Dance Deewane International Talent Special Shawn Mathews Performance full dance video

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Fahria/Audity Ahasan : You should totally try and participate in the Dance Deewane competition next year! I know you will do an amazing job! All the best! Take care!

Vemula Lohi : Amazing 🔥

Reshma Kakaturu : awsum yaar

Ashima b : awsum

rockindance : ❤️❤️❤️ amazing! #fan

Fahria/Audity Ahasan : I agree with the judge (2:16). You should totally come and participate in the contest....!!! ATB!!!!

Pallavi R : ayeee u killed it

Rohit M. : Amazing bro, all the best !

Anjali Patel : That was so good 😍 an inspiration to other dancers 👌

Suresh Reddy : Never seen anything like it ! Hats off to you

Suresh Reddy : u were the best 😍 , rocked the show 👏 . I hope you do pursue dance seriously

Turima Ben : saw your performance on TV , you are AMAZING

Rekha Sagar : Amazing footwork n energy 🔥🔥👌⚡️

bollyfanfan : wow 😱👌