Organised crime

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Rage : Good work kid, keep your dreams strong and true. The negativity on YouTube are social climbers and losers who never got anywhere with their life. You stay strong, great video and material.

Mr Baconaroni : Hahaha

StevieSenpai : See you on Friday buddy and you better have more videos, or else. :)

UniversalFrog : Love it

Igneous_is_my_Alias : Young lad, considering that you're 12 this is graded at A- Room for improvement. Carry on. ;)

MrDadulence : yo if you want better audio quality when you export your cartoon from flash go into publish settings>Flash> and change the Audio Stream and Audio Event settings to 128 kbps, put quality on Best and UNCHECK convert stereo to mono! when youre done, click the publish button and voila!

Victor Ye : This really gives me an OneyNG vibe, back when he animated the TIMEWASTER shorts. Keep at it, and you could soon usurp his ivory throne.

Blersty : I can see how far this channel will get. Good luck! Btw loved the video

somedeveloperblokey : Nice work young fella - keep it up!

Xycron : Okay that was pretty good lol

greta miller : That was good, keep up the good work

Captain Piratedanger : Good work man! Keep with it, your talent shows. I like your art style too

VT TV : Really nice work...keep it up!

Adam K. : You're 12 and you're doing this? Keep it up, man. Don't stop doing what you're doing, I've learned over time that the only way to be awesome at something is to do it a LOT. By the time you're an adult you'll have 6 years of experience and this will be one of the many pieces in your portfolio. You'll be way ahead of everyone else. Great job!

Maxfowl05 : uuuh collab please

Joe Pro : haha!

Luka Bajtic : definitely was better with the reddit context, made me chuckle

Rusty Shackleford : That was great :D

thedaveanderson : Def made me laugh.

Jay : Awesome! Can't wait for part 2

Tony Music : What do you call an official weapon that shoots pieces of music? A canon canon cannon

Nick Kunwar : We need part 2 on Friday!

finalform11 : I like it :D

RecruitofApollo : I'll admit, this got a chuckle out of me. I wasn't expecting the conclusion I got, which made it even better. Keep it up, my dude.

planesrift : I don't like it. Not funny. SAD.

DaftChunks : Tell your brother to never post on reddit again.

Mike Hawkburns : Corny as fuck