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401 Files : Going through some pretty rough times lately. This track has helped me forget on more then one occasion 🙌🏻

a h o r a n o p o r f a v o r :V :V : New crush <3

itisonlyme1 : So happy I found this by accident!

Hard Yacka Nipper : A random dude I met on the subway recommended this song to me. It appears he has good taste.

Bow Hunter : I like the milk crates they were my First furniture lol

The Ginja Ninja : girl crush AF

aLi Resistant : I came here from Fifa 18 lol

Ivana Z : You're a ray of sunshine.

Juergen Walther : WOW !! Diese Frau ist der absolute Mega-Hammaaaaa, echt, selten sowas überzeugendes, geniales an Musik erleben dürfen.....da kommt noch viel mehr man.....wenn SIE nicht , wer dann???

Santty 23 : ¿Alguien lo vé todavía?

Alina Mcleod : You are soul.

Raphael Garcia : Always have to revisit this one... She is too freaking cool and rad. She brings such a unique sound to the table. Don't ever change for anyone Tash!

Jam Jam : Her little jig at 3:35 😍

Be Laet : Intoxicating... I can't stop watching this over and over... God it is so good !!

Matheus Aquino : Melhor música do FIFA 2018. Best song of FIFA 2018.

Dan Phillips : Pure talent. Thank you

baron antoine : 📂Documents L📂Music L📂Tash Sultana L📂Bad songs L⚠️This map is empty

Anna Elu Toyah : I think this is my most favorite song of all time

Sam Sieh : I just want to get into her body and feel what living with pure joy for 8 minutes is like.

Luis Hernandez : The best song FIFA 18 😀😃

Jackson Lana : 2:23 mum peaks her head round the corner hahah (right hand side of frame)

Alejandra Ventura : I love this song !😍

Hisham Zich : You got to close your eyes and see

mayur saikia : power of raw talent and raw music.💗😍 her music is so powerful

luise lu : wow i am so gay

Rylie K : i dont understand how 852 people could dislike this

Sofia Llano : 3 years later, still amazes me every time I listen to it, definitely my favorite song.

Rodolfo Godinez : FIFA 18

Anthony Townsend : Your bedroom is bigger than my entire flat.

Voltorb : never noticed that chick pokin her head round corner!!!

Zygi Sax : who else saw that cute sneaking mother? :D

louise beck : Tash you are a inspiration . Your talent is truly a gift from God. Your voice takes me to a different world where I wanna live forever. I absolutely love you thank god the music industry found you and spread your beautiful voice all around the world. One love!! . Xxx

Phoenix Ce : Holy shit! I have the same couch!

Dodoo : this is brilliant :O

Medina Andherson : Pues sabes y no me cansare de decírtelo que eres uno de mis grandes amores, agradezco haberte conocido y la parte más hermosa de esta historia fue tenerte a mi lado 👑🐥 eres la mejor. Te quiero mucho Sahori 💜😈 fue fantástico perderme en toda esa jungla tuya 💔😴

Paula Deen : I remember watching her busk in the city and now she's touring - it's fucking insane.

Cyberpunk White : this amazing, fantastic

iggy's adventures : You’re a looping badass. I don’t think people understand how difficult it is to do what you’re doing live. I’m just amazed when I watch you play. Thanks for making this music! You are an inspiration!

Victor Luiz Schleder : Wow

Kirsty's Astrology : Brilliant

CatspitProductions : Tash is amazing. Come get some Catspit~!

Parker Webb : you did it :)

willy AdH : Arte. En mi casa solo se escucha últimamente tash sultana

Alexandra Vieira : I Love this song

Prime : Holy smokes...

Briana Garcia : When I found this I became addicted her music is so addicting

bryan nieto : addicted to this

Yury Ruiz : Lorddd girlll i was so quick to sub 😍😍

Emi y Pau : I love your music

Nate Meek : Exellent...