Return to Oz - Princess Mombi Part II

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Joshua Orro : *Scream in fear* this has got to the scariest thing I've ever seen in an Oz movie next to the wicked witch of the west, the wizard's floating head and the jesters puppets

TV247 : Is it wrong that I enjoy this one more then the 1939 one? I'm not saying the 1939 one is awful, because I do have a soul. I liked how Return to Oz was darker.

Superpan21 : In the words of the Nostalgia Critic, "You know, for kids!"

Samuel Black : The scarriest part of this scene is hands down the part where the headless mombi gets up and starts to walk towards dorothy with all the screaming heads in the background which just add to the creepiness. That alone is more nightmare inducing than some horror movies I have seen.


CharlieHuang : Jean Marsh was excellent as Mombi.

Tommy Lellan : That's cool, I didn't need sleep tonight anyway.

Tommy Lellan : Gives me the willies that Mombi knows she's just a head, so tries to grab her hand with her teeth. Creepy much?

blueside outro : This film is so beautifully terrifying. I watched this when I was no older than six and I loved it. Sure, it gave me nightmares for the next ten or so years of my life but goddamn, this scene. This. Scene. It gives me the chills every time but I only have pure respect for it. I don't know how that makes sense. All in all, my kids will surely be watching this in the future.

Tai Singleton : People should stop comparing to the 1939 version. The 1939 version is a musical. They are completely different.

Mr.Johnny_Raincloud : 6 ppl are still sleepless because of this scene

Luis Estrada : Uhhh.. i can´t deny that this scene still gives me the chills

umbrelladay : This scene terrified me as a kid! It's the only thing I remember about the movie

MsMulattofromFL : In my opinion, the scariest movie scene of all time

Backstage Bum : Still scarier than most horror movies. Geez.

artandcard : For those who see "Return to Oz" as nothing like "The Wizard of Oz" with Judy Garland, you are right. Just as author L. Frank Baum followed up his "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1900) with a whole series of Oz books, the film "Return to Oz" is a different adventure from Dorothy's first. The film merges storylines from the second and third books in L. Frank Baum's Oz series, "The Marvelous Land of Oz" (1904) and "Ozma of Oz" (1907), and the resulting changes are significant. The "Marvelous" plot stars a boy named Tipp as the lead character, with only mentions of Dorothy as the Tin Woodsman and Scarecrow recount their wonderful adventures with her. It's Tipp, not Dorothy, who runs away from the witch Mombi, and who brings Jack Pumpkinhead and the flying Gump to life. Tiktok, the Wheelers, and Billina the talking chicken appear with Dorothy in "Ozma", as does a storyline of exchangeable heads, but for a different character than in the film "Return to Oz". The movie may be creepy, but then, too, so are the books.

BayareaGuy06 : Mombi's head, Mombi's body and The Nome King disliked this video.

Gustavo Barría Chavarría : This verion of Oz should be in Kingdom Hearts 3! :)

Serenity Wood : everything about this is so messed up

buttercupie : FINALLY I FOUND IT! i watched this when i was only 7 and all i can remember is this scene scaring the shit out of me. I couldn't even remember the movie's name since i was a child then. It took me like 3 years to finally found out this TvT

mysteryperson1976 : The part where she starts talking freaked me out as a child. As an adult, I think it's a pretty awesome movie, but it did scare me when I was a very easily scare-able child.

justification1979 : This scene and the introduction of the wheelers. Still creeps me out as an adult.

jmcieslak0 : What a great kids movie....

gusbaker4u : Kid's movie nothing, this is the greatest scene of any movie, ever

Kelaiah01 : This scene scared me so freakin' much as a kid, I always used to hide whenever it came on. The rest of the movie, surprisingly, I could handle, and I say surprisingly because I was such a wimp kid (still kind've am, heh). But now I can watch this scene with a great deal of fascination. Its still scary, but I can now watch it all the way through, and even replay certain parts over and over.

Simone Ipri : Traumatized since I was 3 yrs old

Tyson Jackson : “Doooorrtthhhy Gaallleeee” 😦

Novel Writer : God, this is still terrifying D:

bezoticallyyours83 : at this point i dunno whats worse, oz, or the insane asylum?

Carsen Darling : I personally prefer this version to The Wizard of Oz

byronius5 : One of THE scrariest, freakiest scenes in one of the most underrated scary, freaky movies of all time! I hadn't been this freaked out since Poltergeist.

Derek Knowles : I thought she said naughty girl all this time

tommyboy417 : the source of my childhood fears....jesus christ

Christopher Medler : AVGN (James Rolfe) said it best.....HOLY SHIIIIIT!

alex garcia : Why didn't Mombi sleep with her head next to her body instead of locking it up?

Jonathan Cruz : That part did not scares me. It is the music that scares. I am still in the night. I should not listen to it.

Diddy Kong : 0:59 Sounded like The Exorcist.

Sheila Marie Domingo : Now who would sleep without their head 😂😂😂

Do what thou Wilt : Scariest movie of all time

GhostCode RG : a faaaamily picture.....

bigevilbabii : No wonder why this movie scared so many kids! I’m in my early 20s and that headless body chasing after Dorothy is terrifying!

Vincent Bastookami : @Dana McCabe Ever read the oz books?

Cecilia Aparecida : I always loved this movie, I watched it so many times when I was a child!!!!

JDAgaming : Okay this is freakin terrifying!!! Disney wonders why this movie did do bad. It scares the crap out of kids. It's deep, dark, and just plane creepy! Never watch this movie!

Miss Awesome : Oh no my ex roommate came back to life! I'm scared!!!

Plato2017 : I would have grabbed her head and stamped on it.

TheLatiosnlatias02 : That scene was rather scary especially when the head woke with a start and called that name "Dorothy Gale!"

fire2box : 1:15 damn she juked her the F out!

akira190 : My God, I've seen this on the Disney Channel when I was a kid, I was so scared.

PrimetimeD : This is a kid's movie? I've seen horror films less creepy than this :O