ninja turtles 2 secret of the ooze vanilla ice ninja rap

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lizard0manson : The chemistry between the turtles in the old movies feel better than in the new one.

Randy Gutierrez : GO 90'S, GO 90'S, GO!!! GO 90'S, GO 90'S GO!!! GO 90'S, GO 90'S GO!!!

coolsteve1985 : I doubt the Michael Bay's reboot would be anywhere near as good as the originals were. The First 3 Ninja Turtles movies were freaking awesome! TMNT was ok too though.

Candi Naylor : Memories. Was pregnant when went to see TMNT2 and when ninja rap started our son actually kicked to the beat and I went into preterm later in the night. They stopped it later but had to play the song for the drs and nurse to believe it later that it was the song.

Jamel Watson : Mikey: Could this get any worse? Me: Yeah, Vanilla Ice could start rapping.

IrishAndroid : The illusion that Vanilla Ice made up those rhymes on the spot is harder is harder to believe than giant, bipedal turtles.

SharpiiFX : My right ear is lonely

Not Guilty : This is the only scene I remember from the movie, lol. Still got that VHS tape. God, I feel old.

waspennator5 : Leaked footage from Injustice 2.

Uchiha Gaming Studios : Anybody else agree that that new nickelodeon turtles are never gonna be a good as the originals? 

Parris Price : Does anyone else find it funny that vanilla ice is rapping about turtles then these guys conveniently show up? Lol

Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 : Miss the old days when the Ninja Turtles actually fought in their movies. The modern stuff may beat this movie when it comes to visuals and CGI and stuff but these movies actually had martial arts choreography. Not just one or two punches here and there.

A Chaidez : Leo throwing up that illuminati at 3:16

New World Order : Elemental part of my youth.

menslady125 : Ahhhhh, childhood! I LOVE it!

Meow Meowsers : Shredder's a party pooper, lol

groov dafied : Monsters and mutants appears; sings a custom written song in a matter of seconds.

brianmichaelh23 : Someone needs to make a gif of the scientist in the white coat dancing

Neo-Xgray87 : *"Stop dancing with Vanilla Ice, STOP IT!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP!!! NO NINJA, NO NINJA, NOOOOO!"* 😅

Deshawn Edwards : what a great childhood


ALAN ZARATE : I love this scene😂😂😂

Ezra Sky : This was fun as a kid.. but as an adult... I cant help but cringe just a bit.

clipobserver : Boy Bands have nothing on the Turtles. Also Leonard should sue Jay-Z because he did the Hova hand sign at 3:15 before Jay-Z was famous. I swear that's what Leo was doing.

Antt Perez : The newer ones are so much better

Bryan Zero : Leo: " Hey you! Table for one!''

Andrew Stalnaker : Michaelangelo was the original Mr. steal yo girl

Shaney Zamora : Must be hard to move in those costumes let alone preform fighting scenes.

Jacob Levin-Fay : It's so 90s...

Lyr Blackwell : GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

gemini _flower : this was the best scene , go ,g o ,go ..go ninja go ninja go!! lol and that pea soup looking shit the villian got lol

Justice Divine-Allah : I love this movie!!! I own all 3! I watched these when I was like 8 years old. I like these turtles better and i'm from the new generation.

Hector Jose Rosado Ochoa : Para mi, unos de mis mejores tiempos Vanilla Ice en los 90 que tiempos Grande..  

Kenshiro : Mac and Cheese homie and I am from England

MaskedMan66 : 2:39   I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

Video Hunter : 2:26 now thats a shell shock he wont remember in da morning

garzapainting66 my username Duhh : I remember this part when I was 9

coolcatr : Great memories with this song. Got to see him perform this live; awesome time

Puggles : I loved these movies as a kid, but 25 years later, this shit is so gay and awkward.

Will Hartley : 1:39 that dance is pretty awesome.

Detective Inspector : Still better than anything Michael Bay has ever done.

pooody : rubber suits and vanilla ice>cg &michael bay crap.

luisa sasso : I'm disappointed in the new tmnt, haven't watched it yet, but always will love these movies. I don't care how 80s or 90s it is. Best TMNT! Cowabunga!

MusicOTNight2096 : Nobody in my generation can ever tell me that they never grooved out to the Ninja Rap at least ONCE in their lives.  If they tell you that they didn't, they're dirty liars who lie.

AF Twice : The wackest part of this movie. Even as a little kid I thought this scene sucked.

Misty Rose Blackthorn : 1:58-2:02 I want to learn that series of kicks Donatello did on that Foot Ninja.

Craig Cottrell : Best movie ever!!! My childhood!

black ninja 21 : 2018 august

faceless human : I don't care what anyone thinks, this was my absolute favorite movie growing up !!

Vork88 : the 2014 movie will have nothing on these turtles