Moment Soyuz MS-10 rocket carrying crew to ISS malfunctions during launch

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DarkSideOfTheNoon : they wont be Putin anyone in space today

4exgold : thank god they ok

David Thomas : Makes me happy that the world didn't loose two astronauts today 😊

Greg Brown : Wow, so glad they're alright

LVPN 1 : The primary concern is crew. The second is to accetrain why this incident has happened it could be foreign interference only a top investigation by Russian officials can ascertain why this incident has occurred.

Ullanor Von Krieger : And switch to cartoons in 3..2..1..CARTOON!

jason sean : the rocket hit the dome , space is fake people.

Matthew Morgan : This doesn't show anything....

Void Space : If that was the Space Shuttle, no escape module, all dead.

hooman008 : Hopefully they get back safe .

J VG : You know it's real because it looks so fake.

James Smith : In Russia, rocket fires you!

Michael Y. : Why is it that no matter what, every space flight always turns to cartoons?

Dr. Winston O'boogie : Typical NASA programming

Gung-Ho Nature Game Casts : Whew! Good thing it's bullshit!

Cars1999 : Total bunch of crock! The rockets never go to space! They just come back into the ocean! Earth is FLAT ! SPACE is fake !

Cult1022 : Good to see that this could be abourtet without a massive explosion and and people dying! Good job soyuz engineers!

Traveling Monkeys : First, drilled holes in the ISS. Now a rocket failure. What is going on?

senoJSR : no shortage of loons in the comments

Andre Hueck : Nice animation

DARPA 222 : In America we land our rockets

GManGT : All supposed space travel from ALL countries is fake. Complete psyop to fool the masses

Dirk Diggler : Bullshit!!!

FISH ON : One is telling the truth as it happens, the other is apparently reading a script.

just nope : 1:29 crap cgi nice try tho such a fail on nasa`s part the liars are lost in their own lies and they are gonna burn

Vladimir Vcelar : There's a lesson to be learnt here: Two ambassadors from two nations poised for war between them; both in a dire situation, both work together and both came back home safe and sound. Take from that what you will... but I doubt the futility of human greed and stupidity will benefit from it!

kajcsapapa : all the nutjobs in the comment section have their own personal theories about space, gravity etc. why not publish a book then? lmao.

cardonescarlson : So what the hell happened?

Joey B : What's up with the animation of the rocket at the end? Just for an example due to lack of camera oorrr what?

Juris Cervenaks : FAKE

Mad Max : How is this video relevant to the story? I seen nothing of capsule separation from the booster.

Timotheos Petros : All fakery, folks. Just look at the pathetic CGI they use from 1:28 onwards. There's no one in the rocket. The capsule pictures are taken on earth. No docking ever takes place. The ISS is just a solar-driven glider flying high above the surface of the earth to meet the NASA sighting schedules. This is all an expensive and criminal attempt to deceive the masses as to the true nature of God's earth.

Maria Dowler : The sheer ignorance and stupidity of most of the commentators here is astounding. Most have little or no comprehension or understanding of geophysics. It makes me wonder what the hell sort of schooling they've had !!!???? I'd love to know what country your from and where you were educated ???

THE GREEN MACHINE : Space is fake

Kyrie Irving : yall sleepin WAKE UP

Sara Wilcker : It's Borat's fault.

Moon Jae-in : why dont they put a camera out of the rocket

Guy Merritt : The Soyuz is the most reliable rocket ever made - but going into space always has it's risks. So good to hear the astronauts are okay.

Keith Peterson : Fake

SRT-10 RAM : Fake news we landed on the moon back in the 60's? Right.... or did we????

Alf Young : the end is pure CGI all fake look at the earth it just still as can be and flat lmao epic flat earth proof!!

planetcheck : Russia deliberately cut off the live broadcast once the failure was clear to the world. Nothing changes in that country. Same old Russia, hide their mistakes from the world. Wonder how many dead cosmonauts are floating in space right now from failed Russian space missions that Russia has kept quiet for decades.

Wieslaw Syposz : Most is CGI and yet it does not show a curvature of the Earth. People believe this

Jeremy Spencer : No lives lost - Soyuz still has an excellent safety record.

YAWAY YAWAY : So if the rocket 🚀 is going over a thousand miles per hour and the iss is orbiting at over 17,500 mph how could you ever dock with the iss? 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂 fake, fake and extra fake.😂😂😂😂😂😂

Michael Victor : YouTube is totally funded by google selling your data and directed by their fascist board and the CIA.

Adolph Zuckerjew : It went to high and hit that glass dome covering the flat earth.

Mr. Drobot : Sci Fi Propaganda for the gullible.

Adam West : ask yourself why theres no uncut video of a rocket leaving earth and docking with the space station? try and find real footage of a satellite in space. infact try and find a real photo of earth they dont exist all cgi and cartoons

Climate C. Heretic : Bravo on Russian engineering. U.S. engineering would rather sit back and watch a disaster unfold, like Columbia.