Squadron 42 - CitizenCon Trailer

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TheNOOBIFIER1337 : Thumbs up for a "Release Date"

BoredGamer : The updated facial work looks amazing. I realized why Gillian Anderson look weird, it's because they have made her younger in the game.

Damien Engemann : Everyone is like "wow there is this actor !" in human side, but everyone is missing Andy Serkis because he's playing aliens :D

Timeyy : The worst scam in history, instead of taking the millions for himself Chris Roberts made the mistake of founding a company, employing several hundreds of people for years and accidentally making a great space game. Such fail.

LI11041989 : Okay it looks like the first "quadruple A" game

SWDennis : Best looking Squadron 42 Trailer ever! The jump in quality, cinematography and graphics is amazing.

Andrew : I've watched it again. Help! Please stop me

Михаил : AAAA-game.

Ewan Callister : Mark Hamill Mark Strong Gary Oldman Henry Cavill Ben Mendelsohn Craig Fairbrass Gillian Anderson Andy Serkis John Rhys-Davies

Matheus Kalil : Once you understand what this game really represents, it isn't hard to get emotional when clear progress, as we see here in this trailer, is shown. Paying attention to Bishop's speech, from 1:53 forward, I couldn't help thinking about the journey of this project until now, with all the difficulties, the hate and skepticism the developers and the community have been dealing with, and also about what Star Citizen really means. "We will win... because we have to." takes a whole new dimension. This is not just a game. It's a statement. This is a call out to every game publisher out there who keep pressing on developers to deliver game after game within tiny schedules, caring only about their profit margins. Star Citizen is a quest to recover what gaming really is about. It's about community. It's about joy. About bringing forth the true dreams and visions of the developers without any dampenings or cuts made by those big publishers and their strict agendas. This project runs only on the developers resilience with their vision, and on the community's desire to play that vision. It's about freedom.

Justin Bane : "There have been haters, there have been release delays. Each and every one of you has proven your wallets time and again. We will not lose our funding, we will not fall back on release dates....we will pledge...BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO!!!"

Brejan : This will either be one of the greatest games ever, or one of the greates failures in gaming history. If it's the latter, at least the Internet will have a meltdown that will be a sight to behold.

LatrineRavine : Everyone talking bout john rhys Davies and mark hamill, but theres a wild sean bean spotted at 2:18

Citizen 1482608 : Idgaf what anybody thinks or says about SC or SQ42 anymore. This is going to be the most epic game ever made, in both size and gameplay/cinematic directing.

TerraStone : MARK HAMILL!

Stegas : Everyone telling CIG to rush go look at what happened to Mass Effect Andromeda

kxmode : Looks like the Mass Effect Andromedia we should have gotten.

mariuxxxx1 : Is it normal if a cried watching this

Ferreira JC : I have never seen so many big name MoCaped actors in a video game before, I highly doubt this game is a scam or fraud like so many haters claim.

Citizen Gamer : This is why I backed the game. This is why I do Evocati Testing. This is why I do my YouTube channel. This is the dream. A dream that is taking shape.

Erik Rasmussen : I literally got goosebumps watching this. So excited for this and so proud to be a backer. I've never put money into a game and felt it was as worth it as this game has been. To be able to support this development has truly been a joy. So excited to experience SQ42 and see everyone in the 'verse!

JB : Why watch a movie when you can be part of one!

Omninaut : Didnt think I'd get back my old hype for this back. Now I can't stop watching this!

Highgrounder : I bet Mark Hammil is liking this role more than Luke Skywalker from TLJ.

Amcor09 : These actors will be dead by the time the game comes out. Only joking. Can't wait for this game!

Grenn1471 : I think I see where all that kickstarter money is going.

LeonRus : PC Master RACE=)


Alex : Casting agent: Bring me everyone Employee: What do you mean everyone? Casting agent: EVVEERRYYOOONNEEE!!!!

Travis Cox : You know what? I was skeptical of star citizen but now? Yea now I see what they are going for. This isn't going to be a game that you play for a bit then move on to the next yearly release game. This will be a game you play for years because it will take years for anything to surpass it.

Rappodon : Masterpiece! i am overwhelmed. Great job!

jose jorge granados : a worthy game for the pc master race

Clockwork : This is why I've invested hundreds of dollars in Star Citizen. All those people that have said SC is a scam will eat their words.

Sitarow : Spectacular work done by a ground breaking team! Those couragious few that are part of this history in the making, may you excel in all you do.

Ak-su : They finish this singleplayer Squadron 42 first and if it succeeds it will draw more attention to their MMO star citizen, should be a good strategy. In any case, if both succeed, this will be the greatest game ever.

Diego Torres : The cast proves that Star Citizen and Squadron 42 aren’t scams

Mr556x45mm : There is not enough crow on this planet to feed to the naysayers for when Squadron 42/Star Citizen releases. What a glorious day that will be.

Antoine Bandele : I have no idea what this franchise is (if it is a franchise) but I want ... I want this story now.

Aizuddin Fahmi : Today we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE DAYY!!!

Cliven Longsight : It's hard to hear because of voice distortion, music, and sound effects, but when Henry Cavill's character speaks to his wingman, it sounds like he calls him Cal, or even Kal. How amusingly appropriate.

Philipp Heinemann : If this was a movie I'd watch it.

Taimoor Shah : Nothing like Winston Churchill giving a speech to get you hyped for war

Cameron Roberts : I don't care how long this game takes. I don't care how long Star Citizen takes. People are very quick to kick off when games are released when they aren't ready. Release it in 10 years, in 2040.. I simply don't care. I will play it when it's ready, and I will absolutely love it. The same people moaning about the time it's taking and it being a scam are the same ones who would moan about an unpolished game. I'm ridiculously excited still!

BBrown4 : I can't stop watching this. SQ42 is going to be so amazing. Movies and video games.. the two forms of entertainment I'm most passionate about. So seeing my favorite actors fuse with the video game world and helping bring this game to life just sends me over the edge lol EDIT: I'd also like to add after reading some of the other comments -- for those of us that have been here since the beginning, this trailer is borderline emotional . It gives me chills. I've seen some reaction videos already from some youtubers who don't even know what star citizen or SQ42 is, and while that is of no fault of their own, I don't think they truly understand what this game is and what it is this trailer MEANS. I'm so incredibly proud of CIG and how far they've come. I feel like I've had the privilege of watching a child grow into a succesful adult lol. To all of the OG's and newcomers alike, thank you for joining me in shutting up and throwing money at the screen lol

claude nobs : Most people are just shocked when they discover that game development is so hard.. i think many shout out that it is fake, out of fear

Invictum Aerius : A PS4 will overheat even trough showing this video 😂

RadActiveLobster : Is that John Rhys-Davies at 2:10 ?

The DigitalAlchemist : Not gana lie, I'm more excited for the SP campaign than the open universe.

mother doomsday : And my hype for this game is resurrected

Jack Powell : Must save up for PC to play this in MAX everything, with hotas etc.