Should Dinosaurs be Unbanned? (Feat. Casually Explained)

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TheScubajones : The devs are so unreasonable. It's like they have a God complex or something

Pavle Stojanovic : Latin for God is Deus The letter v in Roman times used to be u phonetically, if I'm not mistaken So the Romans would've written God as Devs, right?

Mark Meketi : Do the Ant Tier list, i dont think you have mentioned ants at all in your videos, yet the builds exist, why not make a tier list for them?

bificommander : That pre-patch footage of dino's though... Ugh. I didn't even realize how many gfx updates the devs had rolled out since the Jurassic patch. Whatever out think of the meta now, at least Outside has much better graphics these days.

Jonathan Lissåker : Biologsit here. First of all, i LOVE your show! It actually touches some parts of biology that we are not taught during our education, the matter of how evolution unfolds and what traits determines the current meta. Second, could you please make a video where you go through how you define the meta and the way you rank organisms. It's a bit unclear. Is it determined by the organism's world wide distribution? Evolutionary longevity? Total biomass? Or just their place in the ecosystem?

TierZoo : After speaking with a paleontologist, I'd like to correct a mistake I made in this video. Hadrosaurs could run much faster than elephant, in fact about double their top speed. This made it more than capable of outrunning the predators of their day. With that said, canines and felines can still outrun them, so the point I made about them not being able to outspeed today's predators stands.

culwin : The devs were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

xXDraco DeathXx : I remember Pre-Extinction Patch. I had just gotten my Raptor to Max LVL then BAM, I had to make a new Acc. Not to mention they shut down the 1 huge server and opened up a bunch of little servers. That was so lame. My group of friends and I were just about to make an attack on this 1 really tough Rex that had been dominating a bunch of newbies too.

john johnson : Can you go over the human's new self-imposed herbivore play-style? A lot of them are pushing for it to become a patch and, and I wanted to know how you thought it would effect the meta.

Lord AZL : You should do a video on hybrid builds such as the Liger or the Prizzly Bear. See how they compare to their parent classes.

24 Frames Of Nick : That is the hottest of collabs

Mervin Ng : Sakurai is one of the developers. Dinosaurs confirmed for Smash Ultimate.

Tokori : SAKURAI, JEFF AND BIOLIGY IN ONE VIDEO??? Finally some quality content!

JP1337mod : do artillery only tier list

RecklessRex : The proper name for the "tail-weapon herbivores" class is the Thyreophoran Guild

JUST MONIKA : Casully Explained doing a collab with Tierzoo **Top 10 anime collaborations of all time**

heather tompkins : Could you do a video about hominids? Im wondering what the other options were, and how they fared before humans eventually took over; especially the builds that have gained the mythic status, like dwarves, elves, vampires, were-creatures, etc. Also, how might they fare in the current meta if given time to acclimate to the current environments and technologies?

mp3ok? mp3ok? : TREY THE EX PLAINER

MetaFalcon : You forgot about the dromaeosaur's signature move, Raptor Prey Restraint. Not only was it one of the best grapple moves ever implemented, but if the user was light enough, it could also be specced into flight. Hell, Raptor Prey Restraint is still one of the best abilities, just look at eagles and secretary birds.

Aquilus Romero : Anyone hear that eyewitness intro music though? Brings me back..

Dextruider : *If they get unbanned* We get meat for life.

Couldn't think of a good name : Tbh this is the only reason im still playing the Turtle Build, ive been waiting for that update the Devs promised centures ago, once they finally do it I will be able to evolve into the higher lvl creatures like the Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus, or atleast thats what I hope as I already forgot into which dinosaur this build used to evolve acording to the list they gave after the extinction pack.

Gaiden Castro : Humans can potentially use DNA splicing to potentially break the meta. They're too smart.

CretaceousCraft : i remeber the good old days when you would join a pangea server and just choose a rex and slay everything, though everyone ended up choosing rexes, so it was sorta unfair. Lost my max level rex in the update aswell.

