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Zygi Sax : who else saw that cute sneaking mother? :D

DaOneFame : Wow 💙 💙 this is dopeeee!!

Scott Douglas : My God.... i think I've listened to this over 10 times. Thank you for such an awesome tune. Very talented


Laurence Jeal : Lying in bed at 547 am listening to this audio angel 😇.. The words and sounds Tash sings and creates has this 40 yr old man crying like the baby I am. Resonates with my soul and is a soundtrack I will keep on enjoying. Thank you wonderful lady.. You truly rock!! The feeling you gave me I will cherish forever, thank you. Amazing, 💞🌍🍀

DanSkunkVio : Sultana, you are a REAL musician. You really understand music. You are music.

chicagonote : How am I so late on this girl?! 🔥🔥🔥

creepa122 : Listening to her music makes me wish I was still on drugs

Eternal Celestial : Your guitar solos are my literal emotions on Earth.

Paula Deen : I remember watching her busk in the city and now she's touring - it's fucking insane.

Nikki Sacco-Young : You Rock Girl. Had the auto play music on, Heard you, was introduced to your music after Tyler S got back from Aussi. I heard you two met chilled made music and familied up!

Franklin Pontes : She should had been born with more arms and legs

MrOhavro : I love Tash, but this clearly *isn't* a bedroom lol

QUADREX : Your music helps me love life

Rylie K : i dont understand how 852 people could dislike this

exorcist : почему я слышу это только сейчас...

ElectronLibre : J'adore 💕 Amazing song, voice 👍🙂👌😍

Jesse Cee : how the fuck can you dislike this?? if you know anything about music or even appreciate what good music is. This is it. You can literally see the passion flowing through. You can only have love for this not hate. The fact people can dislike this musical mastery is beyond me and i cant fathom it. I can literally keep going about how you fuckwits can even leave 1 dislike. This world baffles me

Nunya Bis : How the hell are there so many wankers that down voted this? Whether you like the style or not, you have to recognise talent when it's on show, damn.

bali.f : A girl I matched on tinder recommended I listen to her. Best thing that app has ever given me

m karl : WOW, if the bass was a little more controlled in the direct recording, this truly amazing, pedal loops, just her, omg, i am amazed, someone sign her up..maby a scholarship at the okeefe music foundation.if there someone here with the funding, do her right, good investment here no doubt..even the voice is incredible. WOW, maby coaching, schooling, she clearly understands technical aspects of the big picture, final outcome, hence pedal loops, mixing boards, snake wiring, recording, this girl deserves a REAL chance, u cant teach this gift, only fine tune it....

tom giacobetti : Such a genius.. she is able to make you feel so much different emotions.. pain, hope, melancholy, wisdom.. and she is living her sound like if nothing else on this world matter except that emotion. ( and she knows how to make scream her guitar as jimmy page ;))

Steven Miller : this song is good to eat a mango!

Grant Walker : Excuse me sir, that is in fact a living room!

7th Fire Generation : Holy shite! I've been listening to music since I got my first radio in 1970; I'd like to think I have developed an ear for exceptional music over the years. I just discovered this artist tonight by chance. My mind is blown. This is incredible! Poetry. This is heroin without the mess. Right on, Tash Sultana. Epic music.

Hermes Bouza : Why am I just now listening to this?

Henry Padilla : Respect 🙏🙏🙏

Niro : Just incredible

fa Wou : Wouhaaa absolument sublime ! Quel Energie, rythme et ce petit truc en plus !!! Merci beaucoup pour ce moment de plaisir auditif et visuel car tu es faite aussi pour la scène. Je suis totalement ravie, heureuse de cette découverte. Un Big bravo de FRANCE . J'Adore !

shannon steinhauer : This is possibly the sexiest women on earth, she’s so into her own craft and is literally oozing passion. I can’t get enough of her.

el calbo montoya : I've listened to so many genres from so many eras. This song however takes me somewhere I can't describe! I get goosebumps the whole song no matter how much I replay it. NOT the original version, ONLY this particular version. If an alien were to ask me what is music I'd show them this video.

DiscoLazarus : Anyone else hearing Maggot Brain

Bruno Campos : Você é maravilhosa! Que vibe irada seu som! Parabéns! Venha ao Brasil tocar para nós e derramar essa sua energia por aqui! gostaria de te trazer para cá! Beijos no seu coração!

mara munoz : studying protozoa listening to this and it is even more magical!

Chris G : never would have thought a 7-minute song could feel short

Tiago Silva : Pliz, make us a visit in Portugal *.*

Ahel Majid : Song to fifa 18

F1Spa2012 : FIFA 18 great song

Marcel Pabst : The way she feels the music! <3

patricke : I have a feeling that you have potential to become one of most talented guitar players in the history and your style is finally something fresh in the music industry

Tiffany Smith : My girl crush. So mad I didn’t get to see her at Hinterland

Lautaromero 0804 : La cansion me encanta pero vieron la vieja que se asoma en el minuto 2:23

koraile : I just cant stop listening to this song..

Leka Pereira : Brazil ❤️

Vegetarian Hoe : my doctor recommended this to me... no dudes, literally. We were talking about mental health stuff which lead to me talking about my music and how much its helped me which lead to us talking about artists which lead to him writing 'tash sultana' on a piece of paper and recommending it to me lol. Sure glad I listened to my doctor.

Maira Oliveira : Amazing! Sublime! ❤

bayleaf2366 : Really enjoyed this , its Fresh

Cruis3z FPV : Your mum was only sneaking cause she heard a master peace in the making and just wanted to let you know......................👌😍👌 I love this song!!

Sunspot Dawn : If you squint real soft she resembles that freak Laura Cox.

pSmall360 : I thought I was straight until I saw this.