Dance Deewane International Talent Special Shawn Mathews Performance full dance video

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Fahria/Audity Ahasan : You should totally try and participate in the Dance Deewane competition next year! I know you will do an amazing job! All the best! Take care!

Evin Siby : Where have you been Shawn? I am looking forward to watching more of your amazing dances :) Could you do a choreography for the 'Rowdy Baby' song? It's going viral in South India, and i'm sure you'll get lots of views on it as there aren't many choreo vids for the song at the moment.

Ben Janine : maza a gaya!

Rush Music : simply amazing

Grace Mary : ayee 🙌

Suresh Reddy : u were the best 😍 , rocked the show 👏 . I hope you do pursue dance seriously

Suresh Reddy : Never seen anything like it ! Hats off to you

Rohit M. : Amazing bro, all the best !

Vemula Lohi : Amazing 🔥

Anjali Patel : That was so good 😍 an inspiration to other dancers 👌

rockindance : ❤️❤️❤️ amazing! #fan

Fahria/Audity Ahasan : I agree with the judge (2:16). You should totally come and participate in the contest....!!! ATB!!!!

Pallavi R : ayeee u killed it

Rekha Sagar : Amazing footwork n energy 🔥🔥👌⚡️

Reshma Kakaturu : awsum yaar

Turima Ben : saw your performance on TV , you are AMAZING

bollyfanfan : wow 😱👌

Ashima b : awsum