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Jessica Corlichsdcghj : 4 Chords Song brought me here lol :P

T H : End birdplane discrimination now 2014.

Zaraerae Smith : I feel like this song has a much deeper meaning

Joshualacruz : Has anyone noticed he is partly human too?

Nicolai Holmstoel : It's manbirdplane! 50% Man 50% bird 50% plane! beware the manbirdplane!!

Bryce Dunn : I feel like he lost a bet, so he had to go out into public dressed like, well, a birdplane

Slippery Jack : I'm more than a pen. I'm more than an apple. I'm a apple pen.

Jetpack Blues : I could be wrong, but if you look closer at the lyrics, it almost sounds like a metaphor for transgenderism.

Kedrin : bird plane did 9/11

Shivank Sharma : I know these guys are musical comedians but this song is so awesome, yet alone catchy!

Karl Gilbert : this is a song about Coco from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Has to be.

Pablo Rovira : Listening to this song again, after so many years, and knowing how Jordan has been feeling for so long... It's impossible to think this song didn't have a deeper meaning we never noticed (or did but shrugged off because how could we have known?) Anyway, I'm so glad Jordan can be happy and able to finally be herself~

Homeless Guy [Second Account] : 4 Chords :D

Cloudy Daze : Jack Black? Is that you?

Joshua Lee : that whistle solo was on point!

Shocksidian : like if you cry everytime

Alexander Stanfield : Bioshock infinite...

King V : I think on Superman. "Is it a bird? is it a plane? NO, it´s Superman!!! (Or in this case, "No, it´s a Birdplane!!! " ) :P

Dezbome : i'm so glad that there is a song that understands what its like to be a birdplane.. its not easy..

Aylee : I'm more than a bird! I'M MORE THAN A PLANE!

cracker12311 : I only listened to this song to hear the same 4 chords

Travis Russill : Parody idea "reality show killed the moderately talented video star" - parody of video killed the radio star

Tash Jansson : After all these years I still find myself randomly singing parts of this song in Spanish.

InstigationFixation : This has to be one of the shittiest parodies I've ever seen and I can't stop watching it.

Andrei Krasavin : I have a bird I have a plane Ugh.. Birdplane

The Official Todd Howard : For the people who actually don't know that there's an original, it's called Superman - Five For Fighting

BDBalrog : Soy mas que un ave! Soy mas que un avion! Soy un aveon! Soy un aveooon! Un jodido aveon!

warner kurt : Doesn't that sound familiar ???

Giovanni Spada : Oh god! Another 4 chords song!

Micah Greeson : sad song.

annabodhi38 : when there was poop on the car windshield, omg, i'm dying!!

Lucas Glanville : this is actually really sad :(

bob bon : liek iv crie evritim :'(

pancitfruitboy : I'm a birdbrain

Jefff : Are birdplanes allowed to use the same WCs & drinking fountains as the rest of us? I find it extremely unfair that birdplanes must go to the back of the bus!

Chronoa : I love you Birdplane! <3

S Smith : wow, this is a clue??? btw you go girl

Calm Down, Kim! : My guitar teacher told me to watch this so I thought it was okay and my mom was in the room and then comes the cuss word and now I'm sweating so much

Pettost : I am a Birdplane! Finally, a nice community!

Vineet Karkera : Does anybody know what instrument/toy : P he plays at 1:37 ?? .. it's beautiful!!

Jan van Houwelingen : In hindsight, this song may have got a much deeper meaning

Bailo Descalza : Soy mas que un bird, soy mas que un plane, soy un birdplane!!!! Love u guys!

TheDragonSmasher : R.I.P. Rick Rypien

jennypsk1992 : I actually think this is really-really good! ^_^

Handbanana : Part bird, part plane and part skeleton

Nina Dees : So I work at a bridal salon that sells wedding dresses and I have never heard "superman" before, but I heard birdplane. So "I'm more than a bird I'm more than a plane" comes on and I was waiting for it to go "IM A BIRDPLANE" because I never knew the song was a direct parody until then. I was getting a little nervous since we had customers brides in the store

Shiver : From the director of Birdman

CooLuke : Axis of Awesome vs Lonely Island vs Flight of the Chonchords

NorikoUsaken : This is sooo much cooler than the song you're parodying. Even the sound is better - I bet Benny was in charge of that

Aldor The Great : this song was literally a song based off 1 line of the song superman by foo fighters