Not Another Teen Movie - Cheerleading Scene

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Addie Calemine : i still can't believe that girl is not Margot Robbie..


Jack : Love that they took this from 'Bring it on' movie 😄

Awelbeckk : We will never know if they stole the routine or not.

Ariana Andrews : The shouldn't say the n word the red uniforms blue shouldn't say it

Christopher Fraley : Bring it On!

Faith Freeman : weak

C whippz : melania trump lmmfao!!!

Khmerswag01 : They were cheering for the other team

Mel Whitefordhall : its already been broughten

Rivika Arya : "Broughten"...

anibalsagenev : where's Rachel Dolezal ??? ha

Al Black : Definitely copyright infringement! Why can’t these inconsiderate, intolerant cheerleaders use their OWN routine, for Christ’s sake???

hoxey : funny

Joseph Nickelback : ROFLJAMNYZ

deigismon : Song? Pls.

Naila Duncan : lol

Arieslifa : @gregnoodlez please make this mobile

Jacob Stalker : Damn those bitches represent!!!

DisasterWarning : Nice comback pricilla yeah!!

Jordan P : oh it's already been brought'n!

AnnaBeth Averett : What Is The Song?????

james monty : I cracked my ass off

Assbutt McMonster : She got over it I guess. Kind of how I got over being called a Kike.

Assbutt McMonster : I wish the cheerleaders at the highschool I went to looked like that. The ones I had, the only one that looked half human was one that already had a baby. The rest were fat (like 40+ lbs overweight), or had muffintops and rat faces at least. And they all thought they were hot.

edugalfonso : New Order - Blue Monday

Elisheva Chana : One of the funnest scenes!!

khunter : damn those bitches represent!

misslulz1 : isnt this like bring it on???????????????

Jess M : @towhorlow

CoolDodger : I still don't think they stole their routine

Itzel Naranjo : hahaha LoL

Sofus Nielsen : not another teenage movie.

Emma Radema : Which film is this?

divasaresocool : dam those bitche repersent

In10s : the 900 number

Sam Honomichl : song name.

MegaVegs : Best...Movie parody... Ever.

Samira 22 : how you laugh when yo ancestors were being whipped and being called that name

Samira 22 : bitch you don't know wat you got yo ass into talking shit like dat

TeaDrinker3000 : Great, nice to know we have your approval to laugh at something funny

Xousouris : weird question... What is the song they dance with?

tuccikaa : dj kool - let me clear my throat is the song actually

Bri 😁 : Haha "Damn those bitches represent!"

Brandy Huffman : Im telling my school cheer leaders to do this..and we are all

Adam Moreira : Actually, it's "The 900 Number".

Nicholas Herson : I really felt sorry for the cheerleader at the back, I mean nobody's slapping her ass XD

KCX Channel Tv : Bahaha! Dude I love Jaime Pressly aka Priscilla! <3 :)

gloomyteens : the black girls face at 0:37 is PRICELESS! you can obviously tell that she was about to burst out laughing! HAHA

Edd BadgerFeet : @WeLsHRaVeR95 The 900 number-45 king