when I was six years old.

Amanda P : 22 year and I STILL know the lyrics to this stupid/awesome song! Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

Bryce Morrison : Yup and you gotta love how the music gave the turtles motivation and power!

MrMyster1ous : Of course it is. Are you expecting the sound quality and voice acting to be the same as today, man this was made in '91.

slimfixe : Is this the orginal dub of this movie?

Mella Bella : Mikey!!!!! <3<3<3 lol

alucard624 : This and Super Shredder were the only two things I remembered from this film before seeing it again years later as an adult. This part cracks me up for how cheesy it is even more so now than it was then.

MMagentaHH : 2:05. i guess rvd was a ninja turtles fan

Ruben Ruiz Rebolo : Go ninja go ninja GO!! Go ninja go ninja GO!! Go ninja go ninja GO!!

b d : press play then press 1 to hear how i feel bout this

Rahfee Washington : This was my favorite movie when I was a lil kid.. lol

tiberiius : a turtle opera or musical anyone?

Mister Inevitable : Literally use to watch this everyday after school when I was younger.

seffola : anyone notice Leonardo doing the Jay-z Rockafella hand gesture at @3:16 ?

CherryBomb-Annabelle Agnew : HAHA I WIN YOU LOSE