Spacex Mr Steven rocket catching boat

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Everyday Astronaut : Can you email me? I'd love to feature this video in one of my upcoming videos!

Laser Games : Somebody tell the captain he'll catch a lot more fish if he puts his net in the water.

Edu : Imagine watching a drone livestream of MR Steven going after a fairing... I'd pay to see that

Fred Bassett : Netty McNet Face.

Cryptopolis : That's a see fairing vessel...

Michał Kozłowski : Please add Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song as a background song.

Ryan Clark : Great job. Don’t get hit by a fairing half!

Alpha Adhito : Rocket Fairing to be precise

FlyinCameras : Badass!

vaporcobra : Holy shit that has to be so illegal. Bless your soul.

Ben Pearson- Roadster Tracker : Why is the ship going backwards. Hmmm...

fcycles : once they will get that technic working... do they plan to have 2 Mr. Steven, one for each part of the fairing?

Bill T : What a terrible title. It doesn't catch rockets, it catches a fairing.

saotome77 : Captain, we're cavitating, he can hear us!

Борис Вікторов : Так ето ж космический батут

Cydonius1 : Good luck Mr Stevens!

orangelion03 : Captain: "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!"

ed antukomik : Hi mr Steven!

Thomas Boomer : Pretty small next to the size of the Ocean. Good luck with that.

cliff ducharme : Great view to get a sense of full speed in reverse!

Ryan Job Babiera : they should put some thruster or rocket to re-adjust emergency manuever like Mighty Hercules - "Operation Credible Sport"

Keith Schultz : Is there a video of this thing actually catching a fairing out there?

Odin Eggen : Надо четыре корабля, лошпеды.

brian stuart : I'll tell you what I sure am glad Russia's in charge of sending astronauts in outer space it'll save a lot of lives in u.s. Russia should just step up to the plate and finish everything else and make Elon Musk look like a piece of s*** and so should China United States is so ignorant they've lost her space program that's pathetic the only thing they're capable of doing is taking pictures of other planets and boasting about getting there and they don't even have a space program I was China or Russia with some people to Mars right now and get it over with and make the United States look like a total ass

James C : This ship catching a fairing, is like watching granny in a wheelchair playing bad mitten.

Jimmy .L : Dumb dumb dumb dumb duuuuuuuuuuuuumb.

Craig Thomas : Space X's Falcon 9 would take that boat to the bottom of the ocean.

ryanburbridge : I got to see this thing in person a few weeks ago. It’s big. Amazing how fast it is for its size

Ninilium : Great to finally see some footage of this catcher's mitt in action. Now let's see it making the 6 million dollar catch!

R T : Great footage, although its not a rocking catching boat. It actually captures fairings.

rideswithscissors : Not yet successful?

Romo Romotive : This is NG, Get a LCAC Hovercraft an support ship from the Marines.

1DVSB : Asimov Thrusters showing off it’s capabilities.

Christopher28fair : If the bigger net doesn't work, maybe the answer is a faster and more maneuverable boat.

Bruce Haddow : You want Buster Posey piloting that.

1Energine1 : Nice shot!

adri wii. : The cap are been rescue or not ? Thks ;)

LOS : that is awesome!

Patrick L : Does anyone know why the vessel is named Mr Steven?

Bradley Griffith : This is sick!

Eddie N : Elon always comes up with the craziest of the crazy ideas. Gawd, I love this man. No homo

Little Cooking Tips - Blog : Amazing!!!

bigman1182 : Fairing Catching Robot* Not rocket catching

mpjopa tv : why?

Jim R : Is it meant to catch both fairing halves or just one?

jake pot : That so funny hope ship driver do a good job

pforce9 : Elon musk has not learns that just because you can draw something on paper an animate it, that does not necessarily mean that it will work in actuality. Remember all those videos of hotel rooms full of people moving through hyperloop tubes? This idea looks just as stupid as that. Elon, stick to your cars and rockets. These things seem to be working.

FAGGOTWARE STUDIOS : Has it ever caught any fairing?

Tzadvantage Bkk : I wonder if you could use a drone that hooks up to a fairing (with a cable?) and guide it so that catching it will be a higher success rate.

Owen Harris : Space X is a joke for children to wonder at.