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Zygi Sax : who else saw that cute sneaking mother? :D

John Endicott : Why doesn't everyone know who this girl is? I accidentally stumbled across this video and couldn't stop watching it.

GeeTee eighF : I'm stoned.

A-Rrahmani : I looovvvvveee her!!!! She's so passionate about her music!

Potadorius : (Humor is implied, yet not directly expressed. Grow a sense of humor) 8.5K people don't have souls... That is the only explanation. I'm in love with and inspired by this woman's music and spirit.

bali.f : A girl I matched on tinder recommended I listen to her. Best thing that app has ever given me

James Keetels : if you wtch closly.. its not her bedroom. it her living room..

TapDatFish : Cheers Fifa

Hardus Swanepoel : if Dallas reads this im happy....

busking hobo : 😎 Taking the one man band concept to another level, like it 👏👏👏👌

Rylie K : i dont understand how 852 people could dislike this

george van herpen : its a godess, bye bye great names in the music i am 70 but this is the real stuff

Sclerohouse : Tash Sultana often my head hurts and when it does i play your songs and it chills me out. thank you

Malachi Wilks : I like how the dog ran off when she started singing 😂

erhan gülen : is that mum looks from door on 2:24 :D

shannon steinhauer : This is possibly the sexiest women on earth, she’s so into her own craft and is literally oozing passion. I can’t get enough of her.

RainbowCat326 : the dog 1:59 😂❤️

Poli Tehnist : Where can someone download a flac or wav? Bandcamp only offers your latest album.

Cem Ovat : 2019?

September Kind : I can see some jimi hendrix moves

7th Fire Generation : Holy shite! I've been listening to music since I got my first radio in 1970; I'd like to think I have developed an ear for exceptional music over the years. I just discovered this artist tonight by chance. My mind is blown. This is incredible! Poetry. This is heroin without the mess. Right on, Tash Sultana. Epic music.

Lorenzo Romano : Alguien más vio esa mujer que se asoma atrás en el minuto 2:22?

Dayana : She's something else from another dimension. Her music is heart warming and brings happiness when you listen. She's blessed with many talents and carisma.

Mario K. : Nice👍😁

Rotisserie Chiggen : No but guitar music is dead... remember!? Love this song

Jackson Lana : 2:23 mum peaks her head round the corner hahah (right hand side of frame)

F00 : superior.

Cassidy jade : SPEED IT UP TO 1.25

Vanessa Aguilera : Damn, Tash. Goals, pure goals.

` BizON : The song is very cool, listened in FIFA 18 (game)

Vegetarian Hoe : my doctor recommended this to me... no dudes, literally. We were talking about mental health stuff which lead to me talking about my music and how much its helped me which lead to us talking about artists which lead to him writing 'tash sultana' on a piece of paper and recommending it to me lol. Sure glad I listened to my doctor.

Sleeping childhood : nicee ,seems like an interesting future is coming

Lisa O. Davis : WOW!

Kyle Huey : Can't stop coming back to this video!

rosie lewis : Wayne's World

pSmall360 : I thought I was straight until I saw this.

nacho : begining sounds like Motorway - Anni B Sweet lol

Bakti : Found this randomly and I'm so glad. How lucky I am

SHABANI : Chills

Sotiria Selisiou : love your music's vibe

DaOneFame : Wow 💙 💙 this is dopeeee!!

Jamie McGee : I can't describe how perfect this is for me right now.. !! Magnifico!!! Xoxo #geniusawesomeflow

james wilson : Welcome.......

Cher Ami : living room !

Stefi Torres : Sos magia! sos luz Tash!!!!

Kit Pichette : *_LYRICS_* _i see the way you move its so fluid_ _be/need here/you by my side, I’ve got nothing to hide_ _i know that you're hurting, i see the tears behind your eyes_ _not gonna go off and leave, no_ _your love is like gold to me_ _cuz/but you pull/hold me closer to the light,_ _will not find a bullet inside_ _unless you magnify_ _but you pull/throw me in to the deep end_ _expect me to go out swimming_ _i pour my faith in to someone else_ _ima be alright_ _welcome to the jungle_ _are you gonna dance with me_ _welcome to the jungle_ _you got to close your eyes and see_ _welcome to the jungle_ _are you gonna dance with me_ _well hold on, you’ve got to close your eyes and see_ _suit and tie with the black jeans on,_ _and I’m paralyzed ,_ _cuz i think you got something like the biggest soul I’ve ever seen, and i think you’re the one._ _suit and tie, with the curly hair_ _making your way with that step and stare_ _so tell me real, do you feel anything_ _ashes to ashes,_ _and the embers are ablaze_ _oh, i got to rise amongst you, but,_ _then i think about your face every day_ _cuz/but you pull/hold me closer to the light,_ _won’t find a bullet inside_ _unless you magnify_ _welcome to the jungle_ _are you gonna dance with me_ _welcome to the jungle_ _you got to close your eyes and see_ _welcome to the jungle_ _are you gonna dance with me_ _well hold on, you got to close your eyes and see_ Here are The Lyrics i came up with i know they'reprobably not all that accurate , but when i want to pretend like I'm singing along, these are what i use.

Jennifer Burner : WOW! Amazing! LOVE her!

gamer : biz burdaaaaağğğyız

Chris Singleton : 0:50 seconds in already into it

Charlie Gon : ouaouh!