Should Dinosaurs be Unbanned? (Feat. Casually Explained)

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TheScubajones : The devs are so unreasonable. It's like they have a God complex or something

Unova's Finest : This guy has the SMOOTHEST transition to his ad i swear. I actually listened to it lol

Mark Meketi : Do the Ant Tier list, i dont think you have mentioned ants at all in your videos, yet the builds exist, why not make a tier list for them?

dyl ich : I had forgotten that Gary Larson's Far Side had actually named the spiked tail weapons! RIP Thag Simmons.

rasput1n6 : *1:45** "But players decided i'd be funny to shorten their arms" LOL*

24 Frames Of Nick : That is the hottest of collabs

Samovar maker : Any veterans here remember the Permian-Triassic patch? Devs really shook up the meta by banning 96% of marine classes + 70% of land classes.

Jonathan Lissåker : Biologsit here. First of all, i LOVE your show! It actually touches some parts of biology that we are not taught during our education, the matter of how evolution unfolds and what traits determines the current meta. Second, could you please make a video where you go through how you define the meta and the way you rank organisms. It's a bit unclear. Is it determined by the organism's world wide distribution? Evolutionary longevity? Total biomass? Or just their place in the ecosystem?

RiderofRiddermark : I think you underestimate the effect size has. A pack of lions getting behind an 7-ton Triceratops still leaves them with an 7-ton opponent to take down. There is also the possible aspect of living in herds to many Ornithiscians, which could greatly reduce the mortality in early game. We might not have farmed enough data to come to a conclusion regarding the viability of herbivorous Dinosauria yet.

Andrew Ferguson : That segway into skillshare was so smooth I'm not even mad

JUST MONIKA : Casully Explained doing a collab with Tierzoo **Top 10 anime collaborations of all time**

FichU : Can you do an ancient sea monsters tier list such as dunkleosteus megalodon mosasaurus etc. and how would they compare to today's meta.

Lord AZL : You should do a video on hybrid builds such as the Liger or the Prizzly Bear. See how they compare to their parent classes.

culwin : The devs were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

projectalias : I love your use of the eyewitness theme.

TierZoo : After speaking with a paleontologist, I'd like to correct a mistake I made in this video. Hadrosaurs could run much faster than elephant, in fact about double their top speed. This made it more than capable of outrunning the predators of their day. With that said, canines and felines can still outrun them, so the point I made about them not being able to outspeed today's predators stands.

heather tompkins : Could you do a video about hominids? Im wondering what the other options were, and how they fared before humans eventually took over; especially the builds that have gained the mythic status, like dwarves, elves, vampires, were-creatures, etc. Also, how might they fare in the current meta if given time to acclimate to the current environments and technologies?

J.A. Gamer : I disagree with a lot of this. But the main pivot of all my points are whether or not predators today are capable of harming dinos. Assuming they could, barring extra specs into armour: Hadrosaurs would be S tier, and serve as basically massive wildebeest, with massive re spawn rates and very likely herd behaviour. If predators could harm them, then they would use the same strats (with less running), but they can't kill nearly enough to make them low tier. They have high spawn and growth rates as well as communication and decent speed, all things necessary for a modern herbivore. Triceratops would be bigger rhino's, and would be just fine if they could be hunted by modern predators. Sauropods definitely could not be taken down by anything alive, so that is pretty accurate. However, I disagree on their kids getting bodied causing them to be low tier. This would have happened in all time periods, and Sauropods were viable. There is no way leopards would cause enough problems to trigger extinction. Stegosaurus though, I have some big problems there. My dude, Animals today are smarter than at any time in History, and with intelligence comes adaptability, so tail weapons get figured out in no time. The reason attacking from behind is preferable is because prey are fleeing at high speed (something that screwed over Oligocene and Miocene predators), not as strategy, just a consequence of what PvP interaction means. If predators could harm stegosaurus, then it is screwed, If some Lions approached one, it is too slow to escape, not agile enough to protect from various directions, too dumb to not get baited over and over. It's neck is exposed virtually always, so a group attack or intelligent targeted attack is KO, bottom tier, near immediate extinction. Ankylosaurus might fare a bit better, it might be like a Walrus, always tantalizingly open and unprepared (suffers the same issues as Stegosaurus), but its defense might be high enough that nothing can harm it without wasting too much energy. If not then the same fate as Stegosaurus. Agree on the T-Rex. Would be great scavengers, but too slow to be viable, would always get to a kill after faster builds. It really doesn't need so much damage in the modern meta, and has no way to hunt anything today. It would get outrun by everything. Raptors would be worse wolves and foxes though. Too big to reliably live off smart defensive herbivores that have adapted to Raptor like strats and not intelligent enough to come up with new once quickly, and might be lacking in stamina (or raw speed) to take out big herbivores escaping. So yeah, just my take, but all would get bodied by modern humans. Poaching would be to the next level due to their popularity, and they are the easiest animals in history to poach

Cheetah Cheese : Hey I think you should do a video covering the rumor about hackers playing secret sea creatures, supposedly deeper in the ocean, do you think you could debunk or confim this?

