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Me having fun in ESEA. No, I'm not a Goron. EDIT: First off thanks for all the views and positive comments! Never expected this vid to get this popular, I just recorded it and put it online to show to a few friends really! Here's what the dude said. I never tracked down his steam account unfortunately :(. ------------ (the beginning is the lyrics to Snoop Dogg and Pharell's "Drop It Like It's Hot") The phantom, exterior like fish eggs interior like suicide wrist-red(rags?) I could exercise you, this could be your phys-ed cheat on your man homie AGHHH I tried to sneak through the door man! Can't make it, can't make it, the shit's stuck! Outta my way son! DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK! Please! I beg you! We're dead! You're a g-g-genuine dick sucker! *we die* *laughs* Yo I'm adding this guy to friends.


knyn : how to get millions of views: upload video wait 4-12 years

TheCuteNobushi : Top 10 Rappers who died too early

Cuddle Team Leader : Girls locker room: Did you see brad yesterday he’s cute af Boys locker room:

Criticism At its finest : 0:05 can you imagine if he walked straight this masterpiece wouldnt be made?

Tacocat04 : Back then: I'm gonna add him, this was fun Now: yeah you're getting reported

Roni Faulkner : The five stages of grief: Denial: Tried to sneak through the door, man. Can't make it, this shit's stuck. Anger: OUTTA MY WAY SON. DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK! Bargaining: Please! I beg you! Depression: We're dead! Acceptance: You're a genuine dicksucker!

green : *This man went through all five stages of grief in under 35 seconds.*

- _PRO IN EVERYTHING : this guy:raps Eminem: *heavy breathing* this guy: dies Eminem: *relieve sigh*

The GalaxyofSkullsTV Archive : Me standing in front of my dad: My dad trying to work on something: 0:13

Anonymous User : The phantom, exterior like fish eggs. Interior like suicide wrist rags I could exercise you, this could be your physed Cheat on your man homie AGHHH tried to sneak through the door man! Can't make it, can't make it, the shit's stuck! Outta my way son! DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK! Please! I beg you! We're Dead! You're a g-genuide dick sucker! *dies* *laugh* yo Im adding this guy as a friend. *laugh*

speakerjunkie e : 0:17 *PLEAS.. I BEG YOU!* I felt that

Ima31banana TWITCH : When gamers respected each other.


RdTrler : Alas, my fellow masked companion who has been set upon this coinciding mission of eliminating armed and hostile threats! I hath attempted to facilitate the utilization of this hinged compartmentalizing panel comprised of construction material in our immediate vicinity, so that it may grant me passage from this brick-walled hallway to the grand outdoors! But, dear sir! It has become immediately apparent that the accomplishment of this minuscule task has become an impossibility, owed entirely to the orientation of our current positions! I must repeat myself, lest you fail to comprehend the development of this situation! This now-useless obstacle, likened to the excrement of mammals, sea-life, crustaceans and other members of the animal kingdom, stands within the path of our objective! It is firmly wedged between myself, this adjacent wall of brick-slash-mortar, and your inopportune presence; it refuses to move! Panic grips my withering state of mind, my dearest blood-related offspring of the masculine variety! I hurriedly implore you to reverse the movements of your lower appendages so that I may accomplish that same feat, allow this so-called 'door' to reach the fullest extent of its range of motion, and bid ourselves haste to advance forth and achieve our highest-priority goal! If it is not apparent to you by now, then I must resort to screeching in your direction! THIS HINGED OBSTACLE IS JAMMED! THIS HINGED OBSTACLE IS JAMMED! Oh woe is me! Allow me to be courteous, and parlay with you! Desperation captures my consciousness, and now I must plead with your unresponsive self to set free this humble protector of our country! Verily, due to the immobilization of myself, the situation has grown most dire! I see now that our impending doom is assured! Having exhausted all but a final option, you force my hand! I must and insult you whilst s-stuttering, in the vain hopes that we may yet act in a way that w-would assist in accomplishing our predetermined task, and prevent an exceptionally powerful discharge of explosive ordinance! For I can no longer g-grant you the benefit of the doubt! Nay, this unsolicited behavior deserves r-ridicule! Referring to your former m-moniker of 'son,' I hereby label you as a truthful and honest f-fornicator with members of the same sex! ... I must gasp for breath, as the calamitous moment comes to pass. Ahem. Attention, squadmates of the living and slain variety. In spite of terrifying consequences which unfolded over approximately 17,000 milliseconds, I feel emotionally compelled to seek out and officiate a friendship between myself and the very mortal being that was the sole cause of aforementioned horrors.

Denofu : *E X T E R I O R L I K E F I S H E G G S*

GD MikeIce : I have so many questions regarding that old mic voice chat

Kuroneko Love : nobody: everyone: looking for comments that is posted 11 years ago

Tiemp Hight : I want to know where that beautiful man is today.

Saad : One of the few very rare golden era youtube videos

TachankaTHICC : “I BEG YOU” *continues to stab him*

829922 992264 : Lmao whats funny is the guy stabbing him endlessly with no urge to help him

GrTimeKiller af : 240p - Enjoyable. 144p - More Enjoyable.

Anarchist : Every month or so I get recommended this video and I feel obligated to watch it

Lex et Honor : O U T M Y W A Y S O N D O O R S T U C K ! !

Oceassa : This is older than most people watching this.

Somoko Kamaijo : Best old Youtube Relic.

AestheticPug : Thank you YouTube, for once again recommending me this timeless classic!

Plum shoy : *_O U T O F M Y W A Y S O N_*

Daryl Dixon : 0:18 Whene a guy who cant stop doing drugs want to get more money for drugs😂

Gaming XP : I swear it looks better every year

Mr. Mysterious : *Hears Old M4A1 Gunshots, Old Explosion, Old Stab Noises* Nostalgia

Kuro Oof : I searched "Man jumps off the cliff" And this shit pops up

Dantastic : When he said “door stuck” I felt that.

rika kartikasari : He attacc He protecc But most importantly..., He got the door stucc

PK Sonikal ツ : Lyrics: The Phantom, exterior like fish eggs The interior like suicide wrist red I can exercise you, this can be your Phys. Ed Cheat on your man ma, AAAHHH tryn' to sneak through the door, ma'am? Can't make it, can't make it. Shit's stuck. Outta my way son! DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK! PLEASE! I BEG YOU! WE'RE DEAD! You're a genuine dick sucker!

Shin Godzilla : Start: Teen saying stuff Middle: *Old man screaming.*

- TheShockin'Electro - : it's funny how he included the lyrics

Irsyad Bros : From this video i can see how community change: 2007:just to have fun. do that and you get friend request 2019:play too serious. do that and you get banned for a year.

Phantom 404 : Legend says to this day, he is still door stuck...

Uroš Bogovac : When you are trying to escape from the school:


A cucumber : Youtuber: uploads video *11 years later* YouTube recommendations: Yeah, today's a good day to show this video.


Bao Thien : "Out of my way son, DOOR STUCK DOOR STUCK"

5K Subscribers With one video : *Going up the staircase for the heaven* *Come join us*

Rawk : Some say The door remains stuck until this very day.

roberto : 2007: "DOOR STUCK!" 2018: "CYKA BLYAT!"

perhaps : is genuine dicksucker a compliment or insult?

Ganon Tice : Player 1: the door's stuck, *THE DOOR'S STUCK!!* Player 2: *[troll song plays]*