I'm Fat and Nobody Likes Me - Chair

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trulythedude : this is actually great punk rock

Jersey Representing : "I'm going to go poop on my cat because that's the only thing that I'm actually above" loool

Shay : Andrew Jackson Jihad.mp4

str8edgemike : Seven years later and I am still demanding a follow up.

Evander Farson : This is actually not bad. I think these guys will be famous in 20 years

dahalofreeek : Reminds me kind of Suicidal Tendencies.

abagOmoney : I shit on my cat because it's the only thing I'm above....I lost it.

hamsterpaj111 : Atleast they have passion

Will Bordenave : If suicidal tendencies and Mumford and sons had a baby. This would be it

Jay C : Happy 8 year anniversary guys!!! How much would I need to pay you guys to play at my wedding next summer?

TheDeerattack : Very Pixies-esque - I like :D

Dizeliun : "and I pee upwards and I get urine all over my face, and it's really disgusting, I don't appreciate it"

Hong Kong Fooey : Is anyone hearing Chris Farley from this?

0okamino : Pure punk and still awesome 6 years later. Just be like Frank Black (or Black Francis). He's fat and a lot of people like him.

OneRedBlock : proof punk isn't dead

Cody Kerr : Web Soup brought me here.

TheoBrixtonTheKid : Judging by the quality of this video these kids must be 30+ years old now.

Rodrigo Wylde : he should make a punk band

SixBrokenTeeth : Steve Albini needs to sign this guy.

linafelina : Reminds me of Pixies with Nirvana with some punk ass self loathing, I remember watching and loving this about five years ago and today it just popped into my head, was worried it might have been removed, happy to see so many more views on it.

Will Steelsmith : this is so fucking good!

Octopus Prime : Seriously, I know this is old but it gives me faith for the future of music. It's like the dead milkmen mk 2.

Thomas Loughney : yo this is like a ween song

Merry Murphy : He's got talent

John O'Hara : This needs a Jack Black cover!

tim13387 : This kid is awesome either he has listened to "listener" or he should.

Duck Sauce : punks not dead, it's just fat

nopes4545 : Black Francis must've had a fling with a groupie about 12 years ago and she gave birth to this ginger.

Tom O : true punk rock

izzyepp : THIS IS SO GOOD. The pixies should do a cover of this. 

Isobela Rene : I don't care how many times I listen to this song or how silly it is, it ALWAYS makes me feel better every time I feel fat and nobody likes me.

smashbro247 : Punk will never die

J Hammbone : You're not fat, you just don't poop enough.

Nicholas Thompson : Is this a McPoyle party?

LexiGore : This reminds me of old Angry Samoans. Loved it!

snoopy stonecold : some even call me Attila the Hun

Jeremy Eineichner : This shit is 10 years old and I still love it. What are these kids up to now? Did these blossoming punks sell out as hard as I did? Or are they still slamming out power chords and shitting on cats, just as hard as ever?

Dirty Old Shirtless Man : This song speaks to me more than anything I've listened to in the past 20 years.

Icepick L : Chris Farley as a child?

M. Minx : Ten years and this still gives me life.

ScudEast2 : Dead Milkmen

Monique Steyn : SHAME! I just wanna hug him. I like you.

Drew Wells : I can't stop laughing!!!

Eastsidedirtykid : man this reeks of classic youtube.

Augustus Octavius : This was funny

Chris Forte : This is amazing

KinkypumpkinHD : AWESOME!

Mickey Ward : this is so good.

Samantha : i love this folk punk band

mrPurple365 : Soul, spirit or snot - the only essential for good music - this has them all, and is funny too.