GamingSins: Everything Wrong With God of War (2018)

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Welcome to GamingSins, where I nitpick the hell out of video games. Well, this took longer than I expected. Well, I'm certainly glad I was wrong about this one. God of War 2018 proved to be one hell of a fantastic game, almost Game of the Year material even. But as with all games, it is not free of sin. And boy, it has plenty of them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonus Round music: If you wish to support Jaki Rose and download the end credit 'Video Game Song' And of course, don't forget to check out The Originals, CinemaSins.

Comments from Youtube

MM TT : For Sin 128, Freya says "No magic in all the 9 nine realms can create a blaze", but the blades are not from the 9 realms so they can still create fire in Helheim.

Natsu Dragneel : Remember when this channel would actually sin games for actual messups/mishaps instead of nitpicking things that are personel prefrence? Me neither.

Etriuswimbleton : -100 sins for mentioning God Hand. *Will you ever do a gaming sins for that game?*

Anthony Roberts : She said no magic in all the 9 realms would work. Blades of chaos are not from the 9 realms, which is why they work.

Lucis Ihaka : There are so many things wrong with this video, pointing them out would take forever.

Noah Smith : I'm disappointed that you sinned the elevators and hallways disguised as loading screens, and failed to mention that those existed for the purpose of the entire game taking place from one continuous camera view. That is not something easy to do, the entire game had to be set up in a way to make it possible

Kenti : It's 5:40 AM and I'm bored... 4:29 Oh yes let's just use examples of only younger Kratos not practicing what he is preaching, because that's always fair. 5:24 Yes, because people don't lie. Ever. 6:20 Better than a loading screen with a little revolving circle. 7:49 No...what? No, of course not, Atreus not being able to do what's necessary to complete the journey but then proving that wrong is the whole point of at least the first act or so of the game. 8:00 Baldur and Thor's sons aren't boss battles? 8:41 Gods, and just people in general, have always shown to be giant pieces of shit, what makes you think Odin wouldn't judge Kratos for being an outsider even if Odin himself was one in other lands? Also, Tyr wouldn't be unkind to Kratos, because he's dead, so mute point. 9:26 Or the ancient serpent is just wise enough to know. 12:00 Well, what are you expecting, the snow to fall into the forest? 13:11 Each pantheon is responsible for their land, the Greek pantheon is responsible Greece, the Egyptian pantheon for Egypt, etc, there's no reason for fate of different lands to be controlled by different entities. 17:53 A bluff. 18:51 Why would you sin the game for a plot hole in Nordic Myth? 19:33 Mimir agreed which implies he also believes it which might as well mean that he had said it. 23:27 The fact that he still has them just goes to show you how much he really cannot escape what he was. 24:34 Just because the only way Kratos can move the Winds of Hel is with the Blades of Chaos, it doesn't mean Tyr couldn't move them with something else of his own creation, perhaps. 25:08 Hold the fuck up, saved what humanity? You literally just said he caused a world wide *apocalypse*. Seems like a pretty big consequence to me. 26:33 Wasn't there an interaction later on that revealed that Odin had blocked Mimir's mind from knowing certain details about Baldur, including his weakness to mistletoe and, most likely, who his mother is? 26:38 That's the whole point of bringing the Blades of Chaos along, they're the only one that are powerful enough to burn in Hel. Also, the fact that the blades use Greek magic and not Nordic magic may affect the "no magic" thing. 27:34 Not even Mimir knew about needing the eyes thing to unlock the message, he only guessed so. 29:32 Why? The serpent is lying down so why would the statue flow all the way down as if it were downstream? 30:14 She could've figured it out, right? His name must be pretty famous considering he took down the entire Greek pantheon. 31:29 - 33:00 That was so fucking obnoxious, holy fuck don't ever do that again. Anyways, just because you mention ever detail doesn't mean the prophecy does, and if it did, it doesn't even matter, it's prophecy, there's no "too many actions" limit, you predict shit and it comes true, that's it. 33:27 As others have pointed out: Bullshit, you unless you know and remember a bunch of names and events from Nordic mythology you wouldn't be able to tell shit. 31 video sins because I'm counting that two minute and half sin shit for 10.

Lord Flufflebuns : Yea, pretty sure a game having "3rd Person Over the Shoulder Lock-On heavy hitting" combat doesn't make it Dark Souls Styled. I used to get annoyed when people tried to say games WEREN'T Dark Soul-Styled when they clearly were. Now I get annoyed when people make a blatantly wrong comparison and say it IS like Dark Souls.

Izzy : One word: *BOY*

Heavy Troll Guy : Kratos impaled the Hydra on a ship as a first boss in the series and his dad was Zeus. He was born with godlike strength for sure.

