Moment Soyuz MS-10 rocket carrying crew to ISS malfunctions during launch
The moment Soyuz MS 10 rocket carrying crew to ISS malfunctions during launch

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Less than two minutes after the US-Russian crew blasted off on their mission to the ISS, the Russian Soyuz booster rocket failed mid-air. The crew was forced to put their training to the test and make an emergency landing. Expedition 57 was due to transport Roscosmos’ Aleksey Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague to the International Space Station in the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft. READ MORE: The Russian Soyuz spacecraft made emergency landing in Kazakhstan after its rocket booster malfunctioned. Both crew members on board are alive and unharmed. READ MORE: RT LIVE Check out Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on VK Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ #RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


Greg Brown : Wow, so glad they're alright

hooman008 : Hopefully they get back safe .

Ullanor Von Krieger : And switch to cartoons in 3..2..1..CARTOON!

Matthew Morgan : This doesn't show anything....

4exgold : thank god they ok

Vladimir Vcelar : There's a lesson to be learnt here: Two ambassadors from two nations poised for war between them; both in a dire situation, both work together and both came back home safe and sound. Take from that what you will... but I doubt the futility of human greed and stupidity will benefit from it!

Guy Merritt : The Soyuz is the most reliable rocket ever made - but going into space always has it's risks. So good to hear the astronauts are okay.

cardonescarlson : So what the hell happened?

Cult1022 : Good to see that this could be abourtet without a massive explosion and and people dying! Good job soyuz engineers!

senoJSR : no shortage of loons in the comments

Adolph Zuckerjew : It went to high and hit that glass dome covering the flat earth.

Mad Max : How is this video relevant to the story? I seen nothing of capsule separation from the booster.

Mr. Drobot : Sci Fi Propaganda for the gullible.

Jonathan Graham : Anyone see the rabbit's foot on control panel I did 🤣

MS Smith : Obviously hit an object, probably of NATO origin.

max level : doesn't make you wonder about the CGI switch @ 1:27 ... what seems more likely? the rocket crashed into the ocean? or it made it to "space"? have humans lost their common sense? have we trusted the wrong people? why is nasa faking "spacewalks", if "space" is real? so many nasa deceptions over the years, are you afraid to leave your bubble? have you seen this?: watch?v=Y7eHHz9VJy0

Vodnik Dubs : Is Russia using KSP for their rocket animation? Also glad to hear they are alright.

john potoczak : real question what did we learn? we managed to get human life back to the ground. fantastic! im sad to see any delay in space developement

IronicallyVague : That's a "Yeha!" moment if nothing else is

A B : Wow the cgi is not even close. But hey who cares anymore.

Robin Cawthorne : Why are the last few seconds of this clip digitised? Also, glad to hear the crew are safe n sound.

R.T J : WTF is the animation all about??? Why can't we have real video footage.. Especially from a forward pointing camera??? ? WHY

Derek Beyer : lol how calm this lady was. "Everything looking good, proceeding nominally, and now we have the escape tower for the soyuz now jettisoned". No change in tone, no hint of concern. Like its just totally normal for them to do that lol

trev dowson : Why continue this charade when we all know that space is FAKE?

nem 1970 : Glad both cosmonauts are safe and may your next trip be successful. Congrats to the engineers who made this possible, all who reach for the stars are heroes.

l love Clem : i was watching the NASA's live stream on facebook yesterday and i swear i couldn't hear they speak, their volume is so small

Malcolm MacLeod : Beautiful escape procedure, and automatic. Wow! Kudos to the engineers.

6 Kills : "9 times out of 10 no problem." "What happens on the 10th time?" "Problem?"

Dan Kelly : Yup! Good thing its fake !! Or they would be dead !!

J M : Was waiting for the Energizer bunny to come across the animated screen.

Random Guy : Crew have landed and are safe. Teams are working to return them to Baikonur.

Jurek Ogórek : Ask Rocket Man Kim Jong Un for help, he's a rocket expert.

Sasuke Uchiha : Russian technology at its finest! Too much vodka?!😂😂😂

Waleed Binhamid : These Launches were soo smooth back in the 60s and 70s 😂.

Flaynock X : Always CGI at the crucial moment. How hard is it to put a camera near its flight path or positioned on the rocket for maximum coverage. Moonraker was more convincing than NASA.

Hildugard : I wonder which Technicians go to the Gulag.

Seth Kimmel : The booster is NOT Soyuz....It is the R-7.... The spacecraft it is carrying is the Soyuz....That being said, thank G-D the crew is safe....

FISH ON : One is telling the truth as it happens, the other is apparently reading a script.

Tabla Smagdarina : RT is just as Fake as Space and this Video😂Best you be Coming over to my Channel first before you think you can Troll me 🤗 hehe!

a b : Earth is flat. Youtube: Beyond the imaginary curve

Charles Hodge : Actual debris & capsule ballistic re-entry not shown. Video FAIL..!

OverlordShamala : The security features & training carried the day. Happy ending!

GateCrasher : It's a miracle they survived. That rocket was going like a bat out of hell, and was really high up, plus all the G forces they had to endure. When it started shaking, I'm amazed it didn't rip the capsule apart. Very lucky

David Gagliardo : Notice that when the problem occurred, they switched to an animation.

Paul Paulsen : Video proves the displayed telemetry data is fake and not consistent with reality

guy Location : Good to hear that they are ok.. All the love & support ot the astronauts and thier families

Devil Average : Everything is nominal, please disperse.

Rob Abreu : Excellent, they're escape pod worked. A happy ending to a near disaster.

Lucas : 1:15 *boots an pants an boots an pants an* But seriously, glad they're okay.