Polymath-plumber makes unique furniture & artifacts from waste

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dfelixrx7 : I grew up with the mindset of everything being hard to do. I heard this many times - your stupid - he’s gonna fail - we don’t want his help - I “can’t” With help and my own desire I changed my thinking. I am not a college grad. I highly encourage education. I more so encourage a positive way of thinking. I am going to share a few skills I bring to the table - cook - barber - wood working - rustic furniture - graphic design - plumbing - irrigation - sales I am extremely thankful for the University Of Youtube. It has helped me refine my skills and has develope new ideas. Growing up I was my worst enemy. Most of my low self esteem was very mental. I see this person on this small clip and I’m amazed on how much he has learned. He’s very creative and talented. He’s fearless. I am so moved on what the mind can do.

GreenShortz DIY : Kirsten, I love watching your videos, but this is perhaps my favorite. I identify with Fernando's approach to design and fabrication. The simplicity of materials, leaving the joinery exposed, working with found items and incorporating adaptive reuse. Very enjoyable to watch. From a filmmaker's standpoint, I appreciate the way you "bookended" this video with the bridge installation. Keep up the good work.

RMMACA : Wow! Fernando is sexy 😍

It's Thyrza : I absolutely LOVE his home!

James NYC : Very Cool guy. With all of the publicity this "Bridge" design has had in the last 18 months I'm amazed that it's still there, and that he has not been fined or arrested. You could never do that here in the U.S.

Kent VanderVelden : Wow, this is so cool! The world needs more creative people to inspire others. Perhaps creativity is infectious, one person is inspired, they other inspire others, and so on.

Scott Bibler : I just love how ingenious people can be. Thank you so much for sharing this

Hugo Sabato : A true agorist!  I bet this guy is an anarchist too. Don't think outside the box in the USSA!  Everything requires a permit here, and the fines are heavy and arousingly enforced.  Meaning that cops have hard on's trying to stop anyone from having a good time, especially if you're doing it without big daddy's (government) permission.

ObscenelyMarvelous : Wow, this guy is inspiring!

Miniature Cooking with Ching : What an awesome idea !Thanks for sharing my friend . Keep posting please !!

edward schaefer : Amazing guy. That under the bridge rolling platform was genius.

Ty Brady : You don't have to go to school to be a designer or engineer, this guy is a natural. The shower is awesome!

Conner lee Carey : this guy is really incredible.

Spaghetti Monster : i didnt want that episode to end Kristen, you always have such unique content, ty.

Miguel Moncloa : A clear example of a Resource Based Economy. Do we have the money? No. Do we have the resources? Oh yes!

SoCalFreelance : Bridge inspectors are going to be like WTF?

purewonka : He's a total BOSS! Impressive.

CPS 56 : Fernando is a builder of bridges: from his imagination into reality, from reality into his imagination. ***Sublime***

Mauro Bermudez : This man is a genius

oleg ridozub : What a house! Hopefully I'll have a place like this in my lifetime.

Marcel Moravek : a few comments are hilarious the lack of knowledge of some individuals is like gold

Zebarbas : This guy is great. I'd love to have my space and ability to build these things.

phillip mccrevice : thank you for always posting amzing stuff

Jessica Woodmus : I've watched a lot of these kind of videos and by far this is one of the most creative videos I have seen it just shows you if you put your mind to something you can actually achieve it....

Erika Christiansen : I totally get this guy. As a visual artist, I could always make anything as long as it was "just art." People were more accepting of odd creations on canvas or as a "mere" sculpture. I've done installations too, but I love this guy's childlike fort building and city exploring attitude. I used to design so many crazy things that could be used and lived with and lived within. I sometimes built them if I had the skills. I might try to enlist the help of a significant other. He'd often just say "why" or "these things aren't really worth it in the end." I now own many power saws and have increased my skills so I can build many of my visions myself. When I finally got my own house and started making things happen, my S.O. asked me why everything had to be a project. Sad day. I really need to learn to weld though.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ : This is so cool

Neuro Pulse : "Homeless man finds nice space under bridge" The thought of living under there is going to give me nightmares.

Victor 11rus : This guy knows how to make fun! :)

Saraha : Constrcuct under the Bridge = Zombie-Proof Shelter

Agu sosa : Pocas personas se atreven a cumplir sus sueños o inquietudes simplemente se dejan llevar por la corriente de esta vida y eso te honrra sigue asi y espero cumplas tus sueños suerte

Brad Cornelius : Beautiful galgo. It's the perfect dog for someone who appreciates beautiful design...

jean405 : This guy is brilliant! The under bridge trolley is amazing, and the ‘thank you’ smurf was a kind gesture from the visitor. I really liked some of the benches he made

Javier Duran : OMG, this guy is a genius!!! ;-)

Jeremy McReynolds : I'm speechless, the dude is brilliant. I wish him much success and prosperity in his ventures.

relaxshacksDOTcom : So cool! Love the stuff you find, and thats its not all JUST tiny houses..... we have such similar interests....  Hope you guys a great holiday!

sewardt : The stairs!!! Not for drunk people!!!

Betazero : I don't get this. I like alternative spaces but I think this is not a place to live in nor does anyone anyways. There is one chair and a table...No view(just concrete) and all the pollution, dust, noise etc. You would be better off on the ground under the overpass. You could then at least have a breeze, view and much more ceiling height.

Athena Ambrosia : thank you for opening my eyes and minde he is me and i em him.human.thank you this is the push i needed

Morena DnX : Vaya artista tu, bastante guapo todo grande sigue diseñando

Gill T : I dig it... I dig it deep!

Lisa Kilmer : This one is beautifully done, Kristen. You've captured a very eloquent voice. His live-work space is inspiring, and his play spaces as well. The mindset of "all attempts are worthwhile and mistakes are good for learning" is desperately needed in our society. I have noticed that a lot of the most innovative spaces seem to be in Spain. Does this mean they have relaxed zoning rules? For example, in my area I don't think his dwelling would be cleared for residential living until the loft railing was installed.

Lucas Luna : a derelict or hobbo home .

mASMRized : Wow :) ¡Yo también quiero jugar, Fernando! El intento de autosuficiencia, la cabaña, el escondite, la exploración, el descubrimiento, la aventura. En la cabaña del puente yo escondería una cuerda de emergencia, por si acaso la "góndola" se quedase bloqueada a medio camino por fallo del sistema de tracción (aunque, como las ruedas no tiene rail superior, tendría que ver cómo, en caso de tener que usar la cuerda para evacuar la góndola, evitar que la góndola basculase). ¡Saludos desde Barcelona! Fernando's ingenuity and approach to life speak to me. This video has made my imagination run wild and free. Thank you for sharing, Kirsten. I love your content :)

Leone Ranger : "Often I make my own tools" Ok, STOP IT! This guy took DIY to a whole 'nother level 😁 Very inspiring way of basically thinking, 'I Can' 👏

Ikscdm Degi : wow! just wow! This man changed my way of seeing things.

Anastasia Renaud : This gentleman is a creative genius. I remember seeing his under the bridge "room" on houzz and thinking he was an another impractical architect school grad. Seeing his home and other passion projects you see what skill, creativity and talent this guy has. You could do an hour more in his live-work space! Thanks for introducing him to us Kirsten.

Miss Informed : Absolutely inspiring. Thank you!

Aaron Ingebrigtsen : Zombie proof!

Gordon Tendick : Kirsten, when are we going to get a tour of your house??

amon tri : cool idea but what about the heat , the deadly carbonmoxide from the car exhaust, extreme weather deadly rodent feces. bugs , spiders , bats , bat gauano law inforcment in America its a felony trespass charge to do that might cause a fire or worse what if the contraption fails and someone dies, and what about the real homeless people throwing shit at you and bothering you, worse if some homeless dude shoots at you yea its a good idea but I'd rather hide in a tree far away from people