The biggest and most unexpected gift of my life ❤

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Darren Ernst : This was better than 99% of the videos I've seen today.

Habanosify : Feels like it's probably time to go back home to Denmark now for you.

Alexandre Ramos : Muito legal. Felicidades para você e sua família! Cheers!

Gnawer Shreth : TIllykke med fødselsdagen! Det var da heldigt, at du var hjemme, må man sige. Du kunne vel være taget i byen med lokale venner? :D

Ricardo Victor : Dude, i wish only the best, it must have been tough! Hope you have the best time with your family!

Chemistry Atomistic : Oh, this is so beautiful! Where are you from, my brother?

Paola Laverde : Good for you! Happy Birthday and may you always feel the love you felt today.

Osiris4441 : tillykke med de 40 :)

MegaMasturbator : skivv godt man

Vikturu : That's amazing dude