GamingSins: Everything Wrong With God of War (2018)

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GCN : To everyone who played a 'Boy' drinking game.....RIP.

Isagail : One word: *BOY*

Captain Eggcellent : 40 minutes? Let me make a cup of tea first.

Jonah Brown : Not enough *b o y* ... +100 sins

Oblivious : Oh, good. I needed something to watch during lunch.

Etriuswimbleton : -100 sins for mentioning God Hand. *Will you ever do a gaming sins for that game?*

TaurusOxford : To be fair, Kratos was technically a God before he got the throne as the God of War. Demi-god sure, but he still had God-like abilities.

Zwyrx Hgqfyggz : 5:24 23:56 *THIS* Is why i love you, GamingSins Also... **Breath in** *B O I*

Termi : The series became just another Westerner, albeit 10x better than the average one.

Artydomi : GCN Sins 2018's best game... *DAD of BOY*

Audrix : 31:22 Longest. Sin. Ever.

AquaSaige14 : Sin 119: Technically Kratos is a demigod since Zeus was revealed to be his biological father at the end of the second game and his mother is in fact a full mortal. Not nickpicking but thought I clear that up the confusion

dark mario : I love god of wars games

PURGE JMI : Hopefully when the over the shoulder view The Last of Us gameplay esk trend is over, we'll at last, get another true god of war game.

Chimera Theo : I haven't watched this yet, but i hope to all the norse gods there's a 'BOY ' bonus round.

CthulhuChow : now that's alot of boi

Phantom Dope : Been waiting forever for this video!!! Like if u agree

LEBRON JAMES VICKERS : I never clicked a video so fast in my life and I was not disappointed ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜‚

shakeel thomas : I'll be back porn hub

xLazyx : Searching for a vid, GCN pops up with Dad of Boi, Perfect!

Payne 404 : The game that gave meaning to the word boi ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nevvon Dennis : Lol, he literally used Kratos' past to prove a point of the sin. There was this 1 comic issue of God of War and Kratos claimed that he was trying to control his anger from then on. I guess the comics don't matter in this game, just like the comics for Halo didn't matter in Halo 2 Anniversary. Cool video, though.

TheMasterQuests : I would like to see the God of War go up against The Mad Titan. That'd be very interesting.

O-Dog : no way people saw the loki twist coming gtfo

hellatze : Do e3 2018

I am a PERSON : I thought of a less confusing name for this game. God of War: Kratos and Boy

Under Grounder : If I ever create a game I'll call it "The Last of the WItcher Elder God of Scoll Wars: Wild Hunt for the Tomb Raider of Horizon Zero Skyrim Dawn". I wish I made that up! xD

Kenti : It's 5:40 AM and I'm bored... 4:29 Oh yes let's just use examples of only younger Kratos not practicing what he is preaching, because that's always fair. 5:24 Yes, because people don't lie. Ever. 6:20 Better than a loading screen with a little revolving circle. 7:49 No...what? No, of course not, Atreus not being able to do what's necessary to complete the journey but then proving that wrong is the whole point of at least the first act or so of the game. 8:00 Baldur and Thor's sons aren't boss battles? 8:41 Gods, and just people in general, have always shown to be giant pieces of shit, what makes you think Odin wouldn't judge Kratos for being an outsider even if Odin himself was one in other lands? Also, Tyr wouldn't be unkind to Kratos, because he's dead, so mute point. 9:26 Or the ancient serpent is just wise enough to know. 12:00 Well, what are you expecting, the snow to fall into the forest? 13:11 Each pantheon is responsible for their land, the Greek pantheon is responsible Greece, the Egyptian pantheon for Egypt, etc, there's no reason for fate of different lands to be controlled by different entities. 17:53 A bluff. 18:51 Why would you sin the game for a plot hole in Nordic Myth? 19:33 Mimir agreed which implies he also believes it which might as well mean that he had said it. 23:27 The fact that he still has them just goes to show you how much he really cannot escape what he was. 24:34 Just because the only way Kratos can move the Winds of Hel is with the Blades of Chaos, it doesn't mean Tyr couldn't move them with something else of his own creation, perhaps. 25:08 Hold the fuck up, saved what humanity? You literally just said he caused a world wide *apocalypse*. Seems like a pretty big consequence to me. 26:33 Wasn't there an interaction later on that revealed that Odin had blocked Mimir's mind from knowing certain details about Baldur, including his weakness to mistletoe and, most likely, who his mother is? 26:38 That's the whole point of bringing the Blades of Chaos along, they're the only one that are powerful enough to burn in Hel. Also, the fact that the blades use Greek magic and not Nordic magic may affect the "no magic" thing. 27:34 Not even Mimir knew about needing the eyes thing to unlock the message, he only guessed so. 29:32 Why? The serpent is lying down so why would the statue flow all the way down as if it were downstream? 30:14 She could've figured it out, right? His name must be pretty famous considering he took down the entire Greek pantheon. 31:29 - 33:00 That was so fucking obnoxious, holy fuck don't ever do that again. Anyways, just because you mention ever detail doesn't mean the prophecy does, and if it did, it doesn't even matter, it's prophecy, there's no "too many actions" limit, you predict shit and it comes true, that's it. 33:27 As others have pointed out: Bullshit, you unless you know and remember a bunch of names and events from Nordic mythology you wouldn't be able to tell shit. 31 video sins because I'm counting that two minute and half sin shit for 10.

Ian M : Kratos actually quotes Zues from God of War 2. When he kills Baldur for the second time.

Frost B : Holy shit. GCN still makes videos?

Jeff The Gamer 142 : *takes deep breath* Boi


Zero The Bloodedge : Don't mention Onimusha... I'm still waiting hopefully that Capcom takes its head from their asses and release a new game in the series.

Azure Lastation : 1 like = 1 boy

Adrian Roach : A. Dislike for sinning the cutscenes that use a revolutionary technology to make the entire game one long scene. B. Don't sin Kratos and his lack of strength. Yes he's a god, but he's trying to live a normal life and forget his past and who he was. C. Yes, he critiques Atreus for his anger, but if you'd pay attention he's teaching him lessons to not become who he once was. I never speak up on these things but don't sin the game for the very things that were designed to be that way because it's part of the bigger story. If you're just going to overlook the entire story, don't make a video on it.

codecatx5 : You do also realize that most peoples knowledge with Norse mythology is actually through the MCU and Marvel right? So, I had no clue he'd be Loki at all.

Tudor Ciubotaru : I literally devoured the game and I was amazed, but now, that the hype settled and I calmed down, I find SO DAMN MANY problems with it: it's rpg system is pure crap, the bosses are forgettable (with a few exceptions), fighting is clearly changed to the worse and... meh... I liked it, but I want the sequel to be FULLY action-oriented, like the previous games in the series.

Audam : Just started the video and if there is no speed round of every boy in the game then I'm dissapoint. Edit: I was not dissapoint.

Mr. Roboto : Didn't take a few sins off for the Sigrun Boss Fight? Shame on you.

Jack Shroom : Holy crap so im not the only one who played onimusha games! i would send you 10000000 internets to sin one of those games or hell even the whole series.

Bulgarian Slayer 18 : Eh I prefer the older God of War games.

culer O'connor : The word BOY just lost sense completly to me Spoiler alert word boy it's mentioned. 358 times lol ๐Ÿ˜†

EL RUBEN NATION : The wait was WORTH IT!๐Ÿ˜„

EMฤฐR KAZANCI : When you can't remember your son's name:Boy or boi intensifies

Altair DeSanta : Paying attention to nuances isnโ€™t the same as having extensive knowledge of Norse mythology... if you donโ€™t know all those things Atreus being Loki does come out of no where

Michael Boone : The world serpent vs Thor vs Kratos I'm looking forward to seeing it in the sequel.

Jersey Gamer : I think Dad of Boi is a more appropriate title.

MM TT : For Sin 128, Freya says "No magic in all the 9 nine realms can create a blaze", but the blades are not from the 9 realms so they can still create fire in Helheim.

That Guy : As much as I love this game I can admit that it isn't perfect. I can agree with a lot of the sins, but I have to disagree with some of them. I get that this is supposed to be a mostly negative video but I feel he doesn't give the game enough credit

Liana Fauzia : dang those were a lot of BOYS XDDDD