Friends Theme Song (Acapella Cover)

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Mikey Bolts : This is so good it hurts.

GAMIETTE Cloe : That. Was. Awesome.

unorthodox virgo : i love everything. the edited intro, the acapella, everything.

Mathew McKenna : You are ridiculously good haha :D

Mizushima Fujin : So funny!!! 😂😂😂 Great cover too man! Keep it up! 😁

bassbabebri : Awesome!

Ann Kristin Vestnes : Really good job! 👍

LadyDeathBeaver : I just realised how much you look like Joel Luschek from OITNB

Alicja Klimas : great video, i love it!

PeopleKnowMeAsChris : GoodEffortJoe

TheGoodStyle : Amazing!!

ScergyBoi : This is beautiful goddammit.

Sam Goodchild : Your videos are so high quality you should have way more than 9,000!!!!

Lauren Harvey : I LOVE FRIENDS

Louis Willemsen : Nice one joey

Margus Udu : this was prob fun!

BlogDogIt : Nice Try Joe!!

Mushy Peas : You don't upload often but when you do it's gold

ido damari : I like your new YT name

Bartmuz - crazy arranger : hahaha! really good

AndrewStrife : Nice try Joe

Dylan Brown : Yesss!!! Im crying

Eric Ray : Absolutely fabulous!

lindsey hogan : i like your voice lmao

King Of Scotland : Nice

TheCocoNinja : so so good

E. M. Walker : BRavo!

Ben Cantrell : He's alive! Joey's alive! It's been forever since you posted a video, but every single one is so awesome! You should totally do another quartet video.

Free Spirit Joe : Lisa Kudrow never looked so good.

saraogi animesh : why would anyone dislike such a video?:O

LaniEats : Great Video!.. keep it up!

Joe Jacobs : That was really good

Brian Briglia : I like it a lot

Morgana Hilra : omg, too cute.

UnePugZombie : hahha 😂😉greaaat

Misaka -Railgun- Mikoto the ace of Tokiwadai : You are a big guy

Mohd Fadzil : nice man!

patis lover : Nice

niji - : this is the best thing I've ever seen thank you

TheLostGamer : meme

No One Really : Great job