Ifty Sarwar : There are technically no 'cut' scenes in this game. It's all one take. Except for that Thor part.

TopKing63 : I would still play God of Infinity War

Andraž Guzaj : huh, i never picked up all those signs that Atreas was actually Loki... i feel sort of stupid now

The Looinrims : *B O I* of War

Jay Langham : The Blades of Chaos aren’t a product of the 9 realms so they should be able to create fire in Helheim

Night ghost : 20:52 I can hear kratos say that all day Who's with me 😎

Jace celentano : Watch your tone BOI

Jonah Brown : Not enough *b o y* ... +100 sins

Ayakkusu McGill : Sin 141: it's also a discount version of atlas's level in god of war 2

Samouil Kritharakis : The best moment of the video 16:16

Zero The Bloodedge : Don't mention Onimusha... I'm still waiting hopefully that Capcom takes its head from their asses and release a new game in the series.

Digitallus : Watching Dartigan’s video I’ve noticed you two seem to share an eerie amount of similar sins, almost down to the words themselves. Dartigan uploaded his video May 5th, I highly doubt this is a coincidence you uploaded yours almost 5 weeks later with almost exact sins.

TaurusOxford : To be fair, Kratos was technically a God before he got the throne as the God of War. Demi-god sure, but he still had God-like abilities.

HKGaming_1738. : For sin 129 Freya says nothing in the 9 realms can set that strong of a blaze. But the Blades Of Chaos aren't from the 9 realms.

EvilEj XD Gaming : Lol he called his son a sack seed 😂

Shady Lonewolf : 16:13 😂 That laugh by Jameson always kills me, it's at this moment I lost it!


Chimera Theo : I haven't watched this yet, but i hope to all the norse gods there's a 'BOY ' bonus round.

MJG_beast : Freya said magic from the 9 realms wouldn’t work in Helheim and technically the blades aren’t from any of those 9 realms.

Virgo : 0:54 After saying this every sin after does not exist. Any sin after this statement is a sin for your video here on out. You will only be tallying yourself.

joey lee : Tc carson played Kratos in all 7 God of war GAME'S from to 2005 to 2017 and he was replaced because of the facial cam said on Twitter he would love to play as Kratos again

Patrick Schmitz : this might be the worst sins video i've ever seen This is mostly just his opinions, nothing having to do with flaws in the game, but more with his preferences. I also thought it was funny how he pointed out the GOW doesn't have a very good way of making a lot of different combos and attacks when you can literally swap different runic attacks in and out whenver you'd like.

Captain Eggcellent : 40 minutes? Let me make a cup of tea first.

Jmhike DelosSantos : 1 Like = 1 Boy

Fallout Wasteland : 24:30 actually Kratos was born a demi god told by his father so technically he was born a god

Stroimex : I've waited so long for the Boy Bonus Round

SUPER_DUPER : 20:53 "Then Thor is a fool." - Kratos 2018

Artydomi : GCN Sins 2018's best game... *DAD of BOY*

André Shields : Takes one look at the title..."You do not want this fight"

Sykopath : Yeah but if Jormungundr was a boss fight how could Kratos and Atreus ever hope to win?

Shubo oshgey : “That is the most gorgeous JPEG background I have seen in a modern video game.” Adds 1 sin Me: Wait, how is that a sin

rwelch2416 : Finally somebody admitted that dark souls combat is bland

Ardeshir Javid : Countering sin #111: In the God of War novel, we find out the reason that kratos still has the blades is because he is cursed to forever have them. He threw them off a cliff but a huge gust of wind blew them back up at his feet, he threw them into the ocean but then a massive storm shipwrecked him and when he regained consciousness, the blades were there. He can never get rid of them. And although he didn't really have any other option besides the blades for Hel, he also used them to spite the blades and gods since in this moment he is using them out of his own free will. Countering sin #62: Atreus doesnt know what a mortal is because before the game, he had never left their woods, even when kratos displayed superhuman feats such as moving the bridge, atreus throught it was normal since he never had a frame of reference at what a normal man can do.

Pepsia : 13:42 "Mr.Kratos,i don´t feel so good"

21 Kay : Thru all this all I realized is everything kratos went thru it went str8 out tha window 🤦🏾‍♂️

xCrodumx : 20:00 No mention the lack of lungs?

Audrix : 31:22 Longest. Sin. Ever.

Makareno94 : And okay this is much older Kratos who had his stomach pierced at least twice already... and second time he released all the "hope" McGaffin... which probably made him weaker than he before... Yes him flipping the whole temple is probably made easier because of mechanisms..

Makareno94 : 4:23 but that's the point of Kratos saying that... because he trying to overcome his anger.... look how fucking patient he is with his kid