Canadian Empire Secret laboratory : Is John Hammond a dev

The Derp Chaos : Thank you for using blood borne text “Prey Slaughter” when you kill a boss. It fits the channel so well

king julienog : Like it songs really good and I want to play it but don't know the game

Styles FS : Dude the spino in the jp3 dlc was pay 2 win :/

king julienog : Umm what game is this???

Puck i : Mapusaurus is better than t-rex, t-rex is overrated

TREY the Explainer : Awesome video man! Happy I could work with you on this one ;)

Cheetah Cheese : Hey I think you should do a video covering the rumor about hackers playing secret sea creatures, supposedly deeper in the ocean, do you think you could debunk or confim this?

YugoslavGamer : DinoHub? :o

Overtoasted TV : Humans got such a big nerf when the nicknamed “Epic Update “ when the intelligence was severely lowered.

Ralph Anthony Yap : Just like to point out that dromaeosaurid builds are basically land-based eagle/hawk/falcon builds, which are pretty OP in their own right. Would love it if the devs gave us option to use these builds again tbh.

Ronit Nayak : Dino Souls: Prepare to be Extinct Edition

Hussein El-sedawy : Hey Tier zoo could you discuss the livestock class? How humans choose which animals to domesticate for food and what qualities made them good for livestock? Thanks.

Bibasik7 : The best part of the video is when a dinosaur finds a Power Moon in the sand.

Gumball the Baby Triceratops : I honestly think that hadrosaurs would actually DOMINATE the meta and i think that the stegosaurus would likely go extinct quick. Stegosaurs have a poor sense of smell, poor eyesight and poor hearing so the lions can easily go for the neck and finish the job without the stego even sensing the danger whereas Hadrosaurs have a great sense of smell and so did the Triceratops so they probably already know if a predator is hunting them and they will just leave. Also, Hadrosaurs lived in herds. Those herds likely have HUNDREDS of players! Predators would likely never even attack Hadrosaurs and Ceratopsians. Look how common white tailed deer are in the game. They have no weapons but they have great senses that can smell human hunters hundreds of meters away and they can just run away from the crosshairs before the hunter fires the rifle. That's probably a tactic Hadrosaurs and Ceratopsians will use in the current meta. That's why hadrosaurs and Ceratopsians are the most common Dinosaurs found which shows how successful and timeless a good sense of smell is. Of course Ceratopsians have horns, but it doesn't really work as a good defense against multiple predators. Also one last thing. The reason why weapons on the back aren't used anymore by players is because the carnivore players always go for the neck, for a fatal blow. A weapon from the back is completely useless if the predator is charging from the front. Front weapons are useless against predators when they attack the back of the player but there is no weak spot in the back, at least the front weapons can deter the predators from getting close to the neck and they likely just wait untill their teamates arrived.

RazingVirtuoso : whats the music from in the beginning i must know!!!!!

Justin Y. : Top ten anime crossovers

Salah Mohamed : 5:50 DID HE JUST GAVE UP ON HIS LIFE ?

M J : I like to imagine that “the game” is just a extremely popular vr game within some random alien civilization that works completely differently from our own, and teir zoo (our narrator) is just one of these aliens who happens to know a lot about the game

Kazuma : Hey tier i heard that one of the old update was that the mobility,intellect, and strength of the T.rex was buffed and made the T.rex the greatest predator class. thats why the extinction pack happened

The Red Wizard : Studies show that no dromeosaurs were smarter than rabbits. Don’t believe Jurassic park.

Draw dex : 7:25 When Yoshi's grab was OP.

Maniacal Matt : I wish you said in the video you collaborated with Trey

Fiverumble : I feel they should be unbanned but definitely nerf all carnivores a bit, and PLEASE fix the bugs when I tame a raptor, it just stops midway through a ride. It’s really annoying.

Bagel Donut : That so a lot of people have been wondering though

Jr Quick : I remember when the game was starting to get popular right after the cambrian update? Vertebrates were still in the closed beta phase. Earth only had one map. It's funny to think how much the meta has changed. The days of the anomalacharids and euriptyrids are over! I was hoping you could shed some light on the past metas?