Joshuapooleanox : We need this to be an actual game. Like you start going through the tree of life going through animal kingdom, mammals, etc. Then your launched into the game. AI for most herbivores apart from a few playable ones. Seriously please I need to throw money at this.

TREY the Explainer : Awesome video man! Happy I could work with you on this one ;)

JP1337mod : do artillery only tier list

Puck i : Mapusaurus is better than t-rex, t-rex is overrated

Christian Thomas : Oof !!! gotta admit that Eyewitness opening tune jazz cover has certainly set off the fireworks in the ears. Cheers for that one ( For those outside the loop that's the little medley sample Tierzoo plays in the intro)

Peter sall : YOINKED

The Derp Chaos : Thank you for using blood borne text “Prey Slaughter” when you kill a boss. It fits the channel so well

Pixelbug : 5:58 THAGOMIZER

Uriel Zaldivar : Why are we still using jurassic park dinosaurs. Use the more accurate models

Salah Mohamed : 5:50 DID HE JUST GAVE UP ON HIS LIFE ?

RecklessRex : The proper name for the "tail-weapon herbivores" class is the Thyreophoran Guild

LivingCorpseX : How about dragons? Maybe a mythology build.

Styles FS : Dude the spino in the jp3 dlc was pay 2 win :/

Elliott Barth : One of my favorite player builds is the pachycephalosaurid class. They were comparable in size to the dromaeosauridae builds (like Utahraptor or deinonychus) but being herbivorous sported a super tanky main attack with their thick skull goat bashing. I'd like to think that these players would be similar to how you rank the ceratopsidae playerbase, but would be a little more agile due to smaller size and bipedal nature.

Charles Iannucci : Love the eyewitness music.

Fiverumble : I feel they should be unbanned but definitely nerf all carnivores a bit, and PLEASE fix the bugs when I tame a raptor, it just stops midway through a ride. It’s really annoying.

Justin Y. : Top ten anime crossovers

QHXX GLAN : Looks like its rough for players who played back when dinosaurs exist

CompleteEpicness : I was wondering about a rodent tier list. I feel like guinea pigs seem like a weak class. In the wild

Thunder Person : Hey Tier Zoo, can you make a video ranking all the different social based builds?

Sarmatian Smilodon : The way you presented carnivorous dinosaurs and T Rex in particular is sooo wrong. Those were in fact quite intelligent animals. Much more so than their herbivorous peers.

Dean Natuno : *If they get unbanned* We get meat for life.

Sarmatian Smilodon : If you spawned a T Rex here on Earth in modern days it would instantly suffocate to death or freeze to death, With both basically being a torture for the unlucky critter. Increasing the Oxygen level won’t help since the other beings would just start growing as well.

Jonathan Lissåker : Good analysis as always. However, firstly i disagree about the Hadrosaurs, provided there is enough food i really think they could stand their own. No carnivore today (perhaps except the saltwater crocodile) could possibly take them down due to their size. The only issue being that their nest could be plundered easily. Secondly, i disagree regarding the tail-weapon argument in general. True most predators today take down prey by attacking them from behind, but most of them are intelligent and they will eventually learn to attack from the front instead. With this in mind i dont think species like stegosaurus could do much when they have five lions hanging from its throat. Although i totally agree with the armored/tail-weapon approach, no predator today would stand a chance.

Jr Quick : I remember when the game was starting to get popular right after the cambrian update? Vertebrates were still in the closed beta phase. Earth only had one map. It's funny to think how much the meta has changed. The days of the anomalacharids and euriptyrids are over! I was hoping you could shed some light on the past metas?

Studio Golden Spider : soooooo would the map get nerfed again ?

Ronit Nayak : Dino Souls: Prepare to be Extinct Edition

Zeliek : If it's not too strange for you i would like to see you tackle plant life as well for a couple of videos. Mushrooms are OP! There is a mushroom that can control the life cycle of its biome

Logan Johnson : Had and idea from one of your old videos colony based insects like ants bees wasps and some spiders

catty gaming : So tier zoo are you surprised no one got the halo reach yoink medal sound effect?

bificommander : That pre-patch footage of dino's though... Ugh. I didn't even realize how many gfx updates the devs had rolled out since the Jurassic patch. Whatever out think of the meta now, at least Outside has much better graphics these days.