SOCIAL MEDIA BURNOUT: YouTube Algorithm + Comparison Hangovers | AmandaMuse

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Katy’s Kingdom : Amanda, I just want to say I will always be subbed and I will always watch your content, because exactly - quality over quantity! I love your realness, kindness and just you as a fellow mom and human being! I may not get to see or comment on every video, but I truly enjoy your content and it brings me distraction and happiness, so I guess I just want to say thank you so much! Keep doin your thing girl!

HammyMamma : I’ve had my channel for 5 years and I got the email from YouTube saying that they unmonetized my channel because I was 400 watch time hours under their new quota. It was a kick in the stomach for sure. It wasn’t even the money thing, but it felt like they were saying that I am not good enough! I ended up taking a 6 month hiatus (for other reasons as well). I’m back now and I’m going to try really working hard on my channel and content!

Nesting Story : Ohhhhh Girl. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Cunning Stunts in the Kitchen : Thank you for this! It's been frustrating trying to build a channel, and there's times when I've wanted to give up. But I know our content has an audience out there somewhere, even though YouTube and their algorithms aren't helping at all. So we go by word of mouth and wait. Patience has never been my strong suit, but I'm learning! ~Stace.

christieomojo : so true I've been feeling like this too I'm not on youtube but life in general is stressful, you have to be aggressive about having some me time.

Becky Nelson : Great video and reminder! I have always wanted to tell Youtubers and Instagramers something like you've just said. I just don't have the platform. As a non-Youtuber/social media person, I want to tell them that even though I really enjoy their's out of sight, out of mind. I don't keep track of everyone I follow. If they post, I watch. If they don't, I don't think about them. We have our own lives, we just choose to watch some videos on our downtime to relax. I don't go on and look for someone and get upset that they haven't posted. They don't even come to mind. When Youtubers take some sort of little break, and then come back and say "I'm Back" and have this long video about it, the majority of the time I didn't realize they were gone. Now there may be super fans that sit and wait for the Wednesday or Friday video, but the majority of us just take what comes to us. One additional thing about that - when Youtubers have schedules. I never know those schedules. I don't care which days someone posts. The beauty of Youtube is that it's always there for me to see whenever I want. So when they get stressed out that they missed a video, the majority of us have no idea. My point is, don't worry about us. We love you when we see you, but if you aren't there certain days, then we will watch someone else...except you Amanda :)

Gentle Thrifty Mama : Around Christmas I had a bit of an identity/social media crisis and I decided to do just that - “go on bike ride as and not vlog it”, clean my house and not vlog it, go shopping and not vlog it, eat a good looking plate of food and not take a picture of it 😂 etc etc. I also decided my life can’t be determined by an algorithm. So I upload when I can, when I want to and I’ve noticed such a difference. You are so right, these moments are fleeting. I want to enjoy them with my kids and show my kids the value in ‘real life’ not life on display on the internet. Like that picture you posted of the older woman taking it in without a camera in her hand. Thanks for this video Amanda!

Julie Spady : I am not a you tuber but I have always wondered how all of you “do it”. Especially every day vloggers, I just can’t imagine how time consuming and possibly overwhelming that can be. And then there’s the people who let the negative comments get to them. That part must be hard for some people. I tend to stop watching the everyday vloggers who are getting more and more popular. To me, they start to feel phony. Which brings me to why I love you so are so real and down to earth.

MrsKerri4u : You nailed it! More YouTubers need to view this video. However, A LOT of creators would rather burn themselves out to gain more 💵💵💵. It’s not worth it.

Nathalia Smit : And THIS is why I watch your video’s!!!!! You are my inspiration 🙌🏼 health and family first ❤️

Eva Andresen : I love these sit down videos where you talk about different subjects. You are really well spoken!

My Sweet Dharma Vlogs : Great topic and can relate to this topic, I juggle family life with a toddler as both me and my husband are both entrepreneurs AND I live abroad in his home country, tons of challenges and adventures while keeping up with a growing Youtube channel. Posting almost daily on Youtube can be tough but I think the more you do it and keep learning, the easier it gets too. Balance is important and health and happiness come first, just like you said! Love from India :)

Lisa Canning : I just shared this with my people- just love this video Amanda!!!!!!!!

LaShenny21Nails : Thanks for sharing! ♥ Jenny

For The Love Of Sorted : Such wisdom and something I really needed to hear today! I’ve just made the decision to defer my Uni course in favour of concentrating on my family and ultimately my channel.... but juggling that is going to be the challenge because I don’t want to fill the space Uni has left with content creation when the most important thing is my family. Thanks for the timely reminder! Xo Mel

Jessica Nicole Faust : This completely resonated with me! I even watched twice to really take it all in! Love your advice, because it’s so true! I’m only 1 yr in, but I remember doing vlogmas and I was so done by the end, but I felt like I couldn’t stop because the audience I did have at the time expected it! Thank you for sharing this Amanda, I really needed to hear this!

Jessica Tull : Thanks for sitting down and squeezing this video in!! I follow you on IG too so you inspire me to live in the moment through your stories 😊 but I needed to hear this today, thanks girl 💕

Jessica Galvan : you talk and I listen! awesome advice for someone just starting out! thank you for this!

Ashlen : This is why I love you. 💖☺️🤗

Healing Mama Remedies : As a blogger sometimes I feel pressured to constantly produce content. It stressed me out, but now my goal is to just have fun with my blog. Since doing that I've gotten more opportunities!!! Also, I've set boundaries. Like I refuse to show my kids faces on my blog or social media. I also don't post on my social media accounts everyday. You are inspiration and I love your thoughtful content.

Alana Betts : Wow thank you for such a real video. It's so important to take some time, thank you for the reminder. Xx

Niina S.K : I really value this video <3 Thank you so much, Amanda - for sharing these thoughts, means a lot.

mama of 3 loves : Uhh ilysm!! :)

Natural Vegan Mom : I just want to give you a big old hug!! 😘 I'm having to put energy on myself, taking it much slower than what I'm accustomed too or want it to be; due to my postpartum prolapse. I don't like taking care of me. 🙈😅 Having to confront my prolapse, pelvic floor pain (physio appointment this week) and also the deep seeded link it has to mental health issues, anxiety and depression is overwhelming. My body is literally screaming for me to pay attention to myself. 😂 Also haven't spoken to my mom in nearly a month. I know it's the right thing and yet it's hard, it creeps up on me in the strangest moments. I'm not good with dealing with my emotions. And yeah I agree, less is more. 💕❤️

Nadia Tekkal : Wise words from a wise woman 👌

Jennifer Hern : Love love love this message Amanda!!!

Sheena Shines : Excellent video...hits the nail spot on. I used to get so down because my channel wasn’t growing how I thought (hoped) it would. Recently I took a break from vlogging because I didn’t want to be in that mindset. I only started vlogging again when I felt more “sorted out”. I do it because I enjoy it & if others do too, then that’s great but I’m not basing my self worth on it. I also returned to my crafting channel which I so love doing. Life is better when I’m happy doing what I enjoy.

Ladee : I love this! Well put! 👏

Kristine Jorgensen : I love some of your video topics so much! I think you should do a video on why balance is B.S. Rachhloves did a video basically about that and I really identified with it. It would be fun to hear your thoughts on that since there are so many moms, probably in your online community, who struggle regarding that! 💙

Melanie Monge : I love your channel 💙

SlowFashionMom : Such great advice and really helpful video!

Dulce Ferreira : Thank you Amanda.

Lisa MacKay : You are such an inspiration, Amanda. I've been watching your channel for a couple years now and have really taken from your videos.

Roxy K : Beautiful point on the fleeting time and prioritizing things in life.

S Fort : Why dont you have your own podcast? I love listening to Podcast when I'm on the road, because honestly sometimes I just want to listen to other people talk and take in their knowledge and wisdom and not listening to my music. You have a great Podcast voice and a lot of good knowledge and a lot of good stuff to talk about.

Krista Thom : A M E N!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Laura Hoyda : Feeling all of this. Thank you for sharing!