7 Habits of a Highly Effective Batman

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Dreamlet : Check out the Description to learn how I came up with and made the video! Also, please let me know what you guys thought of it by commenting. Would greatly appreciate it.

Vivi : Awesome!!! This was a very clever idea to help people apply the 7 habits book. I’m looking forward to learning more about the 7 habits from you because after all who doesn’t want to be like Batman? ;)

Casie Lew : Thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. I thought it was a great way to apply the things you learned from the book. It takes effort to recognize the important points from a book according to a fictional character. Great job!

Tammy Demeree-Lindhorst : Excellent job on this video. I used it in my class today and really made a connection to my college students. Thank you for sharing this content!

Haurjie : I dig that 8 hours worth of intro After Effects work ;) Nice job!