Naked voice of Merry Clayton singing Gimme Shelter

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torgo4ever : That harmonic squeek where she goes up an octave is amazing. There are probably only a handful of human beings on earth capable of making that sound with their voice !!!

sarah jones-hnaby : This lady does not get the credit she deserves . Gives me goosebumps every time . Best song in history . The Rolling Somebodies 👍🏼

Goomer : Gives me shivers every time I hear it.

MrMadeintheuk : Unfortunately, you cut out the part that makes this backup part so incredible. Merry Clayton suffered a mis-carriage on the way home from this studio session. I don't believe in superstition but I'm sure something can be said about sacrifice. Edit: I forgot that the comment section on Youtube is filled with human garbage.

J : Damn why did I get goosebumps?

Bobby Portman : Beyonce are you watching?

doublecrossharp : Holy Grail! It is her voice that makes that song so unforgetable!

Steve Sneed : Good song made great by her voice alone.

vape nation : Gives me chills.

goodolarchie : SOmehow I always thought there was a great story behind that RAAAAAAAAAPE n MURDAH yeeay vocal section, because you can hear so much passion behind it... sure enough.

Mark Greene : Her face at "What.?? Rape, murder.??" 😂😂😂

Tanner Bottomley : Unbelievable - documentary as a whole was exceptional

Bradley Williams : MERRY CLAYTON Your voice has been immortalized forever in THE HALL OF ROCK & ROLL & in every single lover of the ROLLING STONES!!👏👏👏🇨🇦

Jason Carroll : yeah. goosebumps.

luigi ventroni : I cried


jcooper93 : Man, that was something special.

Rodney Blythe : Im 49 years old and never knew the words she was singing but likened her voice to what the sound of the universe was when it was created

Diana Cojocaru : Love how she gets that passionate at that part. Great song.

TXSBLUEBONNET : Every time I watch this video it gives me chills just hearing her sing. This woman is unbelievably gifted! Thank you Merry Clayton!

Southern Oregon Cat Mom : Wow, what a voice!

BV : Phenomenal. Chills. No words. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

georrodi : I got goosebumps listening to that.

neil huggins : what a voice sent a shiver down my back when her voice broke get well soon merry don't give in And you will win ❤❤

Hamza Khan : wow

Jonas Mayton : Wow, amazing voice at 2:14

east coast : She made the song and sings circles around Jagger.

Olivsam : incredible voice

DozaArchives : Wow, she is brilliant!

andy taylor : Fantastic, love her!

Sunspot Dawn : This woman is,a liar. What a nut.

Danlikesyou : just wow

Avos Quit : Oh my fckin god, got tears to my eyes as i heared .... insane voice

Previn Lubom : Goosebumps

Mike X : Ditto on that AM!

Jyargurinsk Minicyzk Kopian Menias The Un-Beholden Son Of Deberiah Yrundheitl Massuvius Krasserr : Alexi Laiho really let himself go.

Keith Roberts : W0W !

Bubblez Beano : Nice to know a thoroughly normal lady can sing like hell is almost upon her - and remain thoroughly normal. That performance is utterly disturbing and completely enthralling...

Space Pilot : goosebumpies

Ryan Rubin : Yoooooooooo

Mila Rad : Except- I want to smack the idiot with the camera that keeps walking in front of and behind her. Dude, wait 40 seconds. The legend is speaking.

Bat Attaccs : Omg that she’s incredible

șarpe : that gave me goosebumps

Catherine Fraser : The best Stone’s song ever and Merry and Lisa made it universally appealing.

Colby G : Goosebumps every goddamn time this woman is amazing

kmallory100 : 20 feet? Homegirl is the star!!!

Jonny Ballgame : This lady is the shit!!!!!!!!Merry has always been my favorite fem vox

jamy scholtanus : 2:33 Gers me every time. Idk why hahahahah

Howard Hill : Good god that's good.

thebestfreethrowcoach : Did her singing this hard cause her miscarriage? Should she have been singing this loud while pregnant? Should the musicians have let a pregnant woman sing that hard? "She had a miscarriage upon returning home from recording "Gimme Shelter", according to the LA Times.[15]"