Should Dinosaurs be Unbanned? (Feat. Casually Explained)
Should Dinosaurs be Unbanned Feat Casually Explained

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Try Skillshare for two months for free by clicking this link: Special thanks to Casually Explained for working on this video with me! He's got a video series in the same vein as my channel, you can check it out here: Also thanks to Trey The Explainer for helping me write this episode! Check out his channel here:


Connor Rivers : Damn, this dude got an interview with God.

JackgarPrime : "Players thought it would be funny to shorten their arms" - God

Russell Wen : I forgot how bad the graphics were in the 100,000,000's... So feel fortunate that the graphics have improved to this level today.

apóvlitos : This guy turned history into a game.... We need to make a game exactly like this

Ali GAY : Dinosaurs: *exists* Some cat bois: *hold my beer*

Kalenz : You didn't address the sea server at all. What about the mosasaurus for example.

realitant : "you must be at least 65 million years old to view this content." I mean, I guess that's technically true haha

Jeffrey Huang : 2:11 Kangaroo equals T-Rex... I'm done

cocokitty : 5:51 a great example of an afk herbivore

TheChowitzer : "We tried to buff the herbivores by adding two horns to the uniceratops..." I laughed so hard I farted.

Snake or Break : 0:12 Ankylosaurus used Destiny Bond! Tyrannosaurus used Bite! It's super effective! *A critical hit!* Ankylosaurus fainted! Ankylosaurus took its attacker down with it! 0:18 - 0:29

4Nesca : When the human class is so OP that it becomes one of the devs.

grayson hellyer : Carnivore spawns, human deploys attack helicopter tool

Friendly Metroid : I got a PERFECT pterosaur ability combo... A week later dinos were banned

War Monkey : All in favor of pet velociraptors say aye

Duece Papoose : You OP at transitions to those sponsors. S class. Best I’ve ever seen.

jonasba276 : I was so pissed when they banned all the dinosaurs. I litterally got my T-rex to max level a few days before the patch. After that I quit the game for a while, but I started playing again in 2001, as a human ofc because they're just so OP. So I really hope they don't nerf or ban humans because I swear to god then I'm quitting this game foever. Also heard a rumor about the servers shutting down soon because the humans just ruined it. That would suck even more than them just getting banned...

Nils Kätzchenfleisch : If we manage to unban dinosaurs we are officially more powerful than the Devs

HackermanACK : But wait.. Dinosaurs are technically unbanned Birds

Cool lasaga : Well there are some human class players who are trying to hack dinosaurs back in the game

Vojin Milojkovic : I just started playing the game and i found your guides mot hapeful and noob friendly thank you senpai

TierZoo : After speaking with a paleontologist, I'd like to correct a mistake I made in this video. Hadrosaurs could run much faster than elephant, in fact about double their top speed. This made it more than capable of outrunning the predators of their day. With that said, canines and felines can still outrun them, so the point I made about them not being able to outspeed today's predators stands.

Alexmor2004 : Elephants are a bit op, don't you think. The only reason they're almost extinct is because of the hyper op humans

Kasino Kaiser : I like how that raptor yeeted that ferret instead of eating it

Richard Feng : *unbanns dinosaurs* dinosaurs: YOU WILL REGRET BANNING US FOR THE RES- TierZoo: nvm

Ghost of Aces1 : Well. Tyrannosaurs (the genus trex is in) could run over 45 mph according to must scientists.

Matt Reynolds : Literally anyone: *comments* TierZoo: *_h e a r t_* e: that was fast

vapormissile : Thag-0-mizer A thagomizer is the distinctive arrangement of four to ten spikes on the tails of stegosaurid dinosaurs. These spikes are believed to ... The term "thagomizer" was coined by Gary Larson in jest, in a 1982 The Far Side ...

Gabriel Ricou : I laughed so hard when the Trex turned into kangar. :)oo

shady elf : You should talk to someone about actually making a game like this, i would definitely play.

Some Kid : So, the game is run by casually explained, Jeff Kaplan, and Shigeru Miyamoto. Must be great., where can I buy it.

Zetraxes : Is skillshare even legal. Dont wanna get banned when the devs see me getting good at everything in quick succession they might even not take my ticket into consideration when im banned so what would u say Skillshare legal or illegal?

Axew325 : lol if they unbanned they finna get swarmed by bullets

Apoapsis Periapsis : Humans be like, Guy, air poison, venom, mini venomous ants, Guy2, get the shooked soviet army Guy3, nukes Guy4, super laser pointing towards earth

World Eater : My T-Rex risked bank and was pked by a team of velociraptors.

Alex Fuentes : are u gonna ignore the end Permian and Triassic? is kt extinction event the "first" one in the game?

Umayrica : _Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover of all time_ Tier Zoo (Feat. Casually Explained)

Eric Wade : "T-rex can only manage a light jog, so humans could escape." Really? pshh, How many humans do you know who can't even manage a light jog. Enough to keep T-rex fed, and the number's growing every year.

Roman Silhan : Your video is made by genius you are like One of the "devs" >) <3

bunny : this is such a cool concept for a channel. i love this!

Infinite Loop : I'm a simple man. I see TierZoo and Casually Explained and I like

theOPEnderking : We need to make skillshare dino-proof or we're gonna go extinct.


Wepa, Inc. : Yo I discovered this channel looking up comparisons of nature’s bug cats. And this is the greatest YouTube Chanel ever. 😂

zidaryn : I gotta love that the spikes on the end of a stegasaurous are called a Thagumiser.

24 Frames Of Nick : That is the hottest of collabs

Al the Alligator : *I honestly don't find the appeal in hurrying to Max LVL in this game; then, you only have a small time to play until you're Balance Reset to Newborn again. It's just not worth putting all this effort into your character just to restart instantly. Maybe you're just really into your character and want to help your species grow, but other than that I tend to get less active once I near Max LVL.* *Also I keep seeing people mentioning how the K-T Mass Extinction Patch ruined the Pangea Server, but the Server was shut down in a patch right after the Dinosaur Update! It was replaced by smaller servers during Season Triassic so the game could run better, which was far before the Cretacious Update or K-T Mass Extinction Patch!* Ah, noobies that claim they remember the game but really have only been playing since the Homo Sapiens Update, they give me and the OGs a good laugh.

paco ramon : So it was like the jump from Smash 64 to the much faster Melee.

Sneaky Snake : Dinosaurs will get smacked by humans Dinosaur: *ROAR* HUMAN: *Uses tank* Dinosaur:*Dies* Human: Get gud n0ob