Самолёт на трассе ДТП

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SmarterEveryDay : So many questions....

AnthonE : gta 6 looks amazing

footytang : What a cocksucker. Who parks their car on the side of the road like that?

BintyBat : In Soviet Russia, plane takes off you!

Tony Music : So a photon gets on a plane and the stewardess asks him if he has any luggage... And he says no, I'm traveling light.

ThatDamnedYankee : Que up the Farmers insurance commercial...

Dr Andrew Krumack : Moderator of r/AskDocs here. This fellow most likely sustained terminal concussion, please make sure he signs his will. ~ Dr. Andrew Krumack, eDoctor

eToro BoT : Haha

Pedro Gamer : Gta 5 in real life XD

AdventureFaps : IDIOTI

Redjevel : soo close

Антон Малыгин : Чечня?

Dream Koala : Famous Dagestan Airlines! Kappa

Apti Newim : This is the best thing i have ever seen XD FYI this is in Chechny (Russia)

Lu Tello : horizontal road, vertical video

Trulylatino : So close, but no 🚭 cigar. 😀

しげもくはっこう : チェチェン人だかイングーシ人だか知んないけどバカなの?

Elijah Ameh : hello I want to make friends with anyone from Russia

Cupavi Kurcic : Russian Airlines in a nutshell.

SG : wtf?!

Reefer : OUCH!!!

Atypical : He would have probably made it if he wasn't forcing the nose up in that disgustingly nose high take off attitude.

Olexander Semeniuta : In Mother Russia NPC 0:12 don't run after crush.

bts845 : What the fuck was that car doing their?

snailduck : "Why wouldn't you cordon off the street, how can you possibly not run int*SMASH*

P Wayne : Christ hole.......

SDV Fin*19 : Реальный дебил!


M. Autoext Johnson : Webon como se le ocurre?? Wtf

Бранибор Крутояр : будни мордора..)

Igor Antarov : Saw it when there was only 5 comments around ;)

FotoAmg AmgFoto : Is it real or fake?

Vlad Garkavenko : Ищу автора данного видео! Есть денежное предложение. Моя почта для связи vlad.garkavenko@jukinmedia.com

fwaf fwwf : Мляяя где это, только не говорите , что в России


Fishingcamgar : подписывайтесь

DogOnAShip : Another day in Russia.

Natalia Oriol : Hi +Fishingcamgar, My name is Natalia and I work for Reuters. We are keen on including this video in our news service, could you please email me at: natalia.oriol@thomsonreuters.com I look forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, Natalia

Кирилл Конюх : Я так в гта взлетаю :|

tytube3001 : Trump's in bed with these idiots

Le Reddit Armie Moderator : Le Reddit Armie is here ;) edit: Gold, for me??

Theodore Trilby : Ah, how wonderful to see so many brave Reddi(sires) and ladies from www.reddit.com! Currently I'm confined to the bounds of my room due to terminal Dewitis, however as a resilient Redditor, tis not a problem. I still moderate all of my 8 (eight) subreddits, and 6 level 110 WOW accounts. ~ Theodore Trilby, Ph.D in Atheism, Moderator of www.reddit.com/r/redditarmie, Thrice nominated for Reddit Gold

Reddit Throwaway Account : As a level 9 Redditor - 1911/2666XP- it is my duty (and pleasure :P) to remind you that this video has been featured on the front page of Reddit™. Expect an influx of views and intellectual comments about cats, religion, rich literature and sex. ~ Reddit Throwaway Account

General Upboat : Anyone from Reddit™? ~ General Upboat, level 5 Redditor (800/1212XP)

Lola Flickthatbean : Stand down r/videos! I hereby claim this video for r/twoxchromosomes ( a sub dedicated to shaming males). ~ Lola Flickthatbean, Ph.D in Combat Against Men, Feminist

Atheist : He needs to stop reading the Bible while flying, considering how religious the average Russian is. Make sure you burn the Bible at least 5 meters away, and the Quran at least 500m away considering it's explosive